Players Arsenal missed out signing in the January transfer window

There was an abundance of experienced players available in January and Arsenal could have signed a couple.

The January transfer window has finally come to an end and Arsenal fans should be happy that they finally signed some players.

The Gunners had made it clear that they were operating under a tight budget this month following their spending spree last summer.

However, their poor defence made it important that they signed a few defenders.

They managed to sign Pablo Mari and Cedric Soares before the window shut, but I think there are other players that they could have signed:

Edison Cavani

The Uruguayan is entering the final six months of his contract at PSG and he has been looking for a way out of the French giants last month.

Cavani was linked with a move to the Emirates and I believe Arsenal should have pursued that deal, well, they never did and it is their loss.

Dries Mertens

Mertens is in a similar position as Cavani and he will be a free agent in the summer.

Arsenal was linked but the Gunners didn’t make an official bid, Chelsea did and it was rejected.

I hope Arsenal would sign him to a pre-contract agreement because he is one of the best and most experienced forwards on the market right now.

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg

Arsenal was linked with a last-minute move for Højbjerg on deadline day and I was excited to see that.

However, he never joined and we were left with the same midfielders. The Dane has been at the heart of Southampton’s revival this season and he would have been an amazing signing.

An article from Ime


  1. Durand says:

    I didn’t expect much this window, the loans fill holes and won’t hurt us.

    I’ll wait until the Summer and see if ownership is willing to match Arteta’s ambition.

    Arteta so far has been the right choice for the players and fans. Hopefully ownership will support him this Summer.

    I honestly feel Arteta can get us back to top 4 if supported, and possibly higher as Martinelli, Saka, Torreria, Guendouzi, continue to develop.

    Over to Don Raul and ownership in the Summer.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      I didn’t notice any CB’s among the nominated players. Scarce financial resources must be used to address deficiencies. Hojbjerg is the only one, because he would strengthen the midfield options.

  2. Sarmmie says:

    The only person I’ll regret is hojberg, and that’s plays a position I feel we should have more players in,even if it’ll be as a backup. The other players play in positions we have players in and it’ll take a really bad story of injuries and suspensions to actually need those forwards mentioned in the article

    Also, saying that Arsenal not signing a declining Cavani who never reached a great height like that is a big loss for us sounds somehow. To me, though

    1. Durand says:

      I would agree regarding Cavani or Mertens. We’re better served giving time to Martinelli to gain experience and find some Chemistry with teammates.

      Martinelli and Saka looking good on the left side, why disrupt that with a player hunting for their last big contract?

  3. SAGooner says:

    We do not need Edinson Cavanni, please! Who would he replace in the team? He’s no youngster either.

  4. Abel says:

    This is a very unnecessary and baseless article.
    But since you decided to make us read this unresearched tripe, let me do you one better.
    I’ll list a few more players who moved this january we should have signed and we didn’t.
    We should wear sack clothes and mourn about missing them too.
    Odion Ighalo
    Bruno Fernandes
    Ashley Young
    Cenk Tosun
    These are the few I could remember on short notice without doing extensive research. Feel free to post another article with the complete list.

    1. Admin Martin says:

      Sigh, another one that did not actually read the article correctly. It was an opinion piece, twice the writer used the words “could have” including in the subheader, that was clear as daylight for anyone that wanted to read it correctly. It was never intended as a research piece on every single player linked with Arsenal. To call this article by Ime unresearched tripe is being rude for the sake of it and says more about you. Finally, no one forced you to read the article, that was 100% your decision so please refrain from saying that we decided to make you read it.

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