Players call for an emergency meeting to discuss wage cuts due to the coronavirus outbreak

The PFA is calling for a meeting with clubs over the welfare of players as the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect the league divisions.

There have been rumours that players of Premier League and football league clubs will be asked to take pay cuts during this tough time and the PFA wants to know for certain what the plan is for their players.

The coronavirus outbreak has caused leagues across the world to be suspended and that is set to have an adverse effect on the finances of several clubs.

Clubs in the lower rungs of English football have already started feeling the heat as a lack of matchday revenue has forced them to fire some of their staff.

Clubs in the Championship are rumoured to have already begun a campaign to cut down on wages.

It is understandable that clubs would not be able to pay wages of their players until the end of this season if it extends beyond the current calendar.

The PFA wants to get out from the dark about plans by clubs and they released a statement which read:

“The PFA has called for an urgent meeting with both the Premier League and English Football League to discuss the impact that the COVID-19 crisis is having on the finances of both clubs and players,”

If the Premier League isn’t finished by July, players who have run down their contracts could face a complicated period of time as it remains unclear if they would be able to leave their current teams or if the teams would have to extend their current deals until this season finishes.

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