Players comments taken out of context and he is happy at Arsenal

There has been a lot made of comments from Lucas Torreira following an interview he did while down in South America ahead of the Copa America with Uruguay and the most common interpretation is that he has hinted that he wants to return to Italy because he does not like the English weather.

Well, that is actually a gross misrepresentation of what he said and please take note of the final words of what he actually did say about living and playing in England.

“I do not know if there are many things that I enjoy. I think I had a better time in Italy. England is a totally different world, a very big country. It has cost me a lot of language, to be able to relate to my colleagues and the people. It becomes very difficult when you can not have dialogues. And there is the weather. You go out in the morning and it is cloudy, you arrive at your house in the afternoon and it is cloudy. The sun is a little strange, but we are from here and we are used to always or almost always having the sun. But as the years go by, I’m going to adapt. ”

As the years go by I’m going to adapt, do they sound like the words of a player that wants to return to Italy, no, because they are not but the media have chosen to simply ignore that part.

As for the weather, he is 100% right, English weather is awful, we all know that and now that he lives in England he is entitled to complain about it.

So he is struggling with the language, that is not uncommon either, it can take years to learn a new language but of course, if the media can attack him for it then they will.

The bottom line is that Torreira has no intention of leaving Arsenal, he actually made that absolutely clear with his comments and in fact, he even gave a damn good explanation for his drop off in form, he was bloody knackered, he played 50 or so games this season when he has been used to playing a lot less and he will improve next season.

“I played almost 50 games, practically twice as much as I played last year” he said

“As you gain experience and have different partners by your side, you will learn a lot. I have learned a lot, especially how to handle the matches and their different situations.”

Anyway, at least we now know the truth and not what the media have tried to spin today.


  1. enagic says:

    I will sell Lucas Toreira any day, he doesn’t have a profile to play for Arsenal in terms of physicality

    1. ClassyGunner says:

      We arsenal fans are just grateful that you are not the decision maker for the club.

      1. Dennis says:

        Well answered, bro

  2. Valentino says:

    I don’t have problem with selling Lucas, my only concern will be his replacement… He really lacks the physical presence to play in PL, but do you think the board will replace him with if sold

    1. jon fox says:

      I think you are plain daft for even posing that silly question. It will not happen and Torreira is going nowhere. That is obvious to bright fans.

    2. Maj says:

      I guess Chelsea should also sell Ngolo Kante and Man City sell Raheem Stanley?

  3. Luckyville says:

    we want a good DM, we get one you complain, Torreira is the best DM we have in the club, and he looks to me like world class player in the making, Arsenal fans are just good at nagging.

  4. Goonster says:

    Reminds me of the late REYES (r.i.p). Was always complaining about the weather and how he missed Spain, his culture and family.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Yeah, I don’t think it’s a good sign with what he’s saying. Home sick for his adopted home. He doesn’t like city life but he lives in London. Still can’t speak any English by the sounds of it, hasn’t picked it up in a year, he should be able to communicate by now. Wenger used to order them to speak in English. How old is this interview though, some outlets look to stir up nothing by going with older quotes. I don’t like complainers, not unless there’s something to complain about. He has most men’s ideal job and has celebrity lifestyle and money and traveling the world, fans, friends, teammates, gold diggers, and he’s complaining about this stuff. You are very blessed Torriera, soak it all in because one day you will have something more serious to lament.

      1. Tissiam says:

        As non british I can tell you you don’t realise how depressing your weather is,i lived in Southampton and left after a year even though I had a good job,friends and girlfriend,reyes was homesick,sanchez family chose London over Liverpool,now at manchester he is not the same player/person,coincidence??

  5. No need to be so harsh on Torreira. I believe everyone who has been to England has the same conclusion about the weather!If he stays its fine but if we can get a good offer for him I’d sell him quickly.

  6. Goonster says:

    FFS people, get a grip.
    If he wants to go then get rid. Get as much money as possible from his sale.

    Can’t force a player to stay somewhere he does notwant to be. Sell but ask for a lot of money like other clubs do when they sell their players.

    You keep unhappy sulky players and what do you expect from them? Apart from disruption.

    I think we as Arsenal fans are more than used / familiar with recurring theme where our players force moves or hold us to ransom on contracts.

    Get rid but make as much money as possible from his sale and reinvest.

    It’s part of the game game unfortunately.

  7. ArseOverTit says:

    His Geography and general knowledge is appalling as Italy is in fact ‘bigger’ than Italy (whatever that means). Good job he kicks a pig skin for a living;)

    Learn the lingo Terriero in all of that downtime you fellas have eh!? Playstation and shopping can’t take the whole day up surely!;)

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      *Italy is bigger than UK (in square KM)

  8. Mystique says:

    Please can you name a more physical midfielder in the club than him?

  9. NMC says:

    He has a right to complain about the weather, it’s awful we haven’t had a solid week of nice weather and it’s halfway through the year.

    I agree with the OP completely taken out of context. As for the comments to get rid he is our best DM and you could clearly see he was tired at the end of the season as a lot of players were (I think the real factor for our lack of results near the end of the season. (That and loosing Ramsey)

  10. Where'sMyTop4TrophyGone? says:

    I apologise to Lucas and Justarsenal community for writing a hate comment in the previous topic about the topic. I’ll read through thoroughly in the future.

  11. Tissiam says:

    Doesn’t matter how you put it,it doesn’t sound good,why talk about it if it doesn’t weight on his mind and don,t underestimate family,s influence,remember Sanchez Liverpool wanted him,he was interested but his family preferred London,now look at him at Manchester,i don’t think it is a coincidence!

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