“Players have disrespected the history of Arsenal” Players slammed for poor attitude

Louis Saha says that Arsenal players need to show more leadership and the club should prioritise players with the right attitude when they want to make new signings.

The Gunners have been on a poor run of form this season and their performances have been below the expectations of their fans who thought they would build on winning the FA Cup at the end of last season.

Saha says that Arsenal need to get results, but even more importantly, they need to get the right attitude.

Some of their players haven’t just been poor in their performances, they have lacked focus and have shown disrespect to the team.

Saha also said that they need to look at a player’s frame of mind even more than his playing abilities.

Adding that a midfielder with the right mindset can give their season a lift.

“Players have disrespected the history of Arsenal Football Club,” he said as quoted by Star Sports.

“There needs to be a lot more leadership coming from the Arsenal players.

“Yes, results are very important, but there have been a few occasions where players have disrespected the history of Arsenal Football Club.

“I’m not here to judge, but some of the attitude I’ve seen from their players is just not acceptable for a club of that stature.

“In terms of where Arsenal can strengthen, I would stop looking at players solely for their quality and start looking at players for their leadership and attitude.

“They need players who are aggressive in the right way; that’s the most important thing.

“Another player in the centre of the pitch with the right mentality would be a good starting point for the January transfer window.”

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  1. Perfect assesment from Louis Saha!I recently read an interview with David Moyes in which he explained he had to change West ham transfers strategy instead of bigger names looking for a last big pay check while living in London he is going for younger hungrier players who see playing for West Ham as a step up and a great opportunity in their careers who will be grateful and give their all!we need to do the same.

  2. He sound very bright, spot on, forgot to address coach issue. He picks these players with wrong attitude as Luiz who forces his way in or Willian who are only here fo r pay check before retirement in Brazil…

    I think he will make a very good coach or football manager, recruit players and bring these values and pride for the shirt they wearing. Not take it for granted and act spoiled. Yo sum Saha up; Management is key.

    Board is same way, securing jobs, can feel that on all club. In wrong ends!

    We want and deserve way more, not a money hungry desperate bunch.

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