Players love coming to Arsenal because “it’s a step above everywhere else”

Arsenal has been transformed by Arteta. He has not only transformed Arsenal’s results on the field, but he has also transformed the club, from one where players come to make money while competing for headline moves to one where players want to be.

Arsenal can now attract quality players; Thomas Partey and Martin Odegaard are two examples of players who left Champions League football to compete in the Europa League. Another perfect example is Mykhailo Mudryk’s open flirtation with Arsenal, expressing his desire to be a part of Arteta’s project.

Arsenal and the Emirates are where players want to be, and even Rob Holding, who has had limited game time, admits that playing at the Emirates is an honour. ”

Yes, I saw Laca a couple of weeks ago, and we spoke about what it’s like there compared to Arsenal,” said Holding to, as he was discussing how Alexander Lacazette could be missing the Emirates, and how he advised him to stay put.

“Lyon’s his home club, of course, and he knows it really well, but he was telling me how much he loved his time at Arsenal. Actually, a couple of months ago, he texted me to tell me to enjoy my time at Arsenal because it’s a step above everywhere else.

“He said to me to stay at the club if you can because the grass isn’t always greener elsewhere and to enjoy being at a club like Arsenal. It was really nice to hear that from someone at a different club.”

It’s revelations like Rob Holding’s that make us appreciate Arteta’s work three years later. What a great time to be a gunner!


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  1. The great Arsene Wenger made Arsenal a very lovable club where many players loved to play. The atmosphere in and around the club was always a big draw to players, as was his personality. Arteta has clearly taken the club to a different route but the aura of our club being a likabel and liveable place remains, especially now with the fact that we’re getting results. Long may it continue

  2. All I can say/write “Gracias Senor Mikel” Because of his dedication and hardwork we are what we are today. Players come to earn their wage now, gone are those days when they brood would ‘hold the club to ransom and continued being pampered by “papa”.

  3. The Arsenal has ALWAYS been a “step up” club and I’m surprised Pat hasn’t recognised that fact!! Next thing will be MA getting praised for building the Emirates.

    Wasn’t it players like Hleb, Anelka and Alexi Sanchez (to name just a few) who said their biggest mistake was to leave our club???

    Lacs is only repeating what so many players have said since the Bertie Mee era, with players like John Radford and Charlie George saying exactly the same thing.

    Let’s just wait and see how much it’s going to cost the club to keep Saka and Saliba before we start down the road of MA being the almighty guru shall we?

    After all, if it was such a wonderful place to be today, they would be doing what Tony Adams, Ian Wright and, it seems, Martinelli, did… just found them a pen so they could sign the contract!!!

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