“Players work hard, trying to be better every day but there’s negativity…” Richards slam AFTV

Micah Richards says that AFTV might be a part of the current problems at Arsenal because it affects the players’ confidence.

The YouTube channel is one of the most popular club channels in the world, and probably the number one unofficial fan channel for Arsenal fans.

It gives voice to the club’s fans to express their minds all the time and in a tough time like this, it is easy to understand that only negative words will be said.

Arsenal’s players are already struggling with their confidence as they continue to lose games, and they will need positive messages and encouragement from their fans now.

However, most of the fans coming on AFTV are being negative and critical of the players.

Richards says he likes the idea of the channel, however, he thinks that players are affected by the negative criticism that they receive when they are being talked about on the channel.

He said, as quoted by the Sun: “You know AFTV, I’m a massive fan of it, I love it.

“But for the players, the amount of pressure – you could be scrolling through and your name pops up and someone’s being horrible and it can affect your confidence.

“These players now look at social media. Players work hard, trying to be better every day but there’s negativity…”


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  1. 😃😃😃. LOL.
    Players are doing it tough?
    Anyone on a 3 year contract paid anywhere between 7.5m /30m guaranteed whether they play well or not can not complain about nowt. When your team is 15th in the table as well. While the majority of supporters are on minimum wage. Talk about a parallel universe.

  2. Haha! What does he expect? We’ve watched our club be run into the ground for over a decade now! Are we meant to be positive about that?

  3. I’ve long shared this position. Had to stop watching AFTV at some point.. They are undoubtedly influential and I blame them partly for the knee-jerk decisions the club has made in the recent past. I think its great fans have a voice but criticism must be constructive.

  4. Statements like this reinforce the opinions of many that the players at the Arsenal have degenerated into a group of pampered, overhyped, overpaid prima donna creme puffs, who are remote from the realities of life in the real world and need to toughen TFU. The performances and results demonstrate a total lack of professionalism and personal pride in themselves and the Club, which supports their lifestyle and no individual or team leadership.
    If they are impacted by the words of a few dedicated supporters rightly disappointed in current performances, how would these players have survived sharing a change room with Frank McLintock, Peter Storey, Ray Simpson, David O’Leary, Tony Adams, Martin Keown, Patrick Viera or many other past players who come to mind?

    1. 👍👍 Exactly – personal pride! I’d like to leave the pitch knowing I gave everything.. unfortunately we only have 2 or 3 with that mindset!
      It must be something about the Emirates.. as look at some of our players before they came to us… and after they’ve left….all they seem to care about is the money, as they don’t fight for the badge!! Well now pay cuts have been mentioned if relegated, we may actually see some fight in them?? Although I don’t think I’ll hold my breath just yet 😂

  5. I’m not surprised there is negativity having seen some dire performances. There are a few who can hold their heads high .. but only a few.

    Ozziegunner above mentions some former Arsenal greats who would have put rockets up the arses some of our gutless, overpaid team. That loss to Villa still bugs me. It was a pathetic capitulation.

  6. The audacity to assume that fan-made videos are responsible for players’ performances.

    Are they then responsible for the good form as well?

    Are the Redmen TV praised by news outlets for fantastic Liverpool’s form? By this logic, they should be.

  7. The issue with Arsenal is glaring at our faces. Edu

    He needs to be replaced, the signings he’s been involved with have more negatives than positives, those negatives are slow burning effects still affecting us.

    Someone please explain these signings,
    Pepe, absolutely abysmal
    Luiz, Willian, Cedric etc. These have Kia Joorabchan written all over it, and Edu brought him here.

    Edu has no clue of what kind of Arsenal team he’s building for Arteta, we need someone who know’s what he does and also aligns with the board’s vision

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