Is Bayern Munich in pre-season a good idea for Arsenal?

The season is not yet over but tArsenal’s pre-season fixtures are out – and guess who we are playing again? Bayern Munich! Yes! The mighty Bayern will be among the games we will be playing for pre-season. Should we be glad or should we be sad? Whichever one you choose to be, just remain positive and know that this is a good idea.

Practice makes perfect, so the popular saying goes. We have played Bayern several times and although we have won a few battles against them, they always end up winning the war against us. This pre-season game should give the opportunity to play them in a relaxed atmosphere and try and see if we can discover something we failed to notice all the while we have been playing them in the champions league. Bayern is beatable and we can start getting our groove back against them at the pre-season games.

Hopefully, we should be heading for our pre-season under a new coach who will use this games to get his tactics right. If he is able to win Bayern at the pre-season, then he may have gotten the formula needed to win them again, should we meet. Even if we don’t meet them, playing Bayern Munich will prepare us adeqautly for any game in the Champions league. I believe we will qualify for the Champions league next season but this time around, we will be participating under a different coach who will want to prove a point.

Secondly, if we can beat Bayern in the pre-season’s, our players will then get their belief back. They must be thinking the Bayern team consists of aliens from another planet who always finds a way to beat them whenever they meet. Well, this pre-season game is another way for them to gain a bit of confidence and realize that these players are humans anyways and they are highly beatable.

Playing Bayern Munich is a very good thing for us and we need to grab it with both hands! Pardon my thoughts but I believe Arsenal will be great again. This season may be bad but next season will surely be better. All we need is to believe and great things will happen. I believe in a greater Arsenal, what about you?

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. gunnerman8701 says:

    Doesn’t matter. Same old result if Wenger stays. Leicester did what Arsenal could not do the past 7 years

  2. Kotte says:

    we have bigger problems to sort than a Bayern friendly!

  3. Break-on-through says:

    No I don’t like the idea. It’s not to be taken seriously but if we win well then it can be used against us. Players believing they are big deals then go into the season thinking that their technique will be too much for lower prem teams. Less work-rate eventually comes when Arsenal get confident. Arsene if still here will use it as a reason to be optimistic. That’s if we win, if we lose then we have scars opening up. And what if we have no CL football, it’s all downside if you ask me. I’d prefer if in preseason we played against teams who don’t know how to be less committed. Teams that focus on the unit and making things tough. Atletico, Leicester, Juventus, Chelsea, I’d like play these in preseason.

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