Playing with Ozil making Iwobi a true Arsenal star?

Because of the long drawn out recent illness of the Arsenal and Germany international star Mesut Ozil, Arsene Wenger has a big problem about how to replace such an important and integral member of the team. This problem was made a lot more difficult due to the injury and fitness problems keeping out Aaron Ramsey and Santi Cazorla out and the fact that Jack Wilshere was out on loan.

So the Frenchman turned to young Alex Iwobi and the Nigerian international did pretty well in my opinion. Whether or not he ends up playing in the number 10 role more often as his career progresses or stays in his more usual wide forward position only time will tell, but I certainly think that he is learning a lot from playing with the brilliant German on a weekly basis.

I think Iwobi had one of his best games in an Arsenal shirt away to Swansea on Saturday and I reckon he is looking more and more like the sort of player we have in Ozil. Iwobi’s passing and vision was fantastic and he was integral to all of our creative play, just as Ozil as been called the oil that lubricates the Arsenal gears.

We are starting to see some incredible flicks and tricks from Iwobi as well as an improvement in his all round game and impact, so is playing with Ozil turning him into a better player? And just how good a Gunner have we got?



  1. Twig says:


    Posting in the middle of the night will hardly get you any comments 😛

    1. josh37 says:

      I think you’ll be surprised at the amount of international’s who frequent this site.

  2. josh37 says:

    Any #10 or attacking midfielder can learn from Ozil!!!
    Iwobi’s intelligence as a very young player continually impresses me. His spatial awareness and use of his body is absolutely top-notch and he’s seemingly growing each game in both confidence and form. There’s been a few games he’s looked very disappointed with himself. It’s great to see him having fun on the pitch and express himself more.

  3. Break-on-through says:

    One thing I don’t like about Iwobi’s game is he never/rarely stretches the pitch. Most of our players prefer moving more centrally, but even Alexis will hug the touchline on occasion. He gets attracted to the ball too easily. Like when we play a team who switch the ball out to the opposite wing, and all of a sudden they have a man way out wide who is unmarked, then we scamper across to try and get a handle on it. Iwobi will not be that player for us, because he gets attracted to the play to easily.

    1. otunba_007 says:

      Plus Iwobi needs to focus on football and not allow his model girlfriend distract him from playing football, take wilshere and Sterling for example, they both were interested in women during the early days of there career and they haven’t been able to hit the best form we know they are capable of and compare them with the likes of Dele Alli, Michel Antonio, Davies (everton) and so on… Football should be his primary assignment and every other thing can follow

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