The best Arsenal transfer rumour this year!

Manchester United and Arsenal are set for a huge battle to sign Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang this summer, the Express has quoted Le10Sport as reporting. Arsene Wenger is claimed to be ready to do all it takes to sign the striker, with a willingness to pay as much as £63.2 Million in order to do so.

The report also cites Manchester United as having already held talks with his agent however, which would seemingly put us in the back seat, but with the transfer window still closed, anything could still happen. Another downer on the situation is that Aubameyang has said himself that he favours the Spanish League, and Spanish reports have already this month claimed he will be joining Real Madrid in the coming close-season, but that could possibly open the door for another striker to move this summer.

Our need for a deadly goalscorer has been highlighted once again this term, and no amount of positive Theo Walcott comments from Arsene Wenger is going to convince us otherwise. Aubameyang has 22 goals from his 25 Bundesliga outings this term, with a record better than a goal every 90 minutes at present, while Giroud has 12 goals from his 30 league appearances. If there is even a glimmer of hope in us landing the Gabon international, we NEED to push for this move, or risk being left behind as our other rivals strengthen in the close-season.

We know Pep Guardiola is set to make a number of signings and changes at Manchester City, and a new manager is set to come in and freshen up the Chelsea squad, which is only going to put more pressure on the this summer’s transfer window, and we really cant afford to get caught napping. We need to move early, or risk losing out on our targets, and we really need to be ruthless and go after some top talents.

Is Aubameyang the man who can fix all our problems up front? Or is there another (realistic) striker more suited to our team?

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  1. Guys you know how wenger keeps whining that there are no available players in the transfermarkt.
    Look at how guardiola will easily get kane gundogan barkley and stones

    1. Levy selling in EPL for less that 80 million? Hard to believe. Even Barkley will not go for less than 50 million. Same goes for Stones, Chelsea put 35 million refused by Everton. Now, City has this money. Arsenal on the other hand has probably the whole budget including salaries to somewhere near 125 million. Not very sure you can lure any of these, except Stones maybe. And Kane will never sign for Arsenal.

  2. What about vincent janssen
    He has scored 14 goals in his last 11 games and made 3 assists
    He is a complete striker he can hold up the ball amd he can run behind defenders even he is not very fast he also play with his two legs and give very nice passes
    He is only 21
    My ideal world will be if we got a super striker like zlatan and get this guy for the next years I’m sure he will be a beast in the coming years

  3. Ozil’s vision ➕ Aubermeyang’s pace, goal scoring ability equals goals…..if Giroud, average striker can score 15/16 every season then I will wager my mortgage Aubermeyang will score over 20….

      1. It’s not the bet that makes the gamble, it is the stake. I seen a Nigerian Gooner losing his house for real when he bet against a Manu fan, and I actually think Arsenal getting beat by that lot hurt worse than him losing his house.

  4. Aubameyang said Real Madrid is his dream move … He ain’t coming …
    The best rumor that’s will never materialized is Wenger retirement …

  5. Klopp got lewa reus gundogan mikhytarian
    hummels aubumeyang for a bargain.

    Guardiola has got the best out of
    kingsley-squad player at juventus
    Costa-Squad player then at the national team.

    Simeone has lost costa courtois turan
    aguero yet atletico is still as competitive as ever

    lvg has promoted the likes muller kroos etc

    pochettino is winning big with a very young squad.

    ranieri is winning the title with a recently upgraded team.

    mourinho had an unbeaten streak of over 70 games in the premiership.

    alex ferguson changed man united and won 20 titles

    These managers are
    what wenger wishes to be

    1. You just have to imagine this.
      Sanchez was one of la ligas top scorers before joining arsenal.
      Cech was single handedly saving chelsea to a premier league title and a champions league title.
      giroud carried marseille to the title.
      ozil won real madrid the la liga and was germanys player of the year for consecutive times that was before he joined arsenal.
      monreal and cazorla were both spain s key players in their euro winning campaign.

      Yet wenger is still finding it difficult to win the title with these.

      1. And that will be pretty much hard to equal. On the other hand, judging by the numbers you put, Wenger lost only one game in three in UCL. That’s a damn good average.

      2. Monreal never played a whole game for Spain in his huge amount of 16 games since 2009. 16 games and not even full time in 7 years hardly qualifies as a key player. At least Santi won the European title even if not as a regular starter. Giroud never played for Marseille but for Montpellier and Ozil got his last player of the year in Germany while playing for Arsenal. Sanchez was never in the top three scorers in La liga the closest he came was his last season being fourth but 11 goals behind Messi the second one to Ronaldo with 31. His tally was 17 back then.
        But don’t let the facts get in your way and stiffle your judgement.

        1. Nice one Budd.

          It bugs me when I see people just throwing out random lines that mean nothing, but I love it when facts are thrown right back at them.

  6. Arsenal does NOT need to
    spend big in the summer.
    City+ Utd spent big and
    are battling for 4th.
    Chelsea probably won’t even make Europa.
    Leicester spent F’all and could win.
    Arsenal also spent F’all and will get automatic ECL.
    And anyway even top 6 is good enough for Stan
    as he reckons winning titles is too expensive.
    If the truth be known Stan is happy with EPL “participation”.
    Buyers are prepared to double what
    he paid for the club’s major share holder status so
    he will walk away with a massive profit titles or not.
    63.2 mill for Aubameyang… whatever 🙂 Whats the .2 about lol.
    .2 plus two pies and a pint 🙂

      1. 60200000 British Pound equals
        76496897.12 Euro

        I guess it depends on what the conversion was when the price was 1st mentioned…

    1. The extra two might be from when they bought him, then we’d be offering them fifty mil in profit.

    2. At this point we must root a bit for Chelsea to make European football. If they battle for it (even a 4th spot) then they will put some shift against Leicester. Our biggest game right now is against ourselves. I am sure we can put a good game against WHU but first we must beat Watford.

  7. i think we are going to have a good transfer’s in the summer otherwise the pressure will pile on the Management/Board, this season they took a gamble but it backfired hopefully not that bad in the end,

  8. Ill admit how last season I called Aubemeyang (love that name) a poor mans Henry and I said we can do better, but now I don’t think we could get better than him. Higuain is on a similar level so between these two and if we were willing to pay whatever it takes and at the same time if they would actually consider playing for us well then I reckon that this would be the best we could hope for. Ibra too but he is a short term fix, Id still take him in a heartbeat. Aubemeyang is no Thierry but he is a damn fine player and goalscorer, he suits our play as-well maybe more so than any other striker on the market.

    We need to pray that Real do not want him, we know Barca will not go in for him because they have they’re three starters. Benzema blackmail scandal, Id imagine Real will sell him and bring in Auby but I’m hoping Real will need to buy in other areas, making the price tag an issue.

  9. Lukaku is by far a better option than Aubameyang ?
    his at least 10 million cheaper and that change could go towards investing in another player.
    Lukaku is 4 years younger and is proven in the premier league. ? Aswell as being much physically stronger!
    A Beast in the making.

  10. I’m a big fan of Aubameyang, I would love to see him wear the red and white…

    I got to agree with Fatboy Gooney though and Lukaku would look a better option, Lukaku doesn’t appear to want to go back to Chelsea saying he has no unfinished business and the fact he wants CL football would put Chelsea into doubt to get him… along with UTD who is another club to be rumored to get him.

    We will be having CL football next season.
    Leicester can’t afford him, Spuds have Kane, City have Aguero.

    I do wonder if Everton could be tempted with player plus cash, we have plenty of fringe players, some of them want playing time which Everton would be more likely to give them that time.

    They are rumored to be looking for a new GK, Ospina is looking to move for regular football by reports.
    Ox could do with being loaned out to a EPL team and maybe that could be used if we agree to keep paying 100% of Ox’s wages for the 12 months.

    I have always liked Lukaku as well, he is a hard worker from what I have seen and it shows in the number of goals he has scored. I would be happy if we got him ^.^

    1. Last season Wenger stated that Ospina had the best stats of any PL goalkeper. I checked them on squawka, last season, PL games per 90 minutes played. Ospina was way ahead of Cortois, hart and de gea last season and better than Cech this season. For every two goals ospina conceded, cortois, hart and de gea conceded three. All of his other stats were better. Some of Ospina’s saves for colombia have been out of this world, he is highly rated by Messi. Type “ospina double save messi aguero” into google and see what comes up.

      I am sure Ospina wants regular first team football and he deserves it. However I say, do not sell Ospina to a PL rival, we will have to score against him and he will have a point to prove.

      1. I don’t disagree that Ospina is a VERY good goalie, too good for a bench ^.^ Don’t forget about his faults though which have cost us in the CL, his positioning is questionable, he stands too far back at times. He is very good, I will not question that ^.^

        I would like to see him stay but if he doesn’t then I would be happy to keep watching him at Everton if it means we can get Lukaku, I do not see Everton as a rival… I see them as a neutral team currently. They are not a derby rival, they are not a title rival, they are no rival.

        Yes they may do a Leicester next season but if that’s the case we better not sell anyone to any EPL team ever just in case 😛

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