Please no! Arsenal chief to be given more power on transfers?

Reports are emerging that Ivan Gazidis could be given an increased role in Arsenal’s transfer business following the departure of Dick Law at the end of September.

Law will return to America to spend more time with his family following a disastrous few months in his role as head of transfer dealings, and had already been removed from being chief negotiator with the club’s players contracts earlier this year.

Huss Fahmy has already come in as the first point of call as far as contracts are concerned, but it remains to be seen who will officially take over Law’s other roles.

Gazidis has been speculated as covering Law’s absence, but following his comments which claimed Arsenal had a positive window this summer, leave me in fear of that coming true.

Our club brought in only two players, whilst seeing a whole host of players leave the club, and while Lacazette’s arrival poses as a top acquisition cover one of our weaker areas, there were also other areas which were in need of strengthening.

We have moved from finishing inside the top two of the division season upon season, to finishing in fifth last year and not even making waves in the summer in order to fight our way back inside the top four.

I want nothing more than to see our side win the Premier League title again, but our club looks desperately likely to end the season between fifth and seventh after a disappointing transfer window, and I can’t see how Ivan Gazidis is going to improve things in January when the transfer window reopens…

Would Gazidis assure that Arsenal continues on its downturn? Were his words about our window simply him saying what he was told to or did he mean it? Could Ivan instigate more spending?

Pat J


  1. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Gazidis ? Is that the same guy who said “we can now compete with the big boys” What he knows about the game and Arsenal in particular you could write down on a fag paper. He thinks Arsenal started when we moved to the Emirates.

    1. Shortboygooner says:

      Just more paving over the cracks. These guys will end kur beloved arsenal as they think it csn be run like any other business. In this game you have to invest you make. Psg city utd madrid all understabd this. Only arsenal dont

  2. JJPawn says:

    “Our club brought in only two players, whilst seeing a whole host of players leave the club, and while Lacazette’s arrival poses as a top acquisition cover one of our weaker areas, there were also other areas which were in need of strengthening.’

    Looks rotten, as he will not spend more money. I am afraid as long as they own this club of ours, we are done for.

    Short of attacking Wenger and the players, there must be another way to get new owners with deeper pockets. Wenger actually want this to happen as he advocated more foreign investment (with Arsenal’s brand).

    1. It is Wenger who spent 35M on Xhaka, 35M on Mustafi and 17M on Perez who never ever played. Am just saying, the coach is as big if not bigger of a problem than the owner. Whatever funds you give him he will waste them. I honestly don’t understand the bizarre insistence we have to allow Wenger continue as manager. Every team in the world changes the management to inject fresh ideas and keep up with the times but at Arsenal it is the same thing every season but expecting different results. At Chelsea, Bayern, Real, Barca, Man utd would they have given Xhaka all these chances he gets to fk up our midfield? So why are we not behaving like teams in our category behave ? Because of Wenger.

    2. Wengerforlife says:

      Wow wenger so clever trying his best to stay at arsenal to fight against the greedy boss who keep renewing his contract and pay rise. Arsenal is going to be a powerful house investment club without trophy juz money. Yeah hail my god.

      Hmm is this a football club for the fans or investment company I wonder my god staying at arsenal to preach beautiful football or investment.

      1. Yep…when the big clubs are talking about ambition and winning trophies at Arsenal we are talking about principles and values and financially sustainable business models….as if on a Monday morning at work when your mates are roasting you over yet another 6 nil rout you will shut them up with the “we are run financially better than you desperate trophy hunters !” Line… of what benefit are profits to the fans? Will we enjoy a share of Wenger’s bonuses? Of Kroenkes dividends? Sigh.

  3. Grimlar says:

    The reason Kroenke is the biggest problem is because it is the owners job to make sure the manager and chief executive do theirs. Kroenke doesn’t do that at any of his clubs, he is a poor owner. Its not about the money he takes out of the club or that he doesn’t invest, being self sufficient is not a bad thing to be… its certainly better than being loaded down with debt like some of our rivals owners have done to their clubs.

    Lets be honest though, Arsenal have enough money to do better, they just arent using it properly.
    I personally was quite happy with the Mustafi and Perez purchases, Im disappointed that Mustafi wants to leave, Id like to know why as I think that hes ok with potential to develop, and Perez certainly didnt get enough game time, from what I saw of him he looked reasonable.
    Xhaka I will agree with though, neither his passing nor his tackling are good enough, consistently enough, buying him was poor business, given that we could have (hopefully) signed Kante at about the same time and for the same kind of money.

    As for Lemar, he may well be very good, but the deal ran into problems early, and in the end well… Arsenal should have changed their focus and looked for alternative targets, Seri, Rafinha, Goretzka, Carvalho, Isco, Turan and others, we’ve been linked with a lot of names over the last few summers, some of them had reasonable buy out clauses or were looking to move for more game time. Im sure Arsenal could have bought in someone, (two someones,) who was better than Xhaka.

    We also needed someone else to help out in central defence, starting the season with Koscielny banned, Mustafi unsettled, Mertesacker on his final year is not good planning, players often take a few months or a year to settle down anyway. By delaying it Arsenal only guarantee that we start next season with a weaker defence too.

    Arsenal may be able to fill some gaps with youth players, its great when they are playing well, (Nelson) but the problem with youth players is their lack of experience makes it harder for them to deal with set backs, it makes them less reliable. Chambers and Holding could well be good enough in the long run, but we shouldn’t build our defence around them at the moment.

    1. Mobella says:

      The comment of someone with a functioning brain.

  4. u.k says:

    wenger….ivan…kroenke….are all bad negotiators….so no need…they all work with same poverty mentality…money money money…no progress…

  5. Dom says:

    For some reason Wenger is well respected by a lot of players (especially French), so why do we struggle to get the deals done and allow other clubs in to make the signings?

  6. Elmo says:

    remember wengers great buys sanogo, that korean guy Kim?? and the others who never played or had only a handful of appearances could not even be loaned out some of them, that’s good business they were cheap, now we knwo why they were cheap, now look merterseker, sanchez, ozil, theo, koschilney off contract, how much money is there alone, also wenger has a habit of buying kids spending 5-8 years developing them then other clubs say thanks we will have him, oh well he wasn’t good enough, as he plays for his country, when are we going to start pressuring kroenke, gazidis and wenger with lowering of the stocks and merchandise so we are not profitable to the greedy self centred yank who uses us a a money pit. cut wenger and gazidis bonuses get rid of the disgraceful board until then i can see very slim years ahead.

  7. Radek #Namibia says:

    I have a good feeling about this. You all remember the season Welbeck joined us? Well, Wenger later came out to say Welbeck transfer to Arsenal wasn’t his doing, which means someone forced his hand to buy (as our attack looked very thin at the time). Our board is not as ambitious as one would expect but Wenger is the guy penny pitching behind closed doors.

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