Plot thickens and Wenger fumes as Chile ignore Arsenal on Alexis injury

Arsene Wenger - Justarsenal.comNo wonder Arsene Wenger has admitted just recently that he suffers a lot of stress every time an international break comes along to disrupt his preparations for the Premier League, domestic cups and Champions League trophy hunts, with Arsenal players heading off around the world to play for their respective national teams.

All that is bad enough, with the manager having to wonder if any or how many of his key players are going to pick up an injury and put our chances of success at risk. What is even worse though, and must have the Frenchman fuming with frustration, is when the national teams take big risks with our players and do not take any notice of the wishes of the club’s that pay their wages week in and week out.

We have seen it happen plenty of times before and no doubt will again. One incident that springs to mind is when the notoriously injury prone Abou Diaby was just back from a long spell on the sidelines so Wenger asked France to go easy on him, only for Didier Deschamps to overplay him and Diaby was back on the injury list.

This time it is Chile and the Alexis Sanchez situation that will be stressing the prof out, as Metro reports that they have ignored our request to send the striker back to London so we can get him the best medical attention.

JUst what the hell are they playing at? Trying to give Wenger a nervous breakdown?



  1. Jansen says:

    International football is a joke and threatens an already overloaded football calendar with more meaningless games.

    Germany – Luxembourg
    Lichtenstein – Italy
    Spain – Macedonia
    (some of yesterday’s games)

    Are you kidding me??? Which serious football fan wants to see those games?

    Is South America having a tournament every year? It seems so. Why? The ACN is frustrating enough as it is.

    We should think about less football. A winter break in the PL. Not about expanding the WC the EC, the CL and what not.

    This greed to put up soo many games will hurt football in the long run.

    I think we should go back to smaller international tournaments with fewer qualification games.

    Countries like Lichtenstain, Macedonia, Luxembourgh and Malta, who have no business at the finals of the World cup or Eurpoean Cup should be made to play each other before one or two of them can play a major country in a play off. In Europe for example, the top 10 countries that everyone wants to see at the tournament, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland, France, Belgium, Portugal (fill in the last 2 as you wish) should only have to play about 4 games to qualify for the finals of a tournament.

    It should be possible to come up with a ranking system or seeding system that helps avoid big nations having to play too many meaningless games in which the world’s best players risk getting hurt with no upside.

  2. Alexis the Great says:

    I agree. Playing teams like the Faroe Islands, San Marino, Malta and Andorra is just a joke.
    Let all the little teams have a competition to themselves that at least someone has a chance of winning. Then let the winner join the big boys.

  3. olly ray says:

    Spot on! You are both absolutely correct.

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