Pochettino compares Chelsea to Arsenal’s situation when Arteta came in

Mauricio Pochettino has suggested that Chelsea finds themselves in a similar position to Arsenal when Mikel Arteta took over as manager in 2019.

Chelsea’s new owners have made significant investments in players, but their team is far from being as stable as Arsenal has become under Arteta.

Pochettino pointed out that Arsenal didn’t immediately compete for the top spot in the league after Arteta’s arrival, and the manager had to address several issues to stabilise the team.

Now, Arteta is reaping the rewards of his hard work, having successfully addressed many of the team’s challenges.

Pochettino believes that Chelsea needs more time to turn things around. Ahead of their game against Arsenal, he highlighted Arsenal as a model that Chelsea should follow.

He said, as quoted by Metro Sport:

‘We are confident in one day getting to the same level, of course. We are positive and always in football the most important thing is to believe.

‘Arsenal a few years ago, they were in a different situation than today.

‘But in time, with confidence and trust in him [Arteta], they are there. Here, it is not a different thing.’

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We are in a much better position than Chelsea and must show this when we meet tonight.

It is a must-win game, and we must secure victory because there is no margin for error in the title race again.

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  1. There are some similarities, Chelsea has fallen down and they are also in the process of rebuilding. They need to identify who is their manager during the rebuild, and give them several years to implement the vision. They have owners who are willing to spend to speed up this process.

    I would also say Man Utd are in the early stages when we started our rebuild. A squad of overpaid and underperforming players, and the fix requires more than band-aids and patches. I would not be surprised to seem them start to undergo their own rebuild.

    We are fortunate that we have found success fairly quickly, but the limit of that success is yet to be determined. Win the PL? Win the CL? Hoist another FA Cup?

    Stayed tuned my friends………

    1. Yes I too see United rather than Chelsea as the most similar to how we were when MA first arrived.

      Chelse have a great many quality players, unlike United and us, back then.

      What Chelsea urgently need is amanager or coach who can instill PROPER TEAM SHAPE, of which there seems none whatsover right now.

      And who can instill the vital discipline so obvious through out OUR SQUAD these last two seasons.
      I watched the Chelsea fiasco of two players arguing with each other and with PALMER, THEIR CHOSEN PENALTY TAKER, for the personal glory of a goal, with the team already 4-0 up.

      A proper manager would have hoiked both off in double quick time, to teach them and any would be others, exactly WHO was in charge.

      But he ducked his duty and that appalled me!

      Before instilling discipline, they urgently need a manager with the nous and guts to do so.


      1. Based on what both teams phases of play display, i think Chelsea under Mauricio are what we used to be and will take fans and pundits by surprise next season onwards, not united under their current manager.

  2. I see managers talk of “process” but the question is can they see it through? i do observe based on play not result that Mauricio will make Chelsea compete again, but as a rival fan, i hope they don’t become as successful as i hope we would be, never mind surpassing us. Another manager who claimed to be in a “process” is the arrogant Erik “conquer them all” Ten Haag. Hmmm, talk of scam of the century. I do hope Sir Jim Ratcliffe is stupid enough to keep him at the helm to see his “process”, whenever it started lol.

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