Pochettino cracking up after the Arsenal game cheered me up…

Poch’s Falling Down Moment LOL by Dan Smith

Thank you Poch for cheering me up. It’s never fun watching Arsenal miss a stoppage-time penalty but then a few minutes later, I was comforted by watching the Spurs manager have a breakdown. The media’s darling could no longer keep his composure. Five years of failing to win a trophy, choking when it matters and just overall being ‘Spursy’ has finally got to him.

Asking pundits to look into Xhaka’s tackle wasn’t a ploy to distract from failing to win his last 3 League games, in the process going from title challengers (in their own minds) to looking over their shoulder. It was his falling down moment, the man is cracking up. Because if he generally felt a tackle from our player needed a re-look, what about the actions of Sanchez or Danny Rose?

If he thinks a player getting off lightly for an offense costs him points, what about his skipper getting away with headbutting someone, just because he’s England captain? Of course, the press won’t mention this. Nor will they mention he’s never looked close to winning a trophy. This time next year, we will read how Poch is a great young coach, with a young squad (a year older) even though they will again be nowhere near the top.

Or maybe just maybe he will be in Manchester or Madrid? Maybe in the summer he will tell Daniel Levy ‘enough is enough, get me out of this hell hole?’

Maybe we are seeing the man break?

Dan Smith


  1. Did he get away with confronting Mike Dean?
    Now he’s moaning about Dortmund having an unfair advantage as they played a day earlier.. wow a whole day!! Will he ever stop whingeing???
    He (& his team) really need to man up & grow a pair
    Come on Dortmund, use that ‘unfair advantage’ ?

  2. Pochettino and Tottenham should realize that Rose’s kick is really dangerous

    In an Asian football match, that type of kick damaged a GK’s internal organs and killed him the next day at a hospital, due to organ failure

    Arsenal should have complain to the FA and the FA should impose a strong action to Rose, because it was deliberate and could be fatal

  3. You just couldn’t make it up.

    Spurs have continually benefitted from favourable treatment from the FA…. Hello, Wembley anyone?

    Kane headbutt, Poch mouthing off at Dean, Rose studs up on Leno into his stomach, Sanchez stamp on Koscielny, Vertongen encroachment, Kane offside and all that’s just in the past 3 games.

    Once Alli is back, they’ll get away with even more cheating / foul play.

    Personally, I think Pochettino has UNDERACHIEVED with some of the players at his disposal. I’d encourage everyone to use that line of attack when next engaged in a “reasoned debate” with a Spud.

    I suggested that Spurs have some great players, which caught the Spud off guard (a compliment from a Gooner he thought?), I then proceeded to wax lyrical about Kane, Alli, Eriksen and Son (for starters), this made him lower his defences and then BAM…. I said that any decent manager would have been able to win something with those attackers.

    Hit them with the “stability” argument as well if they say they’ve not spent on their squad. They’ve spent the last couple of years building an understanding as a group of players that other teams haven’t had, because of the high turnover in a lot of clubs. They’ve also had the same manager for years, so they’re as used to the manager’s methods as any group of players in the league can be.

    I used to think it’d be great if Pochettino left Spurs, but I realised it’s better if he stays. He’s buckling under the pressure. He’s the perfect man for Spurs.

    1. Yes and look at both of their goals in the reverse fixture – Son dived (just for a change ?) and Dier was offside!
      Bunch of dirty cheats… I agree with what you say about Poch – they’re made for each other!

      1. Khitb77, very well said my friend. Some seriously shrewd observations, and no-one can really argue with them because we’ve been hearing for years now, on how good this Tott team is and then asking, how many Arsenal players would get into that Tott team, yet we still won cups. They are capable of beating any of the other top six sides, yet they fail to give even a proper challenge for the top prizes. Wenger recently said that that Tott team reminds him of the class of 98, Merson is always banging on about how much better they are than us. Where is the evidence in the end, what will the history books say, not even a footnote. They are only four points ahead of us and it could easily have been one, yet we are beginning to build yet they have all these enviable players. I would’ve loved to see the look on that Tott fans face when you hit him with your final conclusion.

  4. The trouble with alleging that Spuds get more lenient treatment than us is that it comes over as sour grapes. I DO take the many points made on this thread and agree with most BUT moaning after the evert merely lets off steam and achieves nothing practical. While I freely admit I also enjoy a good moan( or dozens!) – I am not the President of the old git club for no reason , after all – to our opponents it is a Heaven sent chance to accuse us of sour grapes. We ARE NO DIFFERENT FROM ALL FANS EVERYWHERE WHO DO JUST AS WE DO. OUR HUMAN NATURE NEVER CHANGES. JUST AS WELL REALLY!

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