PODCAST – SonnyTVUnfiltered apologises for Arsenal fans giving Aubameyang abuse

There is so much controversy at Arsenal at the moment it is difficult to know where to start, but now we are going to talk about Aubameyang’s abuse (not long after Granit Xhaka was given similar treatment).

Sonny is disgusted with the treatment to one of our best players, and even alleges that he knows the person in question, and he does not like him in the slightest!

Well, watch his breakdown of the video and listen to his heartfelt apologies on behalf of the Arsenal fans for our best player. Someone needs to apologise and it is certainly not Aubameyang!

Enjoy and see what you think…


  1. Well look what we are becoming…
    Club that looks after it’s own has values a family to this…

    If fans wanna vent then protest outside the stadium after results at the owners booing is part of the game sure but at our own players when subbed as well..

    Social media abuse abusing players families sick its all got very rotten

  2. Aubameyang has not scored in two PL starts and one ELC match appearance for Arsenal. In fact at Sheff Utd he was missing in the game for Arsenal. And at the Ems in the PL against Crystal Palace he didn’t score. Neither did he give any assists for Arsenal in the match either. What could it be that has gone wrong with Auba’s goals scoring boots for Arsenal? Has he not been putting them on in the last three matches he has played for Arsenal or what? Or has his regular goals scoring form for Arsenal deserted him? Aubameyang should quickly look for where ever his regular goals scoring form has gone to and call it to come back to him quickly without any delays. Or if need be, let him go after it and drag it back forcefully to return to him. For, Arsenal need Aubameyang to continue scoring goals on the regular basis in matches for them starting from the Arsenal match away to Liverpool in the Carabao Cup at Anfield tonight.

  3. And is that a justification he should be abuse by any mad and pathetic fellow as a fan?that he’s not scoring goals now. What stupidity are these fellows exhibiting now?

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