Podolski and Salah PROOF that Arsenal boss is better than Maureen?

I may have a little bee in my bonnet here, I know. But I am going to plough on anyway and provide more evidence, in my opinion anyway, that Arsene Wenger is a better manager than Jose Mourinho (or Maureen as we not so affectionately know him).

An article in The Independent this week explained that the Arsenal loanee Lukas Podolski was voted as the second worst January transfer in Italy´s Serie A. That will have surprised many Arsenal fans, including myself, as we wondered why Wenger did not use the German striker more often while he was at the Emirates.

Maybe now it all becomes clear. In fact it now seems amazing that Wenger managed to get so much out of the player. The article also talks about how well Mohamed Salah has been doing since Chelsea let him join Fiorentina. Do you see what I am getting at? Kevin De Bruyne does!

Wenger puts an arm round his players and they respect him for it, while Mourinho seems to put a knife to their throat and a noose around their neck. Sometimes it works for him like with Eden Hazard. Sometimes not. The nearest I can come to with Wenger is the Gervinho affair, but Wenger gave the Ivorian forward more support and more chances than most of us thought necessary. Then think about how he has stuck with under fire players like Giroud, Ramsey and Ozil. Who would you rather play for?

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    1. what the hell are all these posts doing comparisons with mourinho.
      twice in a day?
      you think chelsea are mentioning wenger ?

      enough, all this does is show how desperate we are to make ourselves believe wenger is the one.

      1. Spot on Muff. That’s the Arsenal way seemingly, let’s analyse in minute detail player for player (Coquelin-Matic) and use stats to suggest he’s better, now lets use transfers to show Wenger’s better than Mourinho.

        I can’t stand Mourinho, but the guy knows what it takes to build successful teams in this era. Also, Arsenal are a good clip behind Chelsea so maybe we want to stop making ourselves look like idiots with posts claiming our players and manager are better.

        1. @charlie….. so much respect for your views any day anytime and I wonder how some few peeps here use sentiment as a cover for greatness… maybe they don’t check on the league table more often to see how far behind we are, at the league table and behind Chelsea.. Comparism is what I see on here much this days.. SMH….. can we just be real and let’s talk footBall… or rather Soccer!!! that’s what’s up.

        2. @charlie CHampe….. so much respect for your views any day anytime and I wonder how some few peeps here use sentiment as a cover for greatness… maybe they don’t check on the league table more often to see how far behind we are, at the league table and behind Chelsea.. Comparism is what I see on here much this days.. SMH….. can we just be real and let’s talk footBall… or rather Soccer!!! that’s what’s up.

    2. podolski and salah shows what kind of player mourinho boaght for 14m and the player wenger did for akmost the same amount

      1. Somebody’s “vote” about Poldi is meaningless. Poldi was the best finisher in the EPL every year he was with Arsenal.

        And Coq was “voted” the WORST Bundesliga signing for his time with Freiburg. So does that mean Coq is worthless or does it now mean Wenger is stupid or something??

        Ridiculous nonsense all the way round.

    3. Coq was also voted THE WORST Bundeliga signing for his year with Freiburg and look at him now. We can see how much those things mean – NOTHING.

  1. West Ham are close to agreeing a pre-contract deal in the region of £5m-£7m for on loan right-back Carl Jenkinson.

    1. Precontract deals aren’t allowed except when a player is in the last year of his contract and the buying and selling clubs aren’t from the same country.

  2. 26 Goals for Afobe who was SOLD in January rumors that Arsenal reportedly inserted a buyback clause in their agreement with Wolves for Afobe’s transfer

  3. This is getting ridiculous now bob. Just bcos salah is doing well at florentina doesn’t make mourinho a poor coach. At the end of the day, managers are judged on trophies and mourinho is on track to delivering them so what more can we say?

    Chelsea seems to be adopting a new transfer policy by snapping up young talents, loaning them off to other clubs and eventually selling them off. I don’t like it because it could potentially destroy young talents like de bruyne, but I have to admit its goddam effective. They sieve out the best and sell the rest off for a tidy profit to cope with ffp. Salah will probably be going off in the summer for more than the 10m they paid for him

    1. Seems? Little known fact, Chelsea have one of the best youth academies in English and world football, you might be thinking WTF? But under FFP transfers brought in under youth get written off and don’t count towards overall debt, however sales of said players count directly to profit. So they bring in the likes of say De Bruyne and co. Loan them out, they mature, turn into great players get sold for profit. So De Bruyne, 32 mill Wolfsburg, Van Aanholt Sunderland, Bertrand 12 mil Southampton were all Chelsea youth players. This is excluding regular player sales such as the 50 mil sorcery for Luiz, or the 32 mil they got for Schurrle, or the 30+ mil they got for Mata.

      This is why if anyone followed football economics they’d realize FFP is a bad thing, it isn’t to ensure the rich curtail their spending, it’s to ensure no one else gets that kind of spending power.

      Roman Abramovich was one of the main pushers of FFP

  4. So this is the 2nd article in the last 3 to tell us Wenger is better than Maureenho. I guess it’s true then..

  5. I’d rather talk about why Villa park sounds like there is 90,000 fans inside it and the Emirates sounds like a library on a weekly basis!
    Villa stadium full of genuine fans, Arsenal stadium full of Prawn sandwich eating executives?

    1. With No North bank for local fans to stand and scream their heads off..

      Just seats at a sterile theatre..

  6. Last time I was in the Emirates I just couldn’t believe the lack of passion and noise, like him or not I feel the animated character of Sherwood whips the fans up, where as we have Wenger sat on his seat.

  7. Stupid article really, Wenger is the better man but Maureen is the bettet manager.

    Wenger can’t manage, players might love him because he let’s them get away with anything.

    Maureen’s players fear him and they deliver.

    Look at all good managers they don’t care if they upset players, their job is to win.

    Maureen, Ferguson, Ancelloti, Simone, Gaurdiola

  8. So let me get this straight…
    We play United in 2 days, and instead of god articles we could be reading, like tactics and what not we get these articles that suggest Mourinho, the coach that has already won a trophy this year, a coach we’ve NEVER beaten, a coach that is on course for winning his 3rd league title in 4 years while we’ve had 0 in 10 years is worse than Wegner because he LOANED out a player to get a better one?

    Am I the only one who doesn’t get this? Bob you do remember Wegner signed Arshavin, SANTOS, SQUILLACI, CHAMAKH while selling players to our direct rivals that went on to win more league titles Cole, Nasri, Van Persie, and now Fabregas?

    Please Bob, enough of this.

  9. I would definitely play for Arsenal…job security coupled with whooping salary…cant go wrong!

  10. Well looks like Mourinho will Win the PL. He has already won the League Cup.

    At the end of the day you judge a manager by trophies. We can say Mourinho previously just used chequebook, but last two seasons so could Wenger. We can give Wenger an excuse from 2005 to 2013. But last two years he didn’t sign a top striker, top DM. Mourinho got a top striker in Costa.

    Really for past two seasons Wenger and Mourinho were on equal footing more or less financially, but Mourinho is closer to winning the PL then Wenger is. Really just by signing Costa and Fabregas.

  11. PS.

    I wish this article wasn’t posted because I hate thinking about that jerk Mourinho and I hate thinking about Mourinho and Fabregas winning the League cup and on course to win the PL.

    Can you just post articles exclusively on Arsenal and not remind us of Chelski

    I’m focused totally on United and FA Cup, probably our only chance of Winning silverware

    F*** Mourinho lol

  12. I’m sorry but I have to laugh at this completely delusional article. Afobe couldn’t get a game under Wenger, but has been banging them in this season. Does this make Afobe’s managers of late better than Wenger?

    Also, has the writer ever even watched games between Wenger and Mourinho? Because Wenger has never beaten him. Chelsea easily brushed us aside at the Bridge earlier this season, and we don’t usually even threaten to score against Mourinho teams. Mourinho has won the Champions League twice with different teams, Wenger has never won it. Mourinho won it with Porto, with is much harder than winning it with Arsenal. Wenger never gets anywhere near the semis for such a long time now. Mourinho also has the ability to look at the weak areas of his squad, and fix them. Wenger cannot seem to do this, even now when money isn’t a problem.

    I have massive respect for what Wenger has achieved and done for Arsenal, and I love the way he conducts himself. But I don’t let respect cloud my judgements. Mourinho is better than Wenger! Mourinho will never be as good in terms of playing fluid, attacking football, attractive football. But as we all know, you really do need defensive stability, and tactics to also be successful.

  13. In two days we will be having one of our biggest games of the season but what am I seeing here, Salah v. Podolski. Now seriously give all of us a break.

    1. Lighten up Wayne. Yeah the article isn’t great and a bit boring but still it is an effort in trying to be a bit different and interesting.

      1. Not saying the article is boring but maybe this is not the time to make a comparison between wenger/mourinho. If we were playing chelsea , it would have made sense but right now this article doesnt make any sense.

  14. Maureen is a good manager. No doubt what so ever and he was right in getting rid of both the players you mentioned. His management style is about the results. Not the football or the footballers. If a player isn’t working then ship him.

    Wenger cares about the football so needs to fit his footballers to a system and hope the results come.

    Maureen is the opposite. First get the system in place and shoehorn the footballers in, if one isn’t working ship him out and ship some in. Anything to get the system to work. Once that is in place, that is when he hopes the football will come. What I mean by football is attractive football.

    At the end of the day football is entertainment. Mourinho knows that as does Wenger. They just have didn’t visions.

    Still saying that I think Maureen bottled it big big time by not going for the England job. It was Taylor made for him and if he came away a success no one and I mean no one would be able to deny he is the best.

    England job is a true poison chalice.

  15. Mourinho is a better manager than Wenger. Jose has won league title in Portugal, England, Spain and Italy. He has also won UCL twice. He also won plenty of other cups. Wenger 0 league title
    in 10 years. Wenger hasn’t beaten Jose’s team yet what a shame.

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