Podolski – Announcement expected soon

It has not been a very well-kept secret that the Arsenal striker Lukas Podolski wants out of his contract with the Gunners as much as we all want to get rid of him! Both Galatasary and Podolski himself have publicised that there have been talks about him making the move to the Turkish Super Lig this summer after Inter Milan refused to make his loan deal permanent, and now it has been reported on Turkish TV that an agreement is in place and an announcement is expected imminently.

For some reason Galatasary have always like the Pod and tried to get him at Xmas before Inter stepped in, but with just one goal in his six months in Serie A there was little chance of the deal being renewed by Roberto Mancini.

Lukas has already been told by Joachim Low that he needs to be playing 30-40 games next season to even be considered for the Germany squad to go to France for the Euro2016 tournament next summer, and if he can’t get a first team place at the Turkish giants then there will be nobody left to blame but himself.

Right now it is just as important for Arsenal to “trim the squad” to make room for new arrivals at the Emirates, so I sincerely hope that this is one deal we can get out of the way quickly…

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  1. Thank You Poldi for your time with us. I won’t forget those thunder-bolt goals you scored with your favourite foot and the late winner against Anderlecht (2:1) in the champions league. All the best wherever You go…..Cheers!

    1. Sentimentality aside, it is a good and necessary decision. Whilst we get emotionally attached to some of these players and try and convince ourselves they are good enough to stay it is often sobering to see where these outgoing players go – often “decent” clubs but fair to say a level or so down from where we probably are. If LP was half the player we imagine he is it is staggering that no PL team looks to be interested.

    2. Poldi has the best left foot in the world, wish he could have performed better and therefore still be part of Wenger’s plans. Sadly it didn’t work out for him and Wenger never gave him the chance he should have, best of luck poldi.

  2. 26 mill for one good season.
    One of many failures the club
    wasted too much money on.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish.
    Shoulda sold him after the world cup.
    We woulda got 10 mill and
    saved ourselves 5 mill salary.

    1. 2 good seasons
      Part of the FA cup winning squad last season
      Bought for 11m selling for apparently 3.5m
      Inter covered all his wages since January
      A very good stepping stone transfer shows how far we’ve moved forward in the last three years. And helped us maintain a top 4 place in a tough period.
      Also probably made the club more appealing to Ozil who’s then attracted other players.

    2. You are one of the many failures that Arsenal has managed to have as a fan. Lukas is an Arsenal player, and if he was to be sold he will foreever remain a former Asrenal player. He gave his services to the club when required to do so. Should it mean that he has to leave the club as no one stays as an Arsenal player foreever, then so be it. No need to ridicle the player. You are better off joining other brain dead plastic fans that frequent the blue bridge. You are not fit to be a Arsenal fan.

  3. I do like Lukas Podolski but right now a player of his calibre is not what arsenal needs. AFC is on the rise to the very top when it comes to club football not even the likes of chelsea, United, & City will be on our level…am talking being threats to clubs like Barca, PSG, Real madrid, Juventus….so dear Poldoski please bare with us & move on.

  4. Aha!#poldi#redarmy#Coyg…. If you eventually leave Arsenal, pls take my best wishes with ya…. Your left foot will be stored in archives

  5. Summer clean out!

    Dig in the back of our under the stairs cupboard and free ourselves of non used, old and faulty items.

    How liberating!!!!!

    1. Another fan who is not fit enough to be associated with Arsenal. Join your friends at under the blue bridge.

      1. So your an Analyzer, and a judge.
        How’s the view from up there?

        Should I mourn, or thank him for all of his devout sacrificial service. Is my response not appropriate, and has offended your own narrow minded thought processes?

        He is a highly rewarded footballer who has passed his use by date at AFC and will go on to pastures new in a similarly privileged position. He didn’t die for god sake. It is life my friend, like it or not, things come and they go.

        I await your post stating the Ten Commandments outlining what it is to be a true Arsenal fan..:)

  6. fellow gooners, ya’ll smell that? Start of a evolution

    2013 – Ozil – Fa Cup
    2014 – Sanchez – Fa Cup
    2015 – Cech + (1 worldie) – EPL + FA + CL,

    Yes im that confident.

    I think we need extra body, in case coq gets injured or suspended.

    Firepower? I don’t care what ya’ll say, we need 1 explosive winger or striker. We haven’t scored against Chelsea in frikken years, and remember them Swansea, stoke, united games?

    We have a solid squad we really do. But we need that different element in attack.
    Wenger miiiiight give Campbell or wellington a chance, but I think he wants that EPL crown and I actually think he wants to retire with a CL in the locker, I got a sneaky feeling Wenge might pop a rabbit out the hat.

    I want Welbeck and Ox to have a break through season.

    I want Gab to partner Kos

    I want ramsey to play in mid instead of wings.

    I want Christina milian too with double thick milkshake on the side.

    #ya gunners ya#

    2016? its gonna b red…………………

  7. Not upset to see Podolski go. Always did his talking on social media and not the pitch. Hopefully he’s followed out of the exit door by Flamini, Campbell, Diaby and Sanogo. Bring in a quality forward to replace them and promote a couple of youngsters to the bench, maybe Crowley, Akpom and Bielik.

  8. he has done well for us but like everything else in life we are in a new chapter where only world class players are a must we have the cash and the pull two more worldy’s and we will have the league too.
    but will thank him for being there when we needed him seemed a committed player when called upon so i hope he does well in turkey some players are a hit i think he would be one of them. also a big thumbs up to gazidis and wenger for getting the cech deal through the door early, that means we can now concentrate on getting 2 more players in important positions, which i am sure wenger will be accessing atm. and who to put there d/m-c/h and c/f thats all we should need to mount a title challenge. coyg

  9. Chelsea fans forum is the best place to be for now,they are now telling how he had a skull injury so he wont last long,a traitor,he did not thank mourihno blah blah.Anyway I was one of those against cech move because of Ospina but after listening to his interview he is coming to compete for his place and he believes he can bring something a little extra,Yeah.Szyny says he wants to stay even if as 3rd choice I heard martinez is wanted in spain so he can go and let szny to play for under21s until cech retires then he can take over!

    1. So Ospina 2nd choice? Pls Ospina stay. Pls wenger don’t let your him go.
      Love that cech is a gunner. Been q long time admirer of him even my chelsea fan friends know. So I am not lighted to have him. Don’t get my Ospina opinions wrong

  10. Farewell Prinz Poldi if u really go.
    Thanks for the goals per minute.
    Thx fr those match winners.
    Thx for tha killer left foot.
    Sadly sometimes luck and timing aren’t right and I understand that he wants first team football to get the call for Germany.
    Best of luck, u leave a trace in here

    1. “Thanks for the goals per minute” …..L()L… That’s like a 90 goals per match striker….. LSH *Laughing so hard*

  11. there is talk that we might be looking at garay(solid player for the price tag) in defence, if thats the case maybe wenger is thinking of putting chambers in d/m permenatly to back up le coq. garay is being valued at £13 million i think anywhere under £15million for him would a steal very solid experienced international defender. and only 28 yrd old so a few good years left in the tank. i think he dosnt like the life in Russia would be very welcome at the emirates next season solid inclusion. i think wenger might just all his chips on the table and bid big(about the £40-50 million mark) for a top forward player this summer like someone commented before his time is running short in management terms, and he might just go big one more time to try and secure the title one last time.

  12. Mr. Selfie himself, sorry never been a fan. A waste of squad slot to be honest with you. Left foot my a$$, Arsenal needs more than that and yes I think we should have sold him right after Germany won the WC, maybe we could have recovered at lot more cash. Boggles my mind how many drool over this player when he was nothing more than a complete “LIABILITY”.

      1. No not personal and I don’t play those shag your gf jokes either. Continue to cheer on your ghost player. Guy was completely useless for us, like playing with 10 men all the time. It was no coincidence that Wenger benched him and it didn’t take Inter long to figure it out either.

        1. Urm, ok but u still sound personal and very serious. Chill, pal. I too never liked him very much, but he considerably did his best for us and his left foot is worth keeping.

          1. I sometimes think people on here have lost their mind.

            Left foot worth keeping?

            he guy is on 100k a week. Let that sink in.


            5 million per season.

            5 million.

            For a sub with a decent left foot and a great camera phone.

  13. lets be honest. poldoski did more on social media than on the pitch.. He doesnt have to leave. Im sure there’s an opening in the public relations dept. As for the rest of the transfer window, im quite optimistic. The all knowing prof is being patient and rightly so. we’ll be shocked by the calibre of players that’ll change clubs before this window closes. Hopefully two of those will be joining cech at the emirates
    feels alot better being able to do more than just read post.
    nice work admin.
    gooner while living and maybe a lil while later

  14. OT slightly, whilst we can all continue discussing and arguing about “what next” for Arsenal I came across an article suggesting Wenger has got his transfer mojo back on. Perhaps most of us can agree we are at least moving in the right direction since “Ozil Day”- even if it is not fast enough for some. Here are our last 10 transfers in and out – compare and contrast!

    IN OUT
    Sanogo – Free Squillaci – Free
    Flamini – Free Mannone – £1.5M
    Ozil – £42M Santos –
    Alexis – £32M Gervinho – £8M
    Debuchy – £12M Frimpong –
    Ospina – £3M Fabianski – Free
    Chambers – £16M Djourou –
    Welbeck – £16M Sagna – Free
    Gabriel – £12M Vemaelen – £15M
    Cech – £11M Bendtner – Free

    1. To honest your list makes no sense at all as it gives very wrong impressions such as:
      (1) Sanogo was brought in the year Siquilachi left Arsenal. To the best of my knowledge Siquilaci was not part of the 2011/12 team so what is the point in tying him up with Sanogo, who came in the same season as Flamini and Ozil. There is no Monreal on your list when he came in to replace Santos whom you included.

      For me any fan who thinks he/she can make fun out of a player past, present, and future who played for Arsenal, and did not in any way disrepect the club, is not fit to be associated with the club and is disgusting. I hope your list was not meant to make fun of some of our former players. If so you are just as disgusting as the under the blue bridge fans for are sending death threats to Cech.

      1. I think you have a case of death by over-analysis and are in danger of disappearing back up in to your own personal place where the sun don’t shine. They are simple light-hearted lists of the last 10 players in and last 10 former first team players out – ergo, it looks like we are buying better quality now – or is that forbidden? There is no line by line analysis to be had even for a great self-proclaimed Analyzer such as yourself- just 2 lists my friend, just 2 lists….

        As for your last paragraph – an extreme case of baffling, unhinged b**sh*t. How the f**k to you get from someone suggesting we are buying better quality players to accusing them of being akin to someone making death threats to Petr Cech????!!! I very rarely get angry on here but that is proper, proper bell-end material.

  15. i was thinking this morning about all this vidal talk and it occurred to me that what truly gutter press we have over here in Britain. if you look at what most if not all of them were suggesting we were in for him at just for £21 million. what a massive insult to the player and his club. vidal is in the top 5 midfilders in the world atm, he is the one of the main reasons that juve gt to the c/l final and why chilie are getting to where they are in copa america. he has got to be at least worth what sanchez went for about £35 million. would be a more respectable price to put on his head atm, a least that story would had legs on it and would have been more believable, what trashy papers we have over here because they cant keep up with wengers secret transfers they just makeup crud.

    1. I agree GWE – making up s**t for a living is just SO easy. Have to say though the British press were just re-hashing equally garbage media reports in Chile and Italy – the “gutter press” is truly a global phenomena.

    2. How do you come up with the top five ranking? For all his capabilities, he was just shit in the CL final and could easily have been sent off in the first half. You could see from his face that he was overwhelmed by the big occasion. I doubt that a top five midfielder would behave that way.

  16. I think this lad hit his peek at 26 to be honest. Thing is AW likes a quite changing room and iPod is far to out spoken. We no longer need a past name we need great players. I think AW should have let him go to a team in the EPL like West Ham. I still think we have another German coming to arsenal. Our first thing is a captain we need to find that balance and as strang as this might sound I think our new keeper why not he is a leader

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