Podolski GONE so will Arsenal look for striker transfer?

It seems as though the Arsenal and Germany international forward Lukas Podolski has played his last game for the Gunners, even if the transfer deal that is taking him to Inter Milan in Serie A is only a temporary one to begin with.

The 29-year old is already in Italy and was pictured with an Inter scarf after getting off the plane in Milan. There is still some confusion over whether Podolski really was injured for the New Years day defeat away to Southampton, with Arsene Wenger admitting that he may well have played due to the suspension of Olivier Giroud and the injury to Danny Welbeck, as a Daily Express report reveals.

The Arsenal boss said, “Look, the first proposal was farcical. Of course (we are open to discussion).

“After they come back a bit more serious then we will see what happens.

“Inevitable in a transfer is very difficult to say, but we’ll see what happens.

“He has a tight groin.

“He was not available, he was injured. He would have had a big chance to start [against Saints], yes.”

And with the Gunners failing to convert any of our chances against the Saints, that must have been galling for Wenger. So it seems that Podolski will be joining Inter on loan and will make the transfer permanent in the summer if he impresses the Italian club. Even if he doesn’t, I cannot see him playing for Arsenal again, so we will have to wait and see whether Wenger tries to bring in another forward in the January transfer window. Do you think we need one Gonners?

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  1. bye prince- we all liked your funny ways- great character- insane left foot

    so poldi goes, sanogo is rejoining parcelforce.

    two strikers needed?

    *scouts get on first economy flight to france

    1. Ha ha

      Obviously Sanogo isn’t the answer (although I think his name was ‘Tas’ believed Sanogo was the new Henry!!!)

      Our defence is so abysmal, forget strikers for now, mertesackers position in the team is nothing short of chest on show by Simon cowell!
      We need 2 defenders and a strong midfielder as well as a keeper.. Petr Czech (if he will come?)

      Goodbye podolski – awesome left foot son .. Shame your t-Rex face didn’t fit..!!!!

  2. So he was injured for the Saints game and the very next day he was on a plane to Milan?

    Sounds like lies. Hopefully he can revive his career at Inter, as IMO he’s been treated like sh*t by Wenger.

    1. Did he have a GROIN or GOING injury? This article says he played his last game for Arsenal. When was that?

  3. an how the hell did rabiot end up at spuds?
    i thought we had first dibs on all french up an comers?

  4. What I want to hear now is arsenal has signed one world class defensive midfielder and two central defenders

    1. Bye and thank Poldi.not the best but a true gunner at heart to be so patient in face of injustice.
      Now administrator.i think the guy who confronted Wnger.Luke.should have a free shirt.He had the the balls to act and say his truths to Wnger when we all just sit and speak.The time has come for action now if the old geezer does not act and buy the players DM-CB needed we must turn against him and make him feel unwanted.the guy had 19 years.everything that has a beginning must end.
      We must stand up and show to the board and Wenger that we have enough with this BS they serve us.We are the fans.we boycott them they are nothing without fans.i tell you.Sky pay them because fans buy subscription etc..
      Time for the geezer to man up and spend.
      No need for Rabiot.he s young and not ready.we need ‘legs brokers’ in our midfield and defense.

  5. Eduardo and vela were better than Sanogo and Campbell so what happened..? Why bring in an unproven french lucky lucky man when we had Carlos vela..?
    Then say podolski has an injury..??
    Lies will flow this month from our manager..

    1. You cannot past a judgment on campbell he has not been given a chance nor could you judge how good Calos Vela was because he also was never given a chance at Arsenal.

      1. Harold I’ve seen enough of all 4 to pass judgement..
        All I’m saying is that Eduardo an vela were better than Campbell and Sanogo – my argument is why wenger gives one a chance and another not.. When everyone knows one is not arsenal standard.
        We are not in a position to give the likes of Sanogo his debut against one of the best teams in Europe – Sanogo is not even premiership standard so why the hell does Wenger persist with trialists not fit for the championship!!!!

    1. always a fan of your optimism buddy.

      but u are so far from reality with those names considering wenger is the one controlling our transfers

  6. Here is an idea, and don’t call me an idealist or Utopianist dreamer.

    When your squad is already depleted and lacking suffecient quality and depth don’t loan OUT your players before there have been similar or better players brought IN.

    Sounds familiar eh?
    The mind boggles..

  7. I think Wenger cannot handle a big squad. Cos am still struggling to understand how a player of Podolski’s quality is considered surplus to requirement and is allowed to leave. Before the transfer window opened we needed a minimum of two players now that Podolski is gone we need three. I can promise the AKBS that we will see only one signing which may be a loan deal. So much for ambition

    1. Worst case scenario is campbell,walcott,gnabry will ease the loss of podolski for the second half of the season. We have been linked with cavani wich would make sense if we give campbell as a sweetner and loan out sanogoo. We are also linked with baled Keita who is a very exciting up and coming player.

      1. Cavani is out of our league. It’s crazy to think he’d leave high flying PSG for a struggling arsenal side who might not even make it to champions league. We are slowly becoming the new Man U from last season. Sad to say, but until a new manager with a good reputation comes in, top quality players will only come sporadically, if at all. Sadly, wenger is not viewed as that type of manager by top quality players.

        1. this high flying psg are struggling to keep up with the likes of marsielle or Lyon. Name a bigger team than arsenal where he would be garenteed a starting role in England?

  8. I’ve always said it and I still say what ever the problem was between the wenger and podolski was personal and not footballing reasons

  9. Podolski was a proven player you could rely on to bring on and score..
    So are we signing a ready made replacement not a benchwarmer ..?
    Very much doubt it unless Bony or Cavani are in line to replace him..?
    Hang on a minute we need defenders and a strong midfielder!!!??
    We got rid of vermalen …. What happened..? Sagna and jenks…? We were left with a depleted defence and Mertesacker – Wenger got it all wrong again- will he this transfer window..?

    Anyone for Groundhog Day…??

    1. Consider that Diaby failed to be our new messiah, Wenger changed his tactics into callin Coquelin as our new saveiour. lool. Our new Dm.

  10. Wenger plays the same 11, let us say same 15, the whole year, with few outsiders getting chance here and there. Poldi is one such outsider. And Wenger never trusted him. Agreed, he had his bad days on pitch, but so did everyone. He was no Alexis, so what? Then a time in year comes when 5-7 of those 15 get injured, and we loose the plot for the year. Then they come back, 1 by 1, and we finally finish 4th. This has been the story for last 3-4 years and I hope it repeats, because a 4th finish this year will be achievement looking at current form of EPL challengers. More over, we do not need Poldi to be the bench warmer anymore, we have a new scrap goat, in Joel Campbell.

  11. For a replacement I like the looks of Paulo Dybala of Palermo or give Shaqiri a punt. Whoever it is I think he should be left footed as we are loaded with right footed wingers/strikers…

    1. totally agree with you my fellow Jamaican

      Dyblya is very complete in the mold of aguero he Is techniqualy perfect and has a work rate to match sanchez . He has a combined 13 goals n assist alongside his 6 mom this season.Palermo bought him for 10m so I would expect bidding to start at least 16m.again the only draw back is he is poor in the air.

      As for Shaqiri he is similar to sanchez, but powerful like poldi and just needs a chance .10m Is a bargain when you consider his 17m market value the only draw back is his height

      With these two we might asŵell give that oppurtunity to somone already on the books eg gnabry campbell

      Keita would be a great signing he is powerfully build, tall athletic,techniqualy good and has individual brilliance.he is one of the elite teens in football right now. At 19 we won’t need to register him his market value is 7m but it would cost close to double that.

  12. Carvalho update anyone? I heard the third party ownership is the stumbling block again. Need him and or Sneiderlin ASAP.

  13. I was thinking in the summer we should have snatched both Clyne and Sneiderlin when we were going for Chambers…

  14. I am just disappointed with whats going on at arsenal. How can we let our proven goal poacher leave when its clear we need him. I am disapointed with wenger.

  15. Good luck to poldi but it was time for him to move on as he is the latest player to be ruined by le fraud.
    With regards this transfer window I have convinced myself no one will be brought in as the stubborn old fool will say again we have a big enough squad and diaby will be fit again soon !
    Wenger will continue to fool his followers and while the rest of us try to make a change until I fear for what 2015 holds for us,more humiliation,heartache and anger all brought to you courtesy of Wenger and Kronke.

  16. Well we seem to have lost our best finisher and supersub.

    Wenger will probably argue that he was excess after getting Welbeck. Giroud and Welbeck are good strikers but far from Aguero, RVP and Costa’s class.

    What we NEED is Cavani or Benzema or Reus.
    Before the summer, I wanted Wenger to get Falcao or Costa or Higuain, but Cavani or Benzema or Reus will do fine. All are WC

    In addition we must get a good defender ie Hummels, Van Dijk, Schar, Reid etc.

    It would be nice to have a top DM, but only once we get a top striker and defender which are priorities. If we have money left over.

  17. Phill- thompsons-nose
    I think your comments are spot on, I think you should join the admin,
    I also agree that wengers time is up, we won’t make 4 th this year
    We can forget a world class CB or DM
    We all need to put pressure on the board , at the QPR game my son wanted to buy me a new top for my birthday , I wouldn’t let him, only because of the way the club is, IMO you go and buy a world class player shirt sales will. Mostly pay for him, I would love to know how many Mert shirts have been sold

  18. Looking forward to seeing ospina and Campbell have a game,hope they show why they have been bought.

  19. oh my, i remember tllk to that phile nose guy on this forum saying that Wenger wont go even if he fails to win the cup, and today i am reading just that.

    Wenger: Imma no leave even if i burn everthing down. Loooooool.

    A fact: Wenger wont leave even if every fan turns against him, even if lose on a cl place, even if hell frezzes out. hahahaha.

    A hint : Dictators never leave from free will, they drop dead or they get shoot somehow.

  20. In a time where we are in need of quality we have shown fals pride. What i mean with that is Wenger not wanting to bring Song or Fabregas back. So we had no problem in getting Flamini back but Song and Fabregas where a problem?

    Do you guys know why we dont play the old way anymore? Its bec our Arsenal has been split into pieces and are playing at Manure, City, Chelsea. Every time i see Fabregas i see Arsenal, everytime i see Van persie scoring a goal i see him in the red and white. Just like wenger likes to babble, he is playing for our rivals but remember how made them. Geee what a guy Wenger is.

  21. You can get your house on a victory tomorrow – probably an unconvincing one against Stoke too..
    Then it’s back to embarrassment against man city win against villa then a toss of a coin against the spuds away.. Unconvincing against Leicester at home will see us around 6th or 7th come February..
    Ks gunner – Wenger will be here until HE DECEIDES no one else..
    Kroenke too, and until then, we have to hope Arsene sees sense (because he really doesn’t see it) and signs the correct players!!

  22. Guys, there’s one fact you have forgotten. With Podolski gone, we are “dead meat” in the Champions League. You are not going to get a world class striker who’s not cup-tied right now. This guy came from the bench and rescued us in Belgium couple of months ago, and when he started in Turkey, you saw the result again, where he scored two goals. He drew us level in Germany against Bayern last season, remember? There is a problem with Wenger’s state of mind! When a sick man runs a huge club like Arsenal, there is bound to be heartbreak and all sorts of emotional problems. Brace yourselves for the worse in the New Year!

    1. I’m a big fan of podolski but he isn’t fit enough to play this system.
      His shot accuracy has gone down to 38% so he hasn’t been as prolific this season but that’s down to match rustiness. I genuinely think we were better of giving poldi and campbell the chance to play in giroud absent instead of buying welbeck at least then if we thought poldi or campbell would be departing now we could go in for an elite player up top eg cavani

  23. Gillette soccer Saturday just slated Arsenal , and all of the defence
    Their thoughts are simple southamptons defence cost a lot less than ours but is far better ,
    Wanyama is so far southamptons player of the year
    I personally don’t want to see another teenager brought to arsenal so that we can improve them and Barca or Man City buy them at 22/23
    Where is our pride

    1. Fonte,Bertrand, Clyne, foster have been excellent this season so there defense has been better than ours. They also perform well as a unit. With generals like schnederlin and wanyama infront they can consent rate on defending so it’s hard to slate an ever changing arsenal back line without the endurance of sound defensive midfield options.

      Whilst watching sky sports I found it very disrespectful when they said we are the only weak team in the leauge if that was the case why are we not doing a Dortmund .

  24. Deluded AKBs and deluded conman Wenger! Let’s face it Wenger is an embarrassment to AFC, He deserves all the flack he gets!

  25. It was a VERY serious security breech at St.Marys. Suppose he wasn’t harmless but mentally ill and had a knife.

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