Podolski pushing even harder for Arsenal exit

Despite Arsenal being extremely short on bodies to help with squad rotation, we are hardly going to miss a player that has played about just 25 minutes all season (except for the League Cup game against Southampton where he was anonymous.

So it makes sense for Wenger to get Lukas Podolski off the payroll as soon as possible if he has no intention of playing the German international, and the latest Arsenal rumours are saying that he wants to go back to Koln one day, and now the Express is saying that Roberto Mancini is keen on taking him to Inter Milan.

When asked whether he knew of Mancini’s interest, Podolski took his chance to again say that he was ready to leave Arsenal: He said: “I don’t say that I want to leave or that I leave in winter. I just think about my situation and my situation is unhappy.

“It is like anyone who is not getting a chance at doing their job.

“Galatasaray were interested in me however, no direct contact was made nor was an offer put on the table. We’ll see what happens in January.”

Most Arsenal fans would agree with the fact that Podolski is not getting a chance to do his job, and most of us would actually like him to get a chance to play. But will the ever-stubborn Wenger allow him to leave in January?

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  1. Perhaps we can sell him to Man-U they just anounced that They are gearing up for another mega spending spree of 150 million pounds next summer to fire them back among Europe’s elite, don’t you just love that word Elite 🙂

    Oh well Deaby should be back by then not shore about Ozil or Walcott

    1. Sorry got that wrong according to the times Man-u will be spending £350 Million in the next two years on new players.

  2. All the podolski and jeol fans need to know 1 thing there not room at arsenal for both of them so pick 1..I’d pick camble cuz he hasn’t got his chance yet but podolski his done here sorry but ur left foot is only gonna get u so far and I think he’s come to that point here….he won’t take Sanchez place on the left can’t take Walcott place on the right and he can’t play upfront alone so let’s not even go there….so question is who stays?

    1. It should have been quite easy to take Walcotts place this autumn, as he’s had 2(?) appearances for Arsenal so far.

      Theres a magical word Wenger has missed out on: Rotations.

  3. Wenger has not been giving lukas podolski enough game time to justify himself! Cant blame the guy if he wants to leave for first team football! Wenger has got to stop being stubborn!

    1. I thought AW gave Podolski plenty of chances last season, if I remeber he kept on going missin in the game probebly that’s why everyone thinks he needs a chance, don’t get me wrong I like the guy but as a sub only.

    2. Wenger is full of favouritism and too sentimental for the advancement of the club as well as the players mental growth…..I see him not changing which will lead to the exit of players

    1. Not if they don’t make top four, as their sponsors won’t pay. We should be doing all we can to stop that, not selling them players…

      1. their income comes from merchandising in Asia…..Man utd has a very huge fan base in Asia just like Barca and Real in S.America

  4. When you have a run of bad games (like Ramsey and Cazorla this season) but the manager still keep playing you, this is call the chance.

    Don’t tell me Poldi played one game here one game there, started as our lone striker for 2, 3 consecutive games (only), and said the chance was being given. This is NOT.

    When he was our starter 2 seasons ago, he was the leading assist man in the league, with close to double digit goal scored. Then Wenger benched him after 2012 Christmas, WTF.
    Last season and this season, how many games did Poldi started (or played) consecutively? He is the only player on the team that will be punished by Wenger when having a bad game.

    I agree now is the time for him to go, before it turns into an ugly scene, and for the benefit of both parties.

  5. Wenger used to be the funniest in Arsenal dressing room. He would crack jokes n all would laugh n say how wonderful he is 😀 😀
    But when Podolski came, he outdid Wenger 🙁 For every one joke Wenger gave, Podolski gave four 🙁 🙁 🙁 So Wenger is nolonger a hero and is not liked that much. that’s why he hates Podolski 🙁 🙁

  6. If Poldi was so bad, why would he still be in consideration for the German national team? I agree completely with the opinion that he has not been given his rightful chance after being benched at the end of 2012. He’s a goal scorer and has many assists on record. He may not work as hard in defence as other players, but he’s big and tough and can hold the ball. Sometimes you have to sacrifice some talents to make use of others. What’s the point of using only players that help defend on our goal line, but do not score????

  7. Dear Lukas Podolski

    You’re my favourite player since Henry and Pires were playing for Arsenal. Sadly, theres a saying that goes like this. If you really love someone, you’ve got to let them go. Arsené is killing your carreer, and I hope you will be released from these shackles that are the pillows on our bench. I’m sure your beloved Köln will take you in with open arms, and you will willingly go back to your local club. Hopefully you will have good memories of those at Arsenal who really cared about you, the fans. (And your team mates, of course)

    Wenger on the other hand, a french devil in disguise.

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