Podolski the KEY to Arsenal sealing striker transfer

The Arsenal and Germany striker Lukas Podolski has just one year left on his current contract with the Gunners and as he did not cost us too much when we signed him from Cologne three years ago we will not be looking for much of a transfer fee.

But one potential sale of the out of form striker, to the Turkish club Galatasaray, has already fallen through and according to a report by The Mirror, this is not good news. The paper reports that our hopes of completing the transfer of Jackson Martinez from Porto is dependent on Arsene Wenger being able to clear some of the other strikers from the club.

Joel Campbell is one but the Costa Rican youngster is wanted by a couple of clubs in La Liga and should not be hard to move on. Yaya Sanogo is another but his wages are not a heavy burden and another loan deal could easily be arranged.

Podolski, on the other hand, is still one of the top wage earners at Arsenal and that is why he could be the key to Wenger getting the transfer of the prolific Colombian international finalised. The paper suggests that it is the money that would come from the sale of our strikers that would make the difference but Jackson is going to cost less than £25 million and we have that and more in the bank.

Is this another example of how our strict wage structure holds us back in the transfer market?

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  1. Get rid Poopolski asap. Simply a waste I’d he stays.

    Take Jackson over him any day.

    We have so many deadwoods we can clear, why not make it happen.

    1. If you were on 100k a week and the club wanted you to move out to another for 60k a week say….would you be all for it? Once you give out contracts like that you can’t then turn around and kick them out so easy.

  2. Was it not revealed at an AST meeting that 70m was available for transfers. Plus with transfer money you have to take into consideration the first year wages of a player so say 2 players come in 5m a year that leaves 60m. I don’t think Podolski affects anything if he hasn’t found a permanent transfer before the end of the summer I sure some team will loan him and at least cover part of his wages.

    Wages aren’t an issue either the club has wage forecasts and would expect an annual increase in wages anyway. Plus I’m sure two or three others will be gone by the end of the summer clearing more wages.

    1. What do you think your doing, that is much too sensible a comment to be in here. Precise and sort of obvious but as they say the simplest answer is usually the correct one, and can be the most difficult to find.

      1. Also I think the 70m could be slightly flexible if they needed a few extra mil to get a player they really wanted. At the same time that amount might not be spent. I’m personally not that bothered about the amount spent if Wenger finds a bargain then brilliant quality doesn’t always have a massive price tag. I’d have been happy with a transfer like Kedhira for free.

    2. spot on. arsenal for a long time has wanted to shift him off the books for that reason, wages. it was a problem but now with a year left, CL money, increased TV rights money, completed stadium, we just need to loan him out another year.

      maybe Chelsea might want him. bargaining chip for cech.

  3. If it was che manu manc they would want players off the books but if it came down to it they would just buy the necessary players, then wait til contracts run down, or else theyd offer to pay percentage of wages.

    We are a wee bit too anal when money is concerned.

  4. Sell Podolski, Sanogo and Campbell
    Send Akpom on loan for more experience
    Sign Lacazette, Martinez or Higuain
    CF: New CF, Giroud and Welbeck

    (Or turn Walcott into a CF and sign Reus, Greizmann or sterling)

    Release Diaby and Flamini
    Send Bielik on loan for experience
    Sign Kondogbia or Schneiderlin
    DM: New DM, Coquelin and Chambers/Arteta

    Release Szczesny
    Sign Cech
    GK: Cech, Ospina and Martinez

      1. Bit of shame we couldn’t drag José Luís Gayà from his club. Now it’s a bit impossible.

    1. Agree on everything except I would loan Szczesny;still young can still come good or resell at higher value if put one good season elsewhere under his belt

  5. today is just the 9th of june. Loads of time in the window. The good news is that you have the European Championship. Podolski wants to play. For him to do that he needs atleast a few games at Arsenal. At the moment he won’t have evn a few. Am talking about making the bench. Look we had the FA cup final with Rosisky Arteta and Welbeck out. There is no room for podolski.

    After that silly confrence at Milan were he criticised the club and his manager for not playing him when he is bes tfinisher. he also said Wenger didn’t tell him good bye. For me he dug his own grave. A loan is not a permanent . U can’t beef your boss while you are on loan. That was so stupid from him. Then he goes to milan and he was rubbish. score 1 goal and spent the rest of the time on the fxxxx bench tweeting. lol he won’t get to the bench . He will be gone before August. mark my words.

      1. Griezmann played on the LW but from his own words is equally at home centrally or the RW.

        So a RW player and utility forward. Also makes an excellent cup of tea! Perfect for Arsene

        1. Bit late for him though, should have went in hard for him while he was still cheap. Twice as much now at the least.

  6. These are all excuses it boils down to this, AW thinks we have ALL we need and he’s reluctant to get into all this with the transfer market and getting shot of players. All the targets we should be looking at are being concretely linked with other clubs and by the time our transfer team pull their heads out of their Ar$e$ we will have missed out. WE have the money and we should be spending it now, not d!cking around waitig to see who we can get cheaply. We only need two or three players and the main two ar a striker and a DM.
    If we have 70 million to spend buy the best ST we can get for 30 or 40 million and a DM for 30 million. let the players on their way out run down their contracts if we cant sell them and why the hell are we still hanging on to Diaby?? what the Fook is all that about?????

      1. wished I knew my man I wished I knew
        I take the subtly made point but ask yourself, how many times have we been through this with AW ?? we only got Le Coq back after Injury Forced Wengers Hand and the DM situation was not adequately address last summer and if it was not for Arteta’s injury we would have let Le Coq go does that sound like the actions of a manager who has any idea of what’s needed in the transfer window??

  7. Arsenal buys one world class player by a time. This transfer window i think its going to be a striker. We are an attacking side of team and by being such we need more goals.

    Cant think of many strikers to be honest. There are a bunch who are beyond Girouds lvl but they all have some kind of bad catch.

    If i had the option to decide i would go rather go for a player like Reus and rotate him with Giroud, Sanchez, Theo, Welbeck on the striker role. But Reus is to big for us. 45m+ player.

    Draxler is a genius aswell, but injuries are hindering his progress. Happens a lot to young talented players who play on the highest lvl in football. 21 year old

    Kondogbia 22year old. New Yaya Toure maybe.

    Cech, bec he is the best. And there you go, a nice chance for the title.

    1. Noticed Ozil spending a lot of time with Draxler recently – obviously good friends. You’d think Mesut would sound him out. I know he is not the top of anyones’ wish list but a great shout for a left-sided Podolski replacement imo. The lad has got the lot – only the injuries this year are a bit of a concern. On the plus side no-one is mentioning him this year, no links in the press, Schalke out of the UCL – must be a nailed on certainty as our first signing!!

  8. Pathetic excuse if true.
    Direct ucl guaranteed. One trophy in our hands. Debts cleared. Damn for once the club can buy the fore selling and it’s not line we paid all those wages…he was away!
    I still rate him high but also rate marti z and he’s younger.
    if you have a car that takes you from a to b you don’t sell it until you have another at least with a down payment otherwise you might end up walking instead of driving. That is if you have the money of course….do we? Yeah I thought so

  9. Its always more about balancing the books than it is about moving forward and that’s a fact Next season will be the best chance we’ve had in a decade to really compete with the oil rich clubs and Wenger is acting like its another day at the office while all the talented players in the 2 positions we need to fill are drifting towards clubs that are showing interest. It the Wenger Way, why buy a Mercedes to get you from A to B when you can buy a Scoda that does the job just not quiet as well and will get you there but not in front of your Neibours

  10. We need more star power, not just to push for the title, but to push for more bandwagon supporters. The bandwagooners we have the more money we have to spend. They are the ones that spend to pretend. People love winners. Gotta win more to make more. Just look how Man City and Chelsea have caught up to us and taken over. We got the money now, need to push harder, take risk and improve the squad. All this Coq is good enough talk, Giroud does the job. Need depth and someone to finish off all the creativity.

  11. Should be getting rid of him anyway, lol. Too much disruption for a killer left foot that sits six feet below a very disruptive mouth, and a body that finds it exceptionally hard to find its way into its own half occasionally.

    I think we need a proper clear out. Diaby, Szczesny, Flamini, Sanogo, Campbell and possibly Arteta. Some may say Rosicky too. I would agree except I think even now and with his low pitch time, he can be incredibly incisive and surprisingly energetic. We don’t need people around to who lack industry, lack winning mentality and lack creativity/incisiveness, are never fit or who simply don’t fit in.

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