Police agree to help stage home and away games but they want neutral venues for big games

The Premier League has been handed another boost in their bid to get this season back underway next month, as police have agreed that they would help keep fans away from home games.

The Premier League had been afraid that teams would struggle to keep their fans away from the grounds when football returns and they had proposed for the competition to be completed on neutral grounds.

However, a good number of Premier League teams opposed that proposal strongly, especially the teams at the foot of the table.

Some police forces had also been sceptical about the possibility of keeping fans away from the stadiums when action gets underway, but a new report from Mail Sport claims that the Police wouldn’t have a problem policing the games now, but they do worry about the big matches.

The report claims that the Police have suggested to the Premier League that they use a hybrid model that would see the big games at the top of the league table as well as at the foot of the league table played at neutral grounds to avoid crowds gathering outside the stadiums.

In their bid to keep fans at home more games would now be streamed to fans and the 3 pm TV blackout has been lifted.

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