Police arrest supporter who racially abused Arsenal’s players

One of the negative parts of Arsenal’s 4-1 win at Leeds United yesterday was a fan reportedly insulting Arsenal’s substitutes Nuno Tavares and Nicolas Pepe.

The Gunners had gone to Elland Road to record an emphatic victory against their opponents and it isn’t something the fan could take, perhaps, and he resorted to racial abuse.

This isn’t the first incident in the Premier League this season, but the competition and the clubs partaking in it are taking a firm stance against these sorts of acts.

According to Leeds United, an investigation is ongoing, and they have arrested a fan regarding the incident.

The club statement via The Daily Mail reads: ‘Leeds United can confirm that an investigation into claims of racism during the first half of our game with Arsenal are underway, and that one arrest has been made in connection to the allegation.

‘Racism will not be tolerated at Leeds United and any supporter found to be using racist language will be subject to a life time ban for all Leeds United games.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Racism has no place in football and it is shocking that fresh cases are still being recorded in the Premier League.

Despite the abuse, Arsenal coasted to victory in the match and the 4-1 win has helped them to remain inside the top four, although some clubs below them have matches in hand.

What the Gunners can do is to win their fixtures and hope others falter to earn a place inside the Champions League spots.

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  1. Our away support was fantastic as usual but I have to applaud the Leeds fans (apart from the idiot involved in the racist incident) who were amazingly vocal, supporting their team till the end.

  2. Racism at Elland Rd 60s 70s was atrocious, felt so shamed. Pleased we now tolerate none of it. Trying to stop it in those days was treated with derision
    Long may we see talented black players and the club stamp down hard on racism

  3. “According to Leeds United, an investigation is ongoing, and they have arrested a fan regarding the incident.”
    I didn’t realize that Leeds had the power to arrest people….
    If so they should have arrested Martinelli for mugging them throughout the game

  4. What ought to happen is that racists should have their name and address published on social media.

    That would ensure they stop their cruel nonsense, as they would receive a welcome dose of their own medicine for sure, if what I propose were to happen.

    I believe that real deterrents work and there is ample evidence throughout life for that truism!

    1. Come on Jon that’s too extreme, you can’t take the risk to have these haters’ kids targeted because of their parents’ sins.

      Credit to Leeds Utd, having this hater identified, arrested by the police and life banned from their stadium is a statement they will not tolerate such horrific behaviour.

      All clubs should publicly back up Leeds Utd and declare they will apply the same sanctions to any of their own fans guilty of racist abuse.

  5. disgusting that ppl hurl racial abuse at other human beings simply for existing. apparently Nuno and Pepe were just doing their warmups when this happened. Such an innocuous thing to be doing and then having to hear some moron shout disgusting things at you. Good on Leeds for getting this person out of the stadium, and Rob for reporting it to the refs. People are sick of the kneeling, when they should be sick of this type of behavior.

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