Police checked on Arsenal players to ensure they stick to quarantine rules

The UK Police paid unannounced visits to the houses of Arsenal’s players and staff to ensure that they are sticking to quarantine rules, according to The Athletic.

This happened after they returned from their Europa League “home leg” against Benfica in Greece.

In a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus, the UK government has made a law that makes it compulsory for people who have returned to the country to self-isolate for 10 days and can start socializing again if they test negative after five days.

In other times, elite sports were excluded from the quarantine rules, but that hasn’t been applied this time.

The players are expected to remain in their secure bubble which involves leaving their home only for their team training grounds which are safe.

The UK started the Test and Release Scheme on the 25th of last month, which was the same day the Gunners played the match in Athens.

The club ensured that their players acted responsibly and that they filed all their paperwork properly too.

Nevertheless, the report says at least 10 Arsenal players and staff were visited by the police who were there to ensure that they were sticking to the rules.

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  1. Declan says:

    Meanwhile 10 other less serious offences like robberies, assaults, drug deals, gun crimes, stabbing and domestic violence went ahead without a visit from the old bill because they were busy elsewhere……..

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