Poll – Do you want Thierry Henry ever to be Arsenal’s manager?

Henry wants the job after Wenger, but is he wanted by Arsenal?

Thierry Henry will forever be a legend of Arsenal football club; whichever approach the player takes over the course of his professional association with football. A real legend at the club, in being not only named the greatest ever player to pull on the red and white shirt, but he is also an iconic hero for many; Henry is likely to head the list as record goal scorer at the club for many years to come.

Many wished for Henry to have some association with Arsenal after he called time on his playing career and hung up his boots. The Frenchman immediately returned to London to begin work with Arsenal whilst he focused on achieving his coaching badges. Henry was widely regarded during his time in youth management at Arsenal and held down a regular position in coaching Arsenal’s Under 18 side. Unfortunately, a disagreement over terms meant that Henry left in the summer of 2016.

Currently Henry works mainly as a pundit for Sky Sports and is seen to regularly feature on the network for both domestic and European fixtures. However, he is also the assistant manager to Roberto Martinez within the Belgium national squad and is reportedly doing well in his coaching capacity. With a wide range of knowledge and undoubtable wealth of skill still remaining, Henry is likely to be a real asset to the players and the set-up in general.
Henry has stated in the past that it has always been and will continue to be a dream that one day he may manage the club at which he has a statue outside the stadium. The iconic Henry has certainly got plenty of fans whom back his bid to manage Arsenal one day, but the Frenchman understands he has to prove himself first.

Henry revealed to L’Equipe, in a report written by the Mirror: “Everyone thinks I dream of Arsenal. Yes. But it’s just a dream. How could I be pretentious enough to think they’ll have me? I’m just starting. I’m trying to become a coach. I’ve no pretence to know where I could go one day. I’ll go where I’m wanted.”

Henry speaks some wise words there to suggest that whilst he dreams of filling the role of manager at Arsenal one day, perhaps stepping into Arsene Wenger’s shoes may come a little early in his career. Of course it would be fantastic to see the club’s all-time legend managing the modern day side, much like Zidane is doing at Real Madrid. However, we must remember the former striker doesn’t have much experience in coaching, because as he said ‘he’s only just starting’. It is true that Zidane also lacked experience of managing at the top level of football, but he is taking charge of a side that is already winning and capable of winning major honours both domestically and on a European stage. The task for Henry would be much tougher and I’m sure most will agree that by the time Wenger steps down, it may still be a little too soon to see Titi managing at the Emirates.

But do you want him to get the job one day?

Do you want Thierry Henry to manage Arsenal one day?

  • Yes (70%, 1,265 Votes)
  • No (30%, 539 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,804

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  1. Big G says:

    If Henry is willing to learn and prove himself as PV is then it could be a no brainer but who knows, there are other ex players who could do a job.

    1. bran99 says:

      Henry assisted by Bergkamp, with Vieira as midfield and may be Senderos (hehehe) for defensive area, will be a dream come true

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    Impossible question to answer for the moment, as we’ve not seen him manage yet. If he proves himself, then of course I imagine all Arsenal fans would welcome his appointment, but I personally wouldn’t want Arsenal to be his first job because of his lack of experience, and the possibility of a difficult transition in the aftermath of Wenger’s exit.

    After Wenger, it’s vitally important we get an experienced manager, who is currently at the top of his game. Most importantly though, I think it’s crucial we hire someone who has no affiliations with Wenger, because there could be the temptation to stick with parts, if not all, of Wenger’s ideology. It might sound harsh, but I think Wenger’s ideology needs to be completely torn down, so that the club can truly have a chance of success, which in turn will give the fans optimism for once! Simeone would be my first choice by a country mile.

  3. Twig says:

    Who’s Thieet Henry?

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    If he proves himself as manager then yes, why not

    He is an Arsenal Legend. We all love him.

    But he needs to prove himself a good manager first.

    The board would never make that kind of risk to hire him as manager before proving himself.

    I think Wenger will get an extension anyway. If not I hope it’s someone like Mancini or Simone

  5. HairyCustard says:

    Arsenal can’t be his first job – for his own sake. If he fails (which is very possible due to his lack of experience) then it could affect his managerial career badly.

    I’m sure there will be teams who would love for Thierry to manage them so when that happens we will see how well he does in this respect. The Arsenal job is not an easy one and the board is so eager to keep Wenger because they are skeptical of the ability of any replacement we could get in to guarantee Champions League football like Wenger doees. Thierry probably won’t fit that category until he has much more experience. But he is young (in managerial age) and maybe in 10-15 years he will be the Arsenal manager. Would love to see that.

  6. otunba_007 says:

    Zidane never coached anywhere apart from Madrid’s team B prior to his appointment as the manager and look how he’s turned out, i don’t see why we can’t give Henry the chance, the problem at Arsenal is the fear of unknown which is life after Wenger and the sooner we get over the OLD man the better, even if Henry doesn’t perform when he take the job then, we can always replace him with someone else.. it’s better than been in the same position for 12 years

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