Poll – Do JustArsenal readers still believe Mikel Arteta is the right man for Arsenal?

The last time we did this poll, back in February, there was a good majority of JustArsenal fans that agreed that Mikel Arteta was taking us in the right direction with his youth project.

That all seemed to be working fine until just a few games ago.

Now it seems Arteta’s ultra thin squad has come back to bite him, and losing Tierney, Tomiyasu and Thomas Partey has shown us that we need a good number of tallented backups to help us in times of trouble.

So, after three defeats in a row, and the Gunners sitting in joint-fifth in the League Table, do you still think that Mikel Arteta is the right man to take Arsenal back to the top?

Do you still think Arteta is the right manager for Arsenal?

  • No (52%, 415 Votes)
  • Yes (36%, 292 Votes)
  • Undecided (12%, 95 Votes)

Total Voters: 802

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  1. It would help if the whole “process” thing was laid out more clear and concise. Because at the moment, it just seems like a slogan…IJS

    1. There is no process, this “youth project” is just a blatant lie.

      MA 1st year of his “process” had nothing to do with youth, he failed badly trying it his way. Then he realised that a “youth project” would like buy himself more time so he started hiding behind that….his main cover is ESR and Saka. Both youngsters deserve massive respect for their dedication and progess.

      Lets look at MAs youngsters:

      Saka – already progressing well long before MA arrived, continued progression by getting game time

      ESR – only given a chance via injuries, MA didn’t think he warranted a try based on his performances in youth teams.

      Flo – no development under MA

      Eddie – no development under MA

      Martinelli- wasted a season on the bench because MA wouldn’t drop out of form players, he could have been even better now if he had that earlier chance

      Tavares – gotten worse under MA coaching, looked half decent when first arrived

      Azeez – MIA

      Saliba – wasted 50 mil on Ben White when he could’ve returned and challenged for a starting spot

      Mavro – wasted 50 mil on Ben White when he could’ve returned and challenged for a starting spot

      1. The problem with everything you have so eloquently said is that it’s logical!

        After reading many posts on this site it seems that when we win it’s because arteta is a genius and when we lose it’s wenger’s and sometimes edu’s fault. That simple.

        Theoretically we can finish 4th, doesn’t feel that way, but I really really hope we do.

        We are Arsenal, and at some point we will figure this out. Keep the faith!

          1. I agree that there is no “process”. Well there can be but in a same way as Sean Dyche’s Burnley had some kind of a ‘process’ or Conte’s Spurs have a ‘process’.

            Its just a made up word for giving him time like any other manager would also like to have, which ie. Emery did not get.

            Its more like “Hey I’m here and I try to make this club succesful”, which I think is what every single manager sets out to do at their clubs. Nothing special about our ‘project’ or divine.

    2. We are in a rebuilding process. Getting rid of players and bringing in players with a different peofile.

  2. Joint 5th on points yes, but 6th in the table, which is much more relevant. If we get into CL, unlikely, he is right manager. If we get EL, unlikely, I’m undecided. If we fail both the above then he is the wrong manager. I’m not counting the Conference league as its embarrassing.

    1. How many European trophies have Arsenal won since 1994 ?? Zero, so anything above that would at least be a step in the right direction. I’ve followed Arsenal to 20 different countries & seen them get smashed in Barcelona & Munich. Winning Europa cup or even the conference would be a great stepping stone for most clubs to build on but apparently it’s better to qualify for CL so Arsenal can play Barcelona & admire them & enjoy a light show for such a special occasion. I’m sick of the fans who whinge constantly & never make any noise. Get behind Arsenal

      1. How many finals have we lost in Europe, we have a bad record in Europe, I have seen us lose four finals in Europe, so many we should have won, but you are right, winning any European trophy is a step in the right direction, it’s all about the money and that will never change

    2. Spot on. Its the results that get the fans onside and we have had a horrible season despite the good turn around in form for part of the season in the league as the cups were a disaster but other teams have been just as bad like Utd, Spurs, Leicster and Ourselves.

      I voted undecided as I will give it until the last few games to decide

  3. Three consecutive defeats against mid-table teams is awful. But remember that he inherited CFs who don’t fit into his system, as Emery did

    Conte is lucky to have Kane, one of the best CFs in the world. Whereas Tuchel inherited Havertz, a £62 million CAM who possesses great physical/ technical abilities and can play false nine very well

    Arteta’s system isn’t as good as Guardiola’s and Klopp’s, so he needs his own CF. If he can make Arsenal finish in the sixth place, I think Kroenke will allow him to sign one top striker

    1. “But remember that he inherited CFs who don’t fit into his system, as Emery did”

      You forget that Lacazette and Aubameyang were scoring when under Emery. Aubameyang even won the golden boot.

      1. Aubameyang
      2. Lacazette
      3. Nketiah
      4. Balogun

      All have gotten worse under Arteta’s leadership. And let me also share a very confidential secret information about all four of them. Don’t tell anyone. THEY ARE ALL STTIKERS

      1. he got mostly everything he wanted in the summer. and it was his decision to let Auba go and get no replacement.

      2. So was peak Ozil scoring and assisting well under Wenger. He still has one of the best assist record in EPL. That’s what peak means, it has nowhere but downward to go. He faded off later.

        So were Laca and Auba scoring under Emery. It was their peak. They stopped scoring when they were needed. Look at all the easy sitter chances both have missed. It’s not that Laca isn’t getting chances at goal this season, he just doesn’t convert them when opportunities arrive.

        Nketiah and Balogun won’t cut it in the PL imo, More so Nketiah, has an average striker profile all over.

      3. Aubameyang was also scoring when Arteta used more defensive tactics in 2019, but it doesn’t mean Aubameyang fits into our current setup

        The same applies to the other strikers. If those attackers were suited to Emery’s system, he wouldn’t have got sacked

        1. Look at Emery now, semi finals of the CL, could have been us if he was given more time

    2. GAI, if you honestly think that all we have missed since January is a CF then you are not seeing the full picture and it isnt the answer or solution. Even if we had Levandoski in this team, he would still look like spare ***k at a wedding. The football we are playing is the problem.

      1. Reggie, a decent midfield would help; without Thomas Partey there is no physical presense, particularly when Xhaka is so inconsistent. Arsenal is consistently overrun in midfield by even mid table teams.

      2. Lewandowski is more of a goal-scorer than a front-line pivot. I’d prefer someone like Watkins, who can hold the ball and link up with his teammates

        Let’s see what the new CF could do, if we get the sixth place. We could always sack Arteta if his own CF doesn’t perform well

      3. GAI believes that if Calvert Lewin joins Arsenal and we could just boot the ball upfield the likes of Liverpool, Man. City and Real Madrid would shake in their boots. I wish it were that simple.

    3. It is your outright right to be delusional but it dumb of you to think you can fool everyone of with your lies because your unwavering support for our failing manager. We all witness the Aubameyang and Lacazette that Arteta inherited and if you don’t because you are out of touch with the reality let be remind you the Auba your Messiah inherited.
      Matches. Goals
      2021-22. 14. 4
      2020-21 29. 10
      2019-20. 36. 22
      2018-19 36. 22
      2017-18 13. 10 This is his just epl stat. As you can see he started declining when Arteta get hold of him and it is not a coincidence that he has banging in goals when he is playing for new coach.

      1. Aubameyang was also scoring when Arteta used more defensive tactics in 2019, but it doesn’t mean Aubameyang fits into our current setup

        Aubameyang is usually motivated when he joins a new club, as he was at Dortmund and Arsenal. Watch what will happen when things start to turn sour for him at Barcelona

        He did it to Dortmund to force a move to Arsenal and he was obviously not motivated to play for us anymore

    4. Is this guy never tired of all this?
      Right footed inverted goal keeper
      Left footed inverted wingers
      Mozilla cm
      Tall CF etc
      Give it up make
      Arteta inherited a golden boot winners too
      Kane was poor early in the season until Conte came
      Auba have already scored double figures since leaving
      Any system you are players that stops you from scoring is just a dead system because football is all about scoring and not conceding we are not scoring and we are conceding
      Many are asking who can possibly replace Arteta but I am asking who can possibly do worse than him

      1. Conte was lucky to have Kane, who’s the CF type Conte had at Juventus, Chelsea and Inter. If Arteta had Kane, Havertz or Lukaku, we would’ve won more duels in the front-line

        1. Conte inherited Kane, Tuchel inherited Havertz, Arteta inherited Golden Boot Winner – Aubemeyang.
          See what happened to Auba.
          If Arteta had Kane, Havertz or Lukaku, he would have frozen out.

    5. Most football manager will never get all that they need to make a proper team. What you do is mould the team how you want it and make adjustment and make a playing style that can suit most and get the others to also but into your approach. We keep making excuses for arteta, but it’s all laid bare for all to see his playing style lacks bite to say the least.

      1. Yes, that was why Tuchel got sacked by PSG, despite winning the relatively easy Ligue 1. He had to play Mbappe and Neymar without having his own CF, hence the Champions League failure

        If you watched his tactic in UCL final against Bayern Muenchen, it was very different than his tactics at Chelsea. He is lucky to have a false nine like Havertz, who’s strong in ground/ aerial duels and great in link-up/ hold-up play

    6. That’s the issue Gai, can he finish in the top6 I am now skeptical. I don’t see us beating Chelsea at home and that would mean 4loses.. And if we are unable to beat Chelsea it would make our match against ManU more difficult. Since Arteta doesn’t have the CF he needs he must adapt his tactics. He must take a cleu from how Brighton and Solton played to beat us.

  4. 4th Great.
    5/6 and EL at the half way point of the process is progress enough.
    7th means the sack.
    So Arteta is sweating on Westham not winning the EL .

    1. It make no difference if West Ham win the EL as it as no bearing on the top 4 ,they all keep their places in the CL .

  5. Arteta has has long enough and enough investment financially speaking also.

    If he can’t get top 4 he SHOULD go IF AFC had real AMBITION to COMPETE. Uppercase used to emphasise:)

    MA is undoubtedly a capable coach and potential manager and who knows in the future might evolve to become a top one but with his decisions (transfers, player usage, player sales/loans, and team selections and motivation/planning) he has come undone.

    Yes we have had injuries, and yes we don’t have the strongest and most in depth squad but whose fault is that? And it’s not all about money either as other managers have created stronger and more successful units that March to their drumbeat with less.

    If he doesn’t get 4th he SHOULD be gone however as inferred above we are owned by STAN.

  6. It’s only in Arsenal that you can find some fans with very low self esteem and mediocrity mindset…These fans still supporting this FAILED ARTETA keep coming up with flimsy excuses for a failed process.. Sometimes I wonder if the owners pay these fans to sabotage the progress of Arsenal fc, We demand the best out of this team and manager… They seem to forget this same manager was given lots of money to spend and ended up giving us Tarvaras and lokonga and sold the only quality players we had or loaned them out all cox these fans felt these players were not disciplined or good enough.. Delusional fans I tell u..Wake up and see the likes of our loanees doing the jobs this same failed ARTETAs crop of players can’t do now…Some one is saying now that Arteta needs his own CF..imagine such comment from a fan protecting a manager that was given the chance since the start of the season to get a better midfielder and cf than we had but gave us some crap players and refused to sign in January..So whose fault is that? The fans right…We all know ARTETA will not deliver in all honesty but will always give us a near success story..A wise and ambitious owners would have thrown Arteta out after that last Europa cup emery won and even after that Arteta has not stepped up but has even destroyed the team even more and yet you will see some sympathizers coming to support a clueless manager,it really baffles me honestly..And that’s why arsenal has not gone back to glory days cox there are some fans who are waiting for Arsenal fc to hit rock bottom before they get their senses back that Arteta is not what we need even in the next 20yrs to come..Better sack him now and let’s start sorting ourselves out now cox if these other teams like ManU, Spurs, Newcastle or westham start getting their houses in order then you will be remembered as the fan who supported the downfall of our darling arsenal FC.

    1. @Chris
      Well articulated. The admins of JA leads the campaign for Arteta’s contract extension, always coming up with excuses after excuses for his failures.
      I remember when a post was made that Aubameyang’s scoring days are way behind him while it’s obvious that the decline started when MA took over. Now who’s laughing last? AUBAMEYANG.
      Guendouzi and Saliba are doing amazing jobs in OM but they were not good enough for MA.

      They want my opinion? It is as it’s always been; Arteta shouldn’t have managed arsenal in the first place

  7. Most voters will change their opinion because of the bad run we’ve had, I bet you half of the nos would have been a yes 2 weeks ago ,that’s fans for you ,me personally I’ve stuck by my opinion all season even when we were on that good run ,it was only papering over the cracks as i saw no improvement from last season and I still don’t ,he should have gone 10 months ago and I still stick by that now .

    1. Dan out of interest who would you want to replace Arteta that is available and would get the club challenging for major honours again? I wanted Klopp a year before liverpool got him but Arsenal never had the bottle to sack Wenger big mistake having seen what Klopp has achieved at Liverpool he would definitely have done the same at Arsenal was gutted when the scousers got him!

      1. IF Bayern let go of Julian Nagelsmann because of the defeat to Villarreal I would be all over that but I believe he will stay on regardless of the rumours this week that their hierarchy are not happy with him .

        Gian Piero Gasperini would get us back playing exciting football but maybe in his 60s abit old for this process the club keep spinning to us .

        Brendon Rogers was always my tip when Emery left ,not doing so well Now but in my view still a top manager .

        Ten Haag obviously but we have missed that boat now .

    2. Well said Dan, and that’s the difference.

      Us fans that want the best for the club, that don’t think that MA is the right manager, are consistent whether we win or lose regarding MA…we are greeted with “How can you be so negative when we won?” All the time but those fans are simply short sighted.

      On the other hand when MA loses you see them quickly disappear and you don’t hear from them, hiding away.

  8. Arteta out,Viera in…we play chelsea midweek&man u weekend,another 8th position come the end of the season loading.

  9. Very difficult to decide
    Had Lady Luck stayed with us on the injury front then those 3 losses may not have happened- well, not 9 points dropped for sure.
    Whether you like Arteta or not there are other experienced managers who are struggling to make 4th spot their own as it is and with decent squads.
    It was very risky either not bringing in a recruit or two in January and to then let so many go. Auba departing made no difference as he had, as far as I’m concerned, got his own agenda and it wasn’t going to be at Arsenal
    I think Wednesday night won’t go well, but if we can’t beat Utd on Saturday then not strengthening will come back to haunt Arteta and put his position under very serious scrutiny

        1. He clearly isn’t. As long as their Agenda of Arteta out isn’t supported, nothing makes any sense to them.

  10. The issue I think we should look into as stated above is the thin squad. With such a squad to even Pep Guardiola would not perform a miracle. We need complete overhauling

    1. Again?
      We are yet the recover from the already done overhauling and you are demanding another
      Oh my God we all saw improved defence last season we also had few defenders who were out on loan the wise thing was to recall one of them then strengthen the midfield and attack, if possible replace either lacazette or Auba with a younger CF, but we spent 50m on white brought in Lonkonga who is not even as good as the players he was supposed to fill in for (guendouzi) to me Arteta deserves no pity as everything that has happened is self inflicted
      Who on their right sense will go into quarter of a season with 13 players then suddenly out of the blue you are calling Lonkonga, Teveras, Pepe to be your saviour
      Failure to plan is directly planning to fail
      2 goals scored in 5 games and 4 losses yet somehow you can’t get your best finisher in your lineup(Pepe)
      You can blame anything you like but every thing that has brought us to this point Arteta has facilitated it in one way or another

    2. Who’s fault is it that we have a thin Squad? When will you guys realise that excuses don’t win games but good team management, motivation and technical know how? It’s a shame MA can’t offer any of those as a manager.

    3. Who is responsible for the thin squad by moving on/loaning Arsenal players and not replacing them?🤔

  11. Oh blimey! The same “world class” “experienced” Conte lost to BHA having his “preferred type” tall CF and Son and a full squad. Mikel is going through a lean patch due to injuries and nothing more. Just last month he won the coveted Manager of the Month award. We just have a starting set of skilled players, the bench is made up of lesser skilled players and Mikel does not have the luxury of Pool or City to have like for like replacements. Pepe was not wanted by Emery either, the rest are Wenger’s signings who are certainly to move this summer and every true gunner should welcome their exit. It is better to lose one season, then lose three more by signing an un preferred striker like Isaak. Mikel knows what is best for the club, and despite the current situation, he will rise from the ashes like the proverbial Phoenix.
    I was expecting next season to be ours, but with Xhaka having no intention to move, sadly I do not look at the next season with much hope either. We need an upgrade and he is the root cause of us failing to win much and he prefers to stay to win with us – maybe win his luxurious weekly wage packet!
    Finally, let us acknowledge and thank Steve Rowley for giving us Tony Adams, Ray Palour,Fabregas, RVP, Giroud and others.

    1. Conte’s been at Spurs for 5 months only 🤡

      Current situation is not due to injuries, due to poor squad preparation.

      Lastly….stop drinking the bong water, it’s bad for you!

      1. Agree, it isnt just due to injuries. If losing a couple of players means we cant compete with Palace, Brighton and Southampton, then Arteta isnt up to it.

      2. Your first sentence doesn’t mean a thing in my view. Conte is a world class manager brought in to elevate Spurs from their implosion in the same way that Sam Allardyce does it with teams in the bottom 3 with a few games to go.

      3. @PJ-SA
        Make it louder please. It’s an insult bringing in Conte into this fraud’s argument. They’re not in the same class…

        1. I actually happened to see Spurs game against Brighton.To say that Spurs were poor is an understatement. 5 attempts with none on target in 90 minutes of football. Given that it was Conte many fans and pundits are willing to give him a pass. I strongly suspect that most other managers would have been pilloried for such a performance whether they had been in the job for 5 months or more.
          It can be said that Arteta has not been able to get the best of the squad he has available to him recently. However, it is also true that the team has suffered from the unavailability of key players due to injury.

          1. This injury talk does not make sense to me.
            Pepe is available. He is not injured. Arteta does not play him. Elneny should have started the Brighton game.
            The truth is Arteta is clueless, naive and arrogant. He should be sacked asap.
            His arrogance is what will cost us top4.
            Only arrogance will make you to sell your top striker in January without replacing him. Not even a loan deal for a striker in January.

  12. It all went wrong in the summer when we bought Ben White and Lokonga. Saliba should have brought back in to fight with Holding and a starting cm and cf should have been purchased. Had we bought Abraham and Bissouma for the same price may I add as White and Lonkonga we would be fighting chelsea for 3rd.

    1. Might i add buying Odergaard and basically stunting ESR, when for me ESR was far superior to Odergaard. Arteta is doing a wenger, in his final years messing up the balance of the team/squad, putting square pegs in round holes and wasting money and time.

      1. Am totally in agreement with that observation Reggie. ESR has been poorly treated this season and good luck to him if somewhere down the line he may decide enough is enough!!;

        1. Arteta said this last week… Arteta spoke about how Smith Rowe’s fitness problems have prevented him from being coached fully into playing this role.

          “He’s not been completely fit to be training and playing every game, but it’s a possibility. It’s a position that I think he can fulfil in the future, but he needs training, and he needs experience in it,”

    2. The striker situation in particular was a time bomb. I was saying it in the summer but must seemed happy to bank on auba regaining his form. Maybe I’m wrong but I’d have thought it would have been easier to see from inside the club and working with him. I guess auba convinced the management he was dedicated to the club.
      I don’t disagree with the lokonga signing, but someone like that was always going to need time.
      We’re seeing now I think that esr can’t play every game and so I think signing Ode was necessary also.
      What really lost me was that we’d almost managed to get rid of xhaka but instead have him a new contract – I’ll never understand that one

      1. I agree with much of what you say especially the problems faced with getting performances out of Aubameyang.
        The Xhaka situation is, I think, complicated because we would need to sign a dependable replacement. This is by no means straightforward for a team vying for a top four spot and needing to strengthen many parts of the team.

  13. Take a few key players out of most squads and the performance will drop. Losing Party and Thierny and also Tomiyasu is a big loss for a rebuilding squad.

    I don’t think we would have lost those 3 games if we would have had these players available.

    Having said that, team selection against Palace was hard to understand.

    I will withhold judgement until the season is over.

    1. Ever team has injury issues at this stage of the season. O as free that we could have won had Partey, Tierney and Tomyasu played, but we’re Southampton, Brighton and Palace at full strength?

  14. Haha
    Your xhaka’s comment sums up your all other points
    Arteta have moved almost all the players away gave xhaka a new improved contract that virtually means xhaka is his signing if he sees it differently we all know xhaka will not be near his starting xi just like Pepe, Auba,Niles to name just a few
    Yes Conte lost to brighten so what he has done farely okay with only six months and 2 loan signing
    Do you think if he have been given the time, support and control that Arteta was given he would not be fighting for the league
    I didn’t hear people crying that Conte wanted Diaz but he went to Liverpool as an excuse.
    When he couldn’t get his player he moved on and got other targets unlike some manager whose crusade keep crying how he went for vlahovic but juventus took him
    So what?
    I knew you were having metal problem when you wrote off next season simply because Arteta’s player xhaka said he wanted to stay

  15. Exactly, there was no need for the overrated White, when Saliba was available. That 50m pounds should have been spent on both a quality defensive midfielder and a quality central midfielder. Edu and Arteta has failed in addressing areas of need to strengthen the team last summer. And in January, Lacazette, Elneny and Nketiah should have been sold to raise some funds, to help buy a quality Striker. Arsenal must stop allowing players to leave for free. Number one priority for Arsenal now is buying at least one quality striker , then a quality defensive midfielder. Saliba must be integrated next season and given the chance to prove his worth at Arsenal. The defensive duo of Gabriel and White is good, but not exceptional. Therefore, it can be improved and get better or even great. So, the talk of not breaking up the Gabriel and White partnership is nonsense. Any top team must have quality depth. Just take a look at Liverpool and Manchester city. Each club has at least four quality center backs.

  16. Was just thinking what have become’s of Xhaka 30 yards screamer, we are accustomed to with two or three through balls per game ?

  17. Why are so many fans hung up upon the word “process”? All teams are always trying to improve and all are therefore going through a “process”.

    Essentially, it is a meaningless word that for some weird reason fans have become concerned about. Ignore it and just look sensibly and soberly at the wider and longer picture, meaning far more than simply the last three results, to find the REAL truth.

    The very quick change -FROM ONLY A FEW SHORT WEEKS AGO – in how so many fans are now changing their minds on MA from good to bad. shows how shallow, fickle, with unthinking short termism, is the majority of fan opinion on JA. Sigh!

    1. Never changed my mind on arteta one bit. He got a few results whilst the style and play was poor, but he got results so the other aspects were overlooked. Most on here knew the team was still not playing good as the football was slow and not penetrative. After two years the team should be progressing but sadly it have not. We have gotten a few results which we desire most, but overall we have been poor,and it don’t take a rocket scientist to see it. We haven’t beaten man UTD ,Chelsea,man city,Liverpool and even palace this season and we called whatever arteta is doing progress. I beg to differ, progress is upward trajectory and I haven’t seen that from ARTETAS’ team consistently. We have played probably 3 proper games all season where we have dominated say 70 per cent of the game and that is saying a lot. UPWARDS TO ARSENAL FOREVER, BUT ARTETA OUT.

  18. Has the Arteta’s youth players with some experience ones team rebuilding presses been completed? I think it hasn’t yet. So therefore, us can’t say the process hasn’t work this season. But if Arsenal got an 8th placed finish at the end of the season, then is can say it hasn’t work.

    But if peradventure the Gunners got a 7th placed finish at season’s end to qualify for the Conference League. Us can’t say the possess has failed but worked. For, a 7th placed finish that brings something to the table though not big or very big to it is a step forward to an 8th placed finish that brings nothing to the table.

    Us all know that injuries suffered by 3 key Gunners of: Partey, Tierney and Tomiyasu and match rustiness occasioned by some back up Gunners such as Taveres, Nkethia, Pepe and Lokonga who have not regularly been playing was likely to have been the reason responsible for the last 3 consecutive match defeats which us have suffered.

    Nevertheless, as us keep supporting Arteta’s Arsenal and trusting the process of his team rebuilding that he based mostly on youth players recruitment. Let us therefore have faith the rot in our recently obtained results. Which us have witnessed will abate on Wednesday night when Arsenal take on Chelsea at away.

  19. This surcey is two years late. He should have around November of his second second season in charge when we were languishing in 15th place after 7 defeats.

    He has not learned anything since being in charge. He is still the same scared cautious manager,.who doesn’t trust.his players and can’t get his message across.

    The players now simply ignore.him when he is constantly screaming at them.

    What reay is his excuse this season after 3 years in charge to serve up te absolute dross that he has.

    Both he and EDU have.to go as they CANNOT be trusted to spend for Arsenal.

    Look at last summers abolsute disaster of rubbish spending.

    Ben White, absolute average midtable.overhyped player because.ye.is English. Weak in the air, weak against high press, weak in recovery tackle, Weak against taller players. Has cost us at least 5-6 games this season, numerous errors leading to goals, given away several penalties.
    Yet we have 6ft4beast of a generational talent player in Saliba who has already become full French International at age 20. France being in the top 2 international test with Brazil.
    Gwendouzi given away for peanuts around 8m. Now blossoming under good manager and full French International. Another Edu and Arteta failure of the highest order.
    Mari – Arteta own signing given away to Italian club, even though.ue was promising, but Arteta couldn’t coach him properly
    Lakonga 17m lost all confidence after.being criminally underused
    Taveres 7m lost all confidence after being amazing in his run and only making a ingle mistake against Liverpool them banished by an insecure.manager, not coached properly and broufhr.bsck in to a losing team having been not played at all.
    Odegaard 35m – was never going to score or assist if any goals. Always goes missing against high pressing teams, and when against a too team. Maddison was obvious choice.

    The only great signing has been Ramsdale.

  20. Some of these arguments are borderline insane.
    Comparing Conte to MA and debating whether 7th place vs 8th is different as well as GAI insanity plea over a CF that would have saved the day are absolutely useless.
    Although I believed MA was not the right man for the job I can admitt while the club was winning/progressing I can accept it.
    But also knew that his shortcomings would catch up and here it is. His ego/player mangement/lack of vision/short term planing for resources has bit him in the ass.
    Anyone who thinks otherwise and digging deep to find excuses in injuries/players/possesion but no results is simple diluting themselves.
    he simply never prepared for what every club goes thru. Injuries and dips in form are part of the game and he should have done better to have back ups in those position instead of makeshift Xhaka in LF positional changes that a novice could foresee would not work.

  21. It’s an old and so frequent idea.
    That all factors except the decisions of the Arsenal Manager are responsibilities for our failings.

    Look, with Stan at the helm I think 6th bloody place is a miracle but think about it. We are AFC. If we only had owners that cared and therefore didn’t suffer mediocre we would not have been in this place that we have found ourselves over the last decade.

    Arteta isn’t a bad manager but he also isn’t a great one and right now we need a top manager . Whether one is available is another matter and I’m not going to go into candidates here but one things is for sure when all is said and done and all the excuses have been made success is bred off the pitch and made on it.

    We just aren’t good enough in every department to make top 4 and if we do we will be in the late years of Wenger stewardship and o lay be bit-part actors.

  22. I have stated on JA before that I didn’t want Arteta when Wenger left, still didn’t want him when Emery left and don’t want him now. I am sure someone on JA can go back through JA history and find a poll asking how many supporters actually wanted him.
    We are Arsenal, he wasn’t a proven manager, not even a rookie manager just another ex player with coaching badges. How on earth did anyone want him in the first place. I still don’t think he’s the right man to take us forward, and If I’m wrong I’ll hold my hands up and admit I was wrong. If Arsenal were an aircraft manufacturer and Arteta was in charge, God forbid, planes would be dropping out of the sky.

    1. I wanted him, but it was based on pure desire, wishful thinking that that we might have had the next Wegner Guardiola or Klopp. God forbid.

  23. Has the Arteta’s youth players with some experience ones team rebuilding process been completed? I think it hasn’t yet. So therefore, us can’t say the process hasn’t worked this season. But if Arsenal got another 8th placed finish at the end of the season, then is can say in the short term it hasn’t worked.

    But if peradventure the Gunners got a 7th placed finish at season’s end to qualify for the Conference League. Us can’t say the possess has failed but worked but to a lesser degree. For, a 7th placed finish that brings something to the table though not big or very big to it is a step forward to an 8th placed finish which brings nothing to the table.

    Us all know that injuries suffered by 3 key Gunners of: Partey, Tierney and Tomiyasu and the match rustiness occasioned by some back up Gunners such as Taveres, Nkethia, Pepe and Lokonga who have not regularly been playing was likely to have been the reason responsible for the last 3 consecutive match defeats which us have suffered when they were played as starters and subs.

    Nevertheless, as us keep supporting Arteta’s Arsenal and trusting the process of his team rebuilding that he based mostly on youth players recruitment. Let us therefore have faith the rot which has occurred in our recently obtained results. Which us have witnessed will abate on Wednesday night when Arsenal take on Chelsea at away.

  24. I have my doubt on the effectiveness of Arteta in managing Arsenal even when we were having those results. We we’re just grinding out results. I still reserve my judgement till the end of the season.

  25. Samuel if you are accepting that Arsenal is ok to be in the Conference league then you are not a true fan
    True fans will never settle for this.

  26. TOO many amateur mistakes, and ownership is naive as well. POCHETTINO will come. Do not pass up this time.

  27. Wrong question. Some of us never considered him to be the right man for arsenal in the first place. I for one, nevertheless supported him even though I did not think a club with the status of Arsenal should be a training ground for novice managers to learn from their mistakes. But once he was appointed, I gave him my full support as the manager of my club.

    His abject man management skills combined with his massive ego, however, soon turned me against him. It’s got to a stage when I am indifferent to how the club is performing, and I cared passionately even through the dark days of Neil and Howe.

    We are the Arsenal, we do things with class, win or lose. Enough said. Arteta out!

  28. There’s a lot that can be said right now but instead I am just gonna focus on one thing that I like about our team right now.

    The defense being brand new to one another and with them all at a good age for future growth is a nice plus in my estimation. And when more experience is gained you would have to imagine it will make us stronger back there in the seasons to come.

    1. Even if arsenal managed and get CL spot, arteta is still not good to manage the club. A lot has been said. But, unless arteta developed a broad and clear minds devoid of rancour and hatred, the desired height we all are craving for will be a mirage as long as arteta remains the manager.
      Again, until arteta realisesthat he is an employee of the club just as players, the rot will continue. Give playing time to players that merited it whether you bought them or not.
      I am not moved by our victory over Chelsea because that was as a result of individual brilliance of some players and should not be credited to arteta. What he has been doing all season is trial and error on the part of players.
      Finally, arteta’s problem is inferiority complex. In the transfer market, he will rather go for young rookies than for established, experienced and quality players who have achieved what he could not achieve both as a player and assistant manager. So, he goes for those he will claim to have made.
      He should borrow a leaf from AW, Mourinho et Al who never won any major trophy but excelled at club management. I can bet with anyone that cares that he will go for inexperienced players come summer.
      And who said he will not have problems with Saka, ESR, Tierney, Partey and Martinelli next season?

  29. I thought you had done another poll after last nights win Pat 😂

    Strange as someone said on here not long back that their was only a handful of doom and gloom merchants left on JA and that every fan was behind Arteta
    377 tells a different story .

  30. OT Ten Hag officially announced as Man U manager with a 200mil kitty. We are in for a proper battle next season for top 4, I see Spurs being better next year too.

    Also this was a comment on BBC:

    “Erik ten Hag is an anagram of eat gherkin and I fear that Man U will remain a club in a pickle.”

  31. and where are those fans that were clamouring for Vieira just bcos palace defeated arsenal? fans will always be fickle minded,anywhere d pendulum swing is where they’ll tilt towards….. i will still give arteta one season and 2 more transfer windows before asking for him to b sacked if he still does not perform…..how long did it take klopp to bring liverpool to this level? what has become of united with their managerial changes since fergie left? not everyone would be a chelsea in terms of managerial change #myopinion

  32. This poll wqas originally done around April 18th or even aday or so earlier We has three defarats in a row and manay had changed their mainds on MA based solely- and most immaturely too- on just those three matches. Now afte rwinning at Chelseas the same article is put forwarrd once again. HAD THE ORIGINAL POLL BEEN DELAYED TILL NOW, YOU CAN BET MANY OF THOSE FICKLE CONSTANTLY CHANGING FANS WOULD ONCE AGAIN BACK MA, BASED ON THE LATEST RESULT, A WIN.

    What this shows me and other serious thinkers is that football fans – though we are all entitled to our own opinion – are not the best people to decide who manages and of course we don’t decide.

    1. Agree, and aptly put. That’s why I seriously hope clubs don’t pay heed to us fans to run their club. Which I believe they don’t, and I hope they don’t. Fans are impatient, emotional, and irrational. I include myself too in that spectrum, so can’t complain.

  33. People don’t realize the level of competition currently in the EPL. Arguably the 2 best coaches with the 2 best teams in Europe currently are in the EPL, this implies first and second positions are gone. Tuchel is also a master tactician with limitless resources at his disposal which also means 3rd as a near certainty is gone. Coupled with the fact that the three teams; Liverpool,Man city and Chelsea have a settled team that has played together for so long.
    Do we in all certainty expect to topple this 3 teams with all the above listed advantages.?How many Managers in Europe are better than klopp, Pep and Tuchel, how much more MA who is still learning his craft.
    People talk about 150M expended over the last transfer window but forget the difference in quality of the Arsenal Team compared to the top 3, The team is only trying to play catch-up in terms of quality but we still far behind.
    I know MA has made some dodgy decisions since his arrival but even the best of Managers make mistakes.
    Tearing up the project now is not the right thing to do.I will give him one more year and 2 more transfer windows.

  34. Reading the comments after the win at Chelsea… A lot of y’all lack loyalty to the club. You’re not being a “supporter” when you bank on the team losing to support your argument that the coach isn’t any good. Do you watch the games hoping to be right?….

  35. I have to be honest, Arteta was never the right choice to manage Arsenal and I still dont think he is.
    He is too inexperienced to manage a club of the size and complexity of Arsenal whilst learning the skills he (still) doesnt have.
    He is a decent coach and seems to have improved things behind the scenes.
    He is not a good man manager, nor does he rotate his squad enough to help reduce the number of injuries.
    Sometimes his team selection and in match substitutions work and sometimes they are baffling.

  36. If any player sums up our decline and current slight rise (next season will be the real test) it’s Granit Xhaka. Happy for him in context and whether you still want him gone there is no denying he is one of the few that has relatively consistently performed under Arteta even with his madness moments. We need to upgrade CM next year, no doubt but what a moment for him and personally I think he’s a good character to have around this young side even if he sees his game time more limited by incomings in the summer.

  37. Players reaction to Cedric being subbed sums up everything good right now at the club that unity is priceless. Long way to go long term but it’s a fantastic starting block now. Youngest starting 11 in the league, totally united on/off field, cl football potentially… It’s a massive opportunity for the club.

  38. For now MA is working for us, let’s see how the team trails in these days, after 2021/2022 if Arsenal doesn’t finish top four or put out good performance when we make it into 2022/2023 champions league season, we can make decisions from there, for now Mikel Arteta is my take He has spirits.

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