Poll: How do you rate Arsenal’s transfer window?

Arsenal secured the signings of a number of players this summer, but where does our window rank amongst our rivals?

Tottenham shockingly failed to add a single player during the summer before the window slammed shut today, and you will have to think that they will struggle as the season wears on, although they didn’t lose any players either.

Man United added only Dalot, a youngster with promise who will likely not feature at all, and a midfielder by the name of Fred, who could well manage to help to free up Pogba to play more advanced, although that didn’t exactly work last season when signing Matic.

Liverpool for me filled all their weak-points from last season, and are the biggest challengers for Manchester City come this term, with a goalkeeper and defensive mid having been lacking from their side for some time.

It is hard to understand exactly how to rate the Blues additions, with a new manager and new tactics likely to play as much of a difference to their side from last year, and jury will have to be out on them.

Man City have added quality in Riyad Mahrez, who can only add to their squad depth, but I can’t see them being as good as last season, so where do we rank?

We added the likes of Lucas Torreira who had an outstanding World Cup campaign, and looks a top signing, as does Guendouzi and Sokratis, but it remains to be seen whether Lichtensteiner, Guendouzi or Bernd Leno will play key roles this season.

Does our squad look ready to challenge for top honours? Did we have a better campaign then most?

Where does Arsenal's window rank compared to our rivals?

  • Better than most (33%, 319 Votes)
  • Average (31%, 297 Votes)
  • Lacking but still better than Spurs (21%, 201 Votes)
  • Second only to Liverpool (13%, 124 Votes)
  • Better than them all (3%, 32 Votes)

Total Voters: 973

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  1. goonervishrut says:

    Ridiculous how Chelsea spent £1.4 million more than our total budget on a single player.

    1. Muffdiver says:

      We are a team run by a tight fisted billionaire who knows f all about our history ethos or expectations .
      Just knows business

      Were Europa league team now

      1. westlake says:

        Maybe not even a Europa League team at the end of this season? Emery at Arsenal is the closest thing I have seen to Roy Hodgson at Liverpool. He has brought in “his type of player”, and in my opinion potentially weakened the team. I look at Klopp’s buys and Arsenal’s, and we are light years away. I am truly hoping for the best this season, but I fear our defense will be cruelly exposed by City. This year there can be no late additions to shore it up.

      2. Joe Scoundrel says:

        We are, sadly..

  2. kev says:

    We are interested in Hamza Mendyl and have been trying to get a deal done before 7pm.
    Might be the only player we sign this window.

    1. stubill says:

      Seeing as how the window closed at 5pm, your tip is even worse than usual, and I didn’t think that was possible.

      1. kev says:

        We asked for an extension from FA.

        1. Kev de is no such I’ve been watching sky da whole day and none of da was mentioned….we only bought 5 players in and dats how its going to remain no new players…sorry kev

          1. Declan says:

            Kev you have really shown yourself up with the 7pm transfer extension bollox! I’ve never heard such a load of old tosh mate.

      2. kev says:

        When I said Lichtsteiner,Sokratis,Torreira,Iwobi contract,Kelechi Nwakali’s loan were done deals and it happened no one took note but instead keep criticizing me for the wrongs.Funny enough I’m criticized for something’s I never said.Never even said we’d sign Dembele yet you’d think I said that.Lots of people are too negative and no matter how people deny it deep down that’s the truth.

        1. BenardoM says:

          There are some transfer deals that are awaiting extension time to be completed bit FA has not responded about it.Lets hope Arsenal is one of the teams finalising a deal.

        2. Tactical says:

          Kev, you have many more lovers than haters. Please ignore them – you are only giving them oxygen to feed on by responding to them. Your track record says it all. With love, Your Stan, From Nigeria.

          1. Declan says:

            Kev lost any credibility he may have had with his earlier comments. He even tried to talk his way out of thinking the window closed at 7 and not 5.

          2. kev says:

            Was just a mistake.But knowing you you’ll hold on to it forever.At least I can have satisfaction within me that some deals I said would be done were done.Feel free to think whatever about me.Im not getting paid nor am I getting an award for this.
            The window is over and our appeal was rejected so please channel your energy somewhere.

          3. JJPawn says:

            Listen, carry on with your stuff… Don’t worry about those wanting to rib you. Who knows, you maybe who you say you are, or not. Does it matter? No. We should just enjoy stuff around here.

          4. GunnerJack says:

            You may be able to enjoy the outpourings from Kev’s feverish imagination but some of us prefer the truth. With his penchant for writing fairy tales perhaps he’ll become the new Hans Christian Anderson.

        3. Shekar233 says:

          Now keep quiet kev…as i have been mentioning that you were only entertaining to us during this off season. And once premiere league starts nobody cares about you. You have got your attention by reiterating the mews from various twitteratis and news papers.

          Your stats are…
          Your prediction success : lichsteiner,torriera,sokratis.

          Your failures : guendouzi(u had no clue till there were actual reports in news linking him with us), leno(u only reported about it after many news papers reported it), ramsey(beem claiming for many weeks that he will be siging this week and the other, atlast u said he will sign today ),yacine adli, dembele (some loan move that u were talking about.)

          So finally ur success rate is less than 50%.
          Now that the season starts.. We dont need ur entertainment. And also olease stop convincing people to believe you. They will believe if they want to. Finally Please dont explain the definition of “done deal” ever to anybody coz they will become mentally retarded after listening to you.

          Kev Now that you have had ur limelight ..let us support our club from now on.

          1. kev says:

            Dont forget Iwobi’s contract,Kelechi Nwakali to Porto,Torreira’s reporting date.
            Take note too of Reiss Nelson contract being £45,000 a week and also Ramsey will sign a new deal.

          2. Admin says:

            Has Ramey signed a new deal?

          3. kev says:

            Also when have I ever been forcing people to convince me?What I don’t like is others speaking their minds to people yet don’t want others to do the same to them.The arrogance here is so unbelievable.Also you don’t need to tell me to stop the transfers since the season has almost begins common sense.The real attention seekers are those who try to conform to how people want them to be over here.With arrogance they speak as if they are the most intelligent.I don’t really care about if anyone here cares about me.Its not like they are feeding me or something.
            As for you,I rest my case and I’m sure you know what I mean.

          4. Go ask Alice... says:

            Take a deep breath, and blow it out your ass.

          5. kev says:

            Don’t really blame you though.As if I expected any better.

          6. Goonerboy says:


            Cant stop laughing since reading your post mate, nice sum up!???

  3. JJPawn says:

    There is not enough money to win the EPL.

    1. Muffdiver says:

      Not even close loool
      Top 4 is a stretch

      1. Xxnofx says:

        I’m going with 5th – 6th

      2. Disgusted1 says:

        Blame Arsene….Lol I bet he is saying I told you it wasn’t me.

        1. Durand says:

          Bet he’s saying wish i had a coaching job.

          1. JJPawn says:

            6th? Maybe worse if Everton gets going.

  4. Stantheman says:

    I have to vent and just decided to do that here.
    I have felt the optimism amoungst some fans regarding our transfers going into the New era , my opinion is that it was a very mediocre result and im not happy about a few things.

    Firstly i look at two signings that Everton and fulham Have made and compare that too of ours.

    Seri-fulham -+ 18 million
    Soyuncu – everton 19million
    We signed sokratis and guendouzi.

    Even though geundozi has impressed me I feel he is one for the future, sokatis i am not cinvinced on and has little resale value in the comings year’s because of his age.

    I really wanted both seri and Soyuncu and now realise how possible it was, both for under 40 million too!!

    I wanted to see soyuncu in defence with torreira and seri in mid…instead we now have sokratis and geundozi….am i the only one that sees another missed oppettunity and feels the wool has been pulled over our eyes once again.

    1. zTOM says:

      I’d Torreira is a better signing than Series? He’s exactly the type of player we needed to strengthen our defensive midfield.
      And Sokratis is a good experienced CB that fill the Koscielny void for the short term and he should be good for long enough that our youngsters are ready to take over in a couple of seasons.
      Leno is a question mark and I’m really jealous of Liverpool’s signing but he cost as much as all the budget we had to fulfill all our reinforcement needs, so…

      1. Stantheman says:

        Seri and toreira are 2 different types of players, seri is more a box to box. Akthough can play a hokding role if asked.torreira dm, seri b2b and xhaka or Ramsay as dlmf would have been prefect…ramsay could of rotated with seri in b2b role too…so many combos there.

    2. Mobella says:

      Before you call that a missed opportunity can you tell us how you know about Soyuncu? Nobody knows is we really want the boy or it was just purely his agent trying to force him into the face of prospective buys. Let just assume we really want won’t it look over priced for us at 35m when another team can do that for 16m less. Imagine we buying him and loaned out Chambers to Fulham because of him.

    3. Goonerboy says:

      What exactly do we need Seri for?
      Are we gonna keep stock piling our strongest area on the pitch? I dont have the time to start naming but just sit and think about it a little more…
      In terms of youth and experience we are ok…

      You said Guendouzi is for the future, but so is Soyuncu, both lack EPL experience, we already talented young CBs hence the signing of Torreira

      No matter the way the club chooses to go, some will just wanna go the other way, players are not commodities, people should grow up and show support not moan like babies….it is so disgusting. .argh!

      Why is it so difficult to just wait and seeeee before complaining ehn?
      Yes our defence may lack quality or numbers whatever you feel but we still have the winter to put things right
      A new manager can ONLY know his players in competitve games over a period of time.
      Give the team a chance, SHOW SUPPORT!

      1. GunnerJack says:

        Well said G-boy. However if you’re going to insist on writing common sense, sticking to the truth and encouraging optimism I hope you’re not smothered by the naysayers on here. However school starts early September so the children and their childish remarks should quieten down a bit so if you can last out ’til then you should be ok:)

        1. ozziegunner says:


  5. Nod the gun says:

    Not happy with sokaratis should have signed another cb i rate guendouzi but still young who knows who is gonna start in goals cech or leno so basically we will be the same as last year but a little better with torreria so might creep into the top 4 and thats not fantastic we used be calling for wengers head when we used finish there

    1. Nod the gun says:

      And wanted soynucu too at 24 he was perfect

  6. Sean says:

    Not good enough window but all cant be done in one single transfer window & it being Emerys 1st as Head coach. He will have to see what he has after a season, maybe even Jan depending on the progress on the pitch.

    Stan proved what type of owner he is going to be, just bought the club but did abso nothing to get the fans on his side when the majority don’t want him in the club never mind having 100% control.

    We will struggle with Top4 with this squad esp after Chelseas spending, even Everton spending again this window!!

    My final standings;
    1. City
    2. Liverpool
    3. Chelsea
    4. Utd
    5. Spurs
    6. Arsenal
    7. Everton
    8. West Ham

    1. Disgusted1 says:

      Please 6th we might be closer to 10th

      1. Tas says:

        I canot belive some of you oh here we probebly have the best strike force in the EPL deacent midfield and untested defence, if our defence comes good we are in the top three

    2. Goonerboy says:

      Spending doesnt always translate to success my friend and even if it will, it doesnt happen that same summer, it has to be built.

      Remember when Spurs sold Bale and invested heavily in their team? They finished below us and are still trophyless eversince

      Everton have been spending since when Koman was hired, they became even worse and he was fired
      Man U are not achieving as much as they want
      Liverpool entertains but thats it

      We are in a new phase for the first time in 22 years, how can we expect sooo much in one summer?

      One thing is certain, either too many kids here OR grown men who just cant THINK

    3. Welbeck says:

      Here’s a bold prediction: I don’t think Spurs will finish above us this season. The Arsene Out Brigade made the our players afraid to play at home in such a toxic atmosphere. How could our players perform when half their fans wanted the manager out??? Now that we have a new manager, hope is restored (well, until the wheels come flying off again) and we should see our team playing better.

      I believe our impressive attackers will make up for our perceived defensive frailties!

      BTW… Why are people so mad that Arsenal is “lumbered” with me? I am English and therefore naturally overpriced, but I give you 100% effort (even though I may look a little clumsy at times)

      1. JJPawn says:

        Got you playing behind Auba… in front of the back three/four.

        Chill. When the season starts play like you can without the ball and create turnovers. Be the best pressman in London.

  7. Nod the gun says:

    We will have to wait until the addidas deal comes through before we spend again??????? sad but true not as stingy as spurs but still so stingy started spending a bit with the lacazettes and aubameyangs but nothing compared to chelsea and utd who have been spending twice as much as us for more than a decade

  8. zTOM says:

    Well, with the budget we had and the previous spendings, we still managed to address all the areas where we had clear weaknesses so that’s a very decent transfer window. A couple of cracking signings with Torreira looking fantastic, for example.
    I can’t wait to see us play and I hope we’ll get to see some play time for the Aubameyang/Lacazette attacking pairing!

  9. Sean Williams says:

    Sorry but am I missing something. We were chasing one particular player all summer and Leicester City bought him for £19,000,000. Caglar Soyuncu. We got rid of Calum Chambers. I know we are not supposed to criticise but the kid is fast, strong and who we needed. Are we not supposed to notice the Arsenal board are damaged goods. Sick in the true meaning of the word. He should have been playing for us. ****.

    1. I says:

      Ever wonder why other top clubs didn’t go for him.

    2. mobella says:

      Have you watched him play? How do you know he is what we wanted. Is he even better than Chambers or Mavropanos.

  10. Durand says:

    Addressed defensive issues in terms of bodies but not quality. I dont2rate Sokratis much at all. Leno is upgrade on Ospina, and Torreira was the best signing we made at a position we desperately needed filled.

    Overall it’s a start that hopefully is improved upon in January.

    Only Nelson as a true winger is near inexcusable in my opinion, and I think it will haunt us going to January.

    Best business of all was passing on Arteta as Coach. Shocking to me he was even being considered with absolutely no experience leading any club.
    Apparently I’m not alone as not a single professional club seemed interested either, despite Pep doing his best to shine Arteta.

    We’ll soon see how much value we got for £70 million.

  11. Sparodic, missed opportunities. Really only two Worth mentioning.
    Lucas Torreira and Matteo Guendouzi
    Why loan out Calum Chambers to Fulham? He is good enough to play for us.
    To many sold at a cut-price rate. Far to many that no other club wanted.
    Only Liverpool have been the wise spenders this summer.

    1. mobella says:

      People fail to realize we have 6 CB including the injured Kos. There is no way we can give adequate game time to every if all are fit. Perhaps Chambers weighed his option and decided to go out on loan as he is at the stage in his career for regular game. He is going to come back a better player with more experience player that is good for him than be sparingly used buy arsenal because to be honest i can’t see him bench Mustafi and Sokratis.

      1. Welbeck says:

        Good call Mobella…. I’ve said this before but Holding (2 million) looked like a much better prospect than Chambers (16 million I think) when he came into the team. It is no accident that Chambers was loaned to Middlesbrough last season, he is good but Wenger and now Emery prefer Holding. Hmmmmm I wonder why??

        1. JJPawn says:

          Holding has the nasty… and is still gaining strength/power.

  12. Sohara says:

    I’m hoping our new players hit the ground running. Wish we had kept Chambers as he was so good this pre-season and we need him for the cups etc.

    But overall I’m feeling happy and excited ,

    My aim this year is to finish before Spurs and Chelsea/or Man U and get back our fourth position. And OR winning the Europa .

    Buying players will be easier with CL football

    1. Which Arsenal hav u been watching Chambers has neva been gud jst lyk Mustafi,Iwobi,Elneny,Ramsey,Xhaka. Why dey got new contracts is beyond me. We’ll neva win da league let alone challenge wit these guyz in our team.

      1. However i do wish Unai Emery gud luk…he’ll need it

      2. Lee says:

        So your suggestion is to clear out the whole team and struggle to get all of them to find chemistry in time for the new season. I think I would also have to ask “which arsenal have you been watching” if you can say none of those players have EVER been any good.

      3. Nod the gun says:

        I agree

  13. Muffdiver says:

    Underwhelmed like last decade.
    It will never end

    Arsenal football club …

  14. Goonster says:

    I think it was average. Nothing exciting really apart from Toreira. Not the worst compared to others.

  15. Me2 says:

    What a piss awful summer that began with appointing Emery as manager.
    Signing players that are more suited to mid table teams like West Ham and Everton – how in hell are we supposed to improve by signing average players?
    Sorry but I will eat my own hat if we finished higher than fifth.
    And as for Sven – he is a joke. I mean, Sokratis and Lichsteiner? What was he thinking?
    Another season of disappointment and failure beckons…
    So utterly disappointing and underwhelming I wished they had taken Spur’s lead and not bothered at all..

    1. Lmao rollng on da floor

    2. RSH says:

      Lichtsteiner will do fine. Sokratis is the signing that concerns me. Came off of an average season with Dortmund and is past his best so why did we want him? I won’t get too upset before he kicks a ball in EPL yet, but I don’t think it was the correct signing

      1. ks-gunner says:

        I will be damned if Mustafi will be any better

  16. ks-gunner says:

    There is no chance whatsoever that we will be competing for mayor trophies ever again. We are on a pair with the likes of Spurs now and i will be not surprised of other teams coming out with billionaires in the future ( just imagine usmanov taking everton over ) will put us even further behind.

    The rumor of us having only 50mil to spend was true. Emery will do his best and i hope that fans will be not aiming their frustration towards him in case of things turning ugly. He is good and him getting close to the 4th place is going to be possible. Only with luck though. Arsenal is about to turn into a War zone soon, lol. Its written in the stars. hehe.

  17. John0711 says:

    Cheap average club
    We will not be top 4 we can forget that and as long as the money keeps coming in we will get lower and lower in the league
    Still won’t spend a penny on the club
    We’ve signed 1 player we needed Torreira that’s it
    That’s not going get us any closer to the top clubs. From my memory apart from spurs they have all spent/improved more than us

    I criticised arteta now I think he was right to turn us down

  18. RSH says:

    Arsenal standards its a great window. By EPL standards it is average. Still questions around our defense and wide players. Budget was too small and the lack of a big name in defense is frustrating. Arsenal need to just pay for the quality. You tend to get it when you do. Just look at Aubameyang. Too worried about saving pennies though. Arsenal needed to find a manager that accepts these low budgets and won’t complain too much. Wenger was perfect, and I guess Emery was also willing to play along. Very skeptical about this coming season. I just don’t think it was enough. A Sokratis/Mustafi pairing will not work

  19. kumssa says:

    look it has not been bad i knw ppl wanted dembele but still it was not a bad transfer window now let’s c wat happens can’t wait for Sunday #coyg

    1. Goonerbri says:

      Agree. Give the team a chance, the league hasn’t even started yet. I for 1 am putting a tenner on us to win @ 25/1. Who knows , if we win our 1st 2 games those odds will slash to about 12’s always a gooner ever the optimist. Common guys let’s all get behind the team and stop this negativity. NB gooner and proud.?

  20. ThirdManJW says:

    I think we have to accept that the fantastic January transfer window had a knock on effect for this window. People also forget that along with our new signings, this is Auba, and Miki’s first full season, and their first pre-season with Arsenal. It’s their first time playing under Emery as well, so one could also consider them as brand new signings.

    I would have liked us to spend more, and have got a marquee signing, but the budget is around where I thought it would be. Overall, it’s been one of the best transfer windows we’ve had in a long time, if you consider our star players being retained as well.

    Letting our best CB leave on loan, whilst not replacing him, and keeping our worst CB, is one thing I cannot explain though.

  21. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Nothing has Changed the Board still sitting on to the Cheque book. I know we got 5 New players for a total of 70M, You have to wonder about the Quality of these players. It seems to me we got rid of some dead wood but did we buy another club’s dead wood we will know soon enough. Sorry but I am disappointed the Manager did no address our defence and buy a top Quality CD.

    1. Alkali says:

      He didn’t have the funds. If he had 150m to spend do you honestly think he will buy these players bar torreira?

      1. JJPawn says:

        Wenger had the funds… 🙂

  22. ks-gunner says:

    Another thought of mine is also that Wenger was our manager for so long bec no other manager was stupid enough to replace him at Arsenal. When Wenger started to ruin things to much for their taste in the club and him continuing was impossible they where forced to act. Arteta was a favorite to take the job, just imagine how absurd this was. Nerveless my personal prediction.

    1. Shity
    2. Liverpool
    3. Chelski
    4. Manure ( due of quality)
    5. Stans mcdonalds.
    6. Spurs.

    1. TW14-TH14 says:

      Is it that Arsenal ruined Wenger rather with the shoestring budget he had to endure? During same period Wenger made top 4 without fail mounting a strong challenge 07/08. Never mind he had to deal with his best players being sold to repay debts. Emery will be no where near top 4 should he have to deal with the conditions Wenger lived with. The Wenger insults is what has made me lose interest in this club. The man sacrificed his own glory to build a modern Arsenal but all he gets is abuse from these horrible “fans”. Same people praise Emery who hasn’t done nothing yet for the club.

      Wenger won 3 EPL titles, 7 FA Cups and built a stadium. Ask Spurs how many players they’ve bought just because they are building a stadium despite doing so when there is so much more revenue for EPL clubs.

      Wake me up when Emery wins just one Community Shield.

      1. stubill says:

        To win one Community Shield we’d have to win either the FA Cup or the Premier League, should we wake you for those, or wait until we win the CS?

        1. Goonerboy says:

          Stubill!! Lolz

          Will i be sleeping tonight?!???

          1. TW14-TH14 says:

            Stibill jumped in without knowing all the possible ways to play in the community shield (including winning nothing but coming second where champions are FA and league winners) but got schooled.

            Don’t be too quick to reply a post.

        2. TW14-TH14 says:

          You can win play in the community shield without winning any of the EPL or the FA Cup. If the EPL champions are also the FA Cup winners, then the Second in the league will play the champions in the community shield.

      2. ks-gunner says:

        He was no holly men as he was sitting on big money and also backing the boards plans. He had the chance to go on the high and be remembered as a great manager, but his refusal to do so due to his arrogance made him turn out in the end the way he did. And by the way. Comparing the days Wenger won some mayor trophies with today is a total diff scenario. The competition today is immense where back then it was flat.

      3. JJPawn says:

        “Is it that Arsenal ruined Wenger rather with the shoestring budget he had to endure?”

        Smart. Someone gets is around here. Like you I am appalled by the “fans.”

    2. Ardvark says:

      Childish post. Only children use terms you have used for teams 1, 3 and 4. And 5? who are they supposed to be? By the way you don’t spell spurs with a capital s!

  23. DANDY GUNNER says:

    My final standings;
    1. City
    2. Liverpool
    3. Man Utd
    4. Chelsea
    5. Spurs
    6. Everton
    7. West Ham
    8. Arsenal.

  24. Sue says:

    Bloody hell didn’t take long for all the doom & gloom to start ? we haven’t spent as much as some teams, but they’re not guaranteed a trophy at the end of the season… no team are! Emery believes the players he bought are enough for the time being, so let him coach them & see how they do! Even if we were to finish the season without a trophy, we’ll still all be gooners…. roll on Sunday COYG

    1. JJPawn says:

      People are sort of waking up… there is no money. Usmanov will buy Everton into reckoning for top four… maybe.

  25. Mr Patrick says:

    Sometimes I wonder how I became arsenal fan,too much negative vibes and the season hasn’t started, a point on Sunday will be the best we can expect judging by the negative comments ,

    1. JJPawn says:

      You became a fan as you loved how the team played to win a couple of titles and several FA Cups… with a decent man as coach.

  26. Alldwayfromafrica says:

    Few weeks ago we were all hailing the transfers dealing of Emery given the limited budget we had to start with till we started believing the rumors of dembele and co thanks to keV and Chiza…..we didn’t do to good…but definitely no were to as bad as you guys are projecting. It’s his first season let’s give him the chance to work with these players .for the first time we completed our transfers early enough to focus on preparations I remember this time ast year the OX was still with us we know how that ended…I see guys projecting us to be way down as 8 position without kicking a ball yet…lol where’s that faith guys…cheer up people and let’s prepare for the game on Sunday.

  27. Dan says:

    As I said all along added numbers but not top quality that’s badly needed will be another season without qualifying for champions league and finish 6th or 7th and once this yank owner takes of takes full control then we are finished completely as a club that can challenge for anything!!

    1. JJPawn says:

      No money for quality.

  28. Senile says:

    After a win/good signing, Arsenal ‘fans’ are the brightest/best in the world. After a loss/no ‘expected’ signing…well, read this page.

  29. Russell says:

    Our Team Is Perfect You Guys Are Use To Complaining Emery Knows What His Doing His Done Well In The Window Signed The Players We Needed Sokratis Will Come Around Its His First Games In Epl Lich Is A Great Right Back Torreira Better Than Kante For Me And We Have A Good Front Line

  30. Anesh says:

    I think mustafi will come up well this season. Hes gonna be the senior CB, n seems like Holding might partner him initially. Until sokratis adapts. Same at right back, bellerin should start. Only new signing could be Torreira that could start. Unless Emery decides to retain players with premier league experience to start n Get new signings on as subs.

  31. Anesh says:

    By the way, this is what I think, or assuming might happen. Not a news report, or concrete info from reliable sources. lol. Only Emery knows how he will start on Sunday.

  32. Sarmmie says:

    Some fans are never satisfied, imagine someone saying lacazette is not good enough and that he won’t mind him being sold, stuffs like we didn’t spend enough, how much did barca, Bayern, real Madrid, PSG spend in this transfer window? You don’t buy to show that you’re a big team, you buy what you need. Arsenal didn’t do a bad job of filling deficient positions this summer with a limited budget(though i don’t know why a team like arsenal should have a limited budget) but then, everything can’t be done at once. Moreover how much you spend during the transfer window is not directly proportional to the no of trophies you win, there are a lot of factors, more important numerous factors. Some people here will do well to understand that.

  33. ruelando says:

    Some fans here are so fickle and do not have a mind of their own. I have said i am not comfortable with Sokratis and sending out one of our best defenders on loan, Chambers.

    – At no point, we have heard anyone from Arsenal saying we need a wide forward or winger, this was only being said by News & Rumour mongers, fans here jump on the Bandwagon on any winger that seemed would come.

    – The manager carried several youngsters on tour who can play the wide position, which some here even rave about saying they should be in the first team. How are you going to get in the first team if you do not allow space for them.

    – Our pay structure weighs heavily on who we can sell or not, some players will just look to running down their contract without moving on

    – We have an attacking force that will give any team issues, a midfield that has become more diverse with the addition of Guendouzi and Torreira, and a Defensive unit with a lot more experience and more ruggied.

    – Our manager will definitely make a statement against the defending champion

    1. JJPawn says:

      We have been short a winger for some time… Theo never made it his own. Others tired but failed. Wenger was looking at a few… Juan Cuadrado was one, I think, but it was not possible. We had Giroud up there for a header, but never had enough service on the break be a leading scorer.

  34. nonny says:

    I think arsenal are caused there own problem people started complaints about winger when they thought arsenal have plugged there gaps…Never hard about wingers until we signed toriera. …fans Not happy because transfer was done early if arsenal signed 2 and delayed the rest for the final day of the transfer fans Would have been buzzing…
    Some weeks ago everyone was praising our transfer then suddenly it’s a bad windows. .. People won’t stop to amuse me I saw peoples predictions of how the table will look like come next may…I saw that many times before and wait who predicted Leicester winning the league…even emry never taught Monaco stood a chance to win the league from him 2 seasons ago……
    People should learn to relax criticise when you have to and support When you need to…Some people will always not have there own mind But follows What others say blindly the talk shifted from arsenal needing a dm to arsenal needing a GK to arsenal needing a cb to arsenal needing a winger if arsenal had got one who knows where else u Guys will redirect

  35. BubbleBoy4 says:

    DONT know why everyone is complaining, yeah our window wasn’t fantastic but it was good none the less. Only reason I’m annoyed we didn’t get a winger is because we sold Perez who I rated.

    Matteo looks promising, Torreira is what we have been missing for a long time, Lichsteiner and Sokratis both experiences, no nonsense defenders, and finally Leno has been the 2nd best keeper behind neuer in the Bundesliga for the past few seasons.

    Then the big one we have a new manager, New system, new tactics, new approach, the player seem to be receptive towards his methods, top 4 looks possible especially seen as other than Liverpool, none of our rivals have strengthened much, confident we will finish above Chelsea, United and sp*rs. Then reckon next season emery will ship out anyone who flops this season and go on a big spending spree, have faith, think we will surprise a lot of people this year and get back into the top 4 and then kick on from there

    1. ozziegunner says:

      I agree BubbleBoy4; some people on here are beaten before the season starts. I wouldn’t want to play any team sport with them!

  36. herb says:

    In contrast to what most people think, our central midfield is our weakest link and not the defence. In midfield, aside from Torreira (mind you who cannot dictate play), we have absolutely no one else to dictate play. That’s the only area some teams like city, pool and chelsea are going to boss us in.
    Mind you, if we play a 3-5-2 formation and our defence is even the best in the league with;

    Most people on here who always want to abuse Iwobi are not intellectually sound in football knowledge. Iwobi is the ONLY one left in our squad who can dictate play.

    If Emery decides to play 4-2-3-1, then Iwobi has to start on the left side at all cost in place of Lacazette.

Comments are closed

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