Poll – Now the season is over, it is time for another vote on Mikel Arteta

As promised we are now having a poll on Arteta In or Arteta out at the end of the 2021/22 season.

We have all experienced some incredible highs and lows during the campaign, which was reflected in the previous results. The first one gave us a 54% in favour of Arteta, and the second (after a few defeats) gave us a 52% win for Arteta.

Now the season is over, we can have a vote on the whole picture…

Do you think Arteta is the right manager to take Arsenal forward

  • Yes (55%, 264 Votes)
  • No (36%, 171 Votes)
  • Undecided (9%, 44 Votes)

Total Voters: 479

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This poll will stay open until the end of this Month (5 days time), and I will probably do the next one after the transfer window which ends on Sept 1st (11om)

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        1. TBF mate we are stuck with him now ,I can only hope he proves a lot of us wrong but from what I’ve seen over his term here and very much doubt it .

          1. Yeah I’m the same Dan I just don’t see it but I suppose there’s always a slim chance we’ll be proven wrong 🤞 tbh it’s the Kroenkes I have the real problem with mate they put this whole structure in place and daddy’s boy Josh seems to think because he hired a young novice in America and it paid off, it’ll pay off here too.

            1. Dan, Kev there is nothing else to do now. I agree it’s just better to look at his positives and hope he carry it from there. We could’ve had Tuchel the UCL winner for less money.

              Maybe the board are very sure of his and their vision to warranty such pay raise. We have some here like the esteemed Jon Fox who had issues with Ozil and Aubameyang salaries comparing to their contribution but cheering on Arteta and his pay raise. For what exactly? What has he done to deserve a 3 years contract with that much pay?

              1. HH we could have also had Pep, Klopp, Conte etc but the arsenal board being the arsenal board just don’t act like the top clubs do they ? We’ll just have to sit back and see what happens maybe super Mik will surprise us next season! Haha esteemed 😂 well maybe he sees something we don’t mate lol

                1. So if it’s a majority for ‘no’ does that mean Stan will rip up his contract and prise pep away from City with a mega money 💰 💸💵💰🥕 carrot?

                  Just asking since I’m all in for MA:)

                2. I think KSE doesn’t want ambitious coaches. All they need is a great PR who can coach football at the same time. That’s why Arteta.

                  He got a pay rise because of the things he’ll do and say in the future and I’m sure the future is bleak.

    1. thankfully you made note of that DK…I thought MA’s PR team and infiltrated the site AGAIN and f***ed with the numbers

  1. My vote is no though I think he deserve one more season to fulfill the potential. Not that owners care anyway. Paid more than Tuchel, a grade higher manager, the UCL winner and finished higher than him since he went to England.

    1. Working for Arsenal seems very similar to working for a government organisation:

      – better than deserved pay
      – zero consequences for not performing
      – failure is rewarded
      – leaderless
      – millions of people relying on you but that doesn’t bother you

      1. A government organisation like the NHS? Or the Fire Brigade? Royal Navy? MI5? Which one specifically is full of people who are overpaid, are rewarded for failure and dont care about the people who depend on them?

        Asking for a friend.

        1. He is in RSA, so I assume referencing our govt.
          In which case he is absolutely correct.

      1. No. Arteta cannot change. His selfishness caused us top 4. Even though he will lead the team next year, he will cause us more heartaches. He will still push out some important players – that’s for sure.

  2. Mickel Arteta MUST remain/stay. We have never been this close to champions league place than this season. Had it not been for referees and VAR assistant referees decisions to favour Tottenham Hotspur we would be in champions league.
    Let ARTETA STAY!!!

    1. Arteta’s foot soldiers are beginning to sound like a broken record with their excuses

    2. I think you’ll find we have been a little bit closer to the champions league before;)

      Love the way you blame others for our failure!
      Tis the new Arsenal way after all!

  3. Despite being two to one in favour of MA on here, it is no surprise that the regular , daily, sometimes even hourly anti MA brigade are the first to post their undying pessimism and troll like comments.
    No one is surprised, since doing so seems to be their whole raison d’etre in life! How it must pain them whenever we win!
    As we all know, social media in general and JA inparticular will always attract those who are critical and anti of whatever the status quo is, in football as in all other matters.

    Easy to moan and criticise but to SUPPORT takes character and courage, and putting ones own pessimism under control for the greater good of the team they CLAIM to ahem, “support”!

    Predictably as night follows day, those “little people” will now insult me, thus proving my “little people” comment.

    1. Yes Jon, you are so courageous and bursting with character! Your arrogance displayed on a daily basis just reeks of character.

      If you are trying to hide behind the little people comment then that’s just sad man! Really courageous again lol

      Maybe time for your afternoon nap?

    2. Well said sir, these artetaout types seem to actually enjoy wallowing in mysery and griping about it. Arsenal just slashed their wage bill, got rid of most of the deadwood, became the youngest team in the league, and moved up from 8th to just barely missing the top 4 this year, give the man some credit people!

    3. Those critics love the club more than you Jon. “those little people” kept those unambitious “any – thing – goes people” like you on their toes (arteta included) for 5th to be possible. Without them, the season would have been worse.

    4. “Easy to moan and criticise but to SUPPORT takes character and courage”

      Sometimes, but it’s also easy to turn your brain off and accept the way things are..

      There’s so much hypocrisy in this comment if yours, Jon, I don’t think you’re aware

  4. The vitriol posted against Arteta on this site is puzzling. I’m not sure what those supporters expect under the circumstances that Arteta is working. I’m as disappointed as the next Gooner in the manner of our CL failure but I can also recognise the progress that the club has made in order to be in that position. Arteta inherited a disjointed and dispirited dressing room and stadium. It is only fair to recognise the change in atmosphere in both over the last eighteen months. As it stands Arteta set out a roadmap of progress at the outset and has so far delivered. I would suggest that those who don’t trust Arteta hold fire and see if the progress continues. If not then it’s fair game.

    1. How can you have a dispirited and disjointed stadium?
      It looks OK to me and MA has praised the fans.

      I guess it was the “little people” who lost the last poll, when JF loudly (as usual) said that it didn’t count.

      1. Ken, Scootsiegooner said that Arteta inherited a dispirited and disjointed changing room and stadium, which is true. Both of those things have now changed.

        1. So explain why Xhaka came out and complained about some of the players after the Newcastle game – United dressing room??

          Also, you cannot have a stadium that is disjointed and dispirited… the players and fans might be, but the stadium itself would fall down!!!

          1. One game, wow.

            You know exactly what was meant about the stadium, the fans haven’t been this united for many a year, both at home and away !!!

    2. “Arteta inherited a disjointed and dispirited dressing room and stadium.”
      Seriously?? You mean the same disjointed and dispirited dressing room that went ahead to win the FA cup within four months of his arrival.

  5. I’m still on the fence for now. Only because I want to see what he can do in the transfer market this summer. MA said they have clear objectives and to trust the process. So, I wait with baited breath (for now). But, if we start the new season with an uninspiring summer period of activity and strengthening, it’s going to be difficult to support him, Edu and the Kronke’s!!

  6. It looks like we will strengthen the team. That had to be part of arteta’s asks when signing his new contract. We all know that we had a young hunger team packed with fantastic players that will be big stars in this game. If we can get in the right players for the right positions then we will play champions league football next season. I think we need 4 or 5 players in the summer, including Saliba in that number. Disappointed in mistakes he made over the season but have to be behind him because he is the manager of the club that hopefully has been humble by some of his mistake and should have learnt from them becoming coach moving forward. The fans have been spectacular and need a couple of new signings to be excited for the upcoming season!

  7. Maybe, we are looking at it from the wrong perspective. Maybe, his measure of success for now, should be things that has changed in the club that stats cannot measure. Like, mentality, fighting spirit, togetherness and unity, leadership, commitment.
    Well, for me, I am UNDECIDED, still watching from the fence.
    I mean, I can see some changes in the club, also, I can see very clear mistakes that would have been avoided.
    Well, we don’t have a choice but to, trust the process.

  8. Its still a no, no reason to change my mind just to reinforce it. I cant see why anyone should change their mind after the last vote because we are no better off and failed in our target this season.

  9. Mikel Arteta is the best thing that happened to us for so many years .football became very complex nowdays and obviously some of you cant follow.YES!
    —————————MAD ABOUT ARSENAL————————–

    1. What is the complexity of what you speak. Is it not fundamentally the same game.

      No it’s not a pig skin ball anymore but still there are 11 against 11 and the one who scores more than the other wins right?

      As a owner you do the best you can to make the decisions and give everyone the strategy and resources to be the best you can as a football club (and of course business). As a manager your job is to create a winning /competitive team where players are comfortable and hopefully talented in their position/s within a system/s of play.

      As far as I can see it’s not THAT complex. I mean others manage it don’t they; Chelsea, City, Liverpool even Leicester managed to win the league on relative peanuts.

      I guess it’s all about decisions and why you make/don’t make them in the end.

      Let’s hope for better..on this front shall we.

  10. I’ll go for NO! If Arteta can guide Arsenal to at least top 4 next season with a trophy and also a fine brand of football, not the boring predictable football the team plays now, then I’ll have a change of heart!

    1. I say a big yes in favour of Arteta. He has made mistakes likewise the players, however I see brighter future as the team and manager mature as a unit.. coyg!


  12. Mikel would be able to take the club further in a few years if he were at a Kroenkeless Arsenal.

    Since he isn’t, Arteta’s the perfect manager because of his PR skills alone.

    Someone will have to tell the fans why it’s a good thing to sell Saka in one of the next two transfer windows.

    Someone will have to think of the excuses for the continuation of the status quo and present them in a way that sells season tickets.

    Basically, no other coach in their right mind would come to a steaming pile of dung that is KSE-owned Arsenal because they know that football is the absolute last priority at this club.

  13. KSE is just clueless with football… What the hack do we expect as long profit comes in hence MA huge contract for no reason… Next season 7th 8th position will be the only hope.

  14. Honestly I’d rather Wenger had stayed if it were going to come down to Arteta leading us round and round in the wilderness. Wenger knew how to get Champions League and would probably have had us back by now. I have zero faith in Arteta’s process/project after the type of football I’ve witnessed the last couple of seasons.

  15. I think the board / owners should set goals for Arteta every season.
    Take the upcoming season for instance.
    Goal . Win the Europa League.
    Arteta should be able to manage it.
    Winning the UEL ticks some boxes, it is a trophy, it guarantees UCL.
    If he doesn’t win the UEL , then top 4 and domestic cup ( F.A cup preferably) should be his next goal.
    Failure to achieve any of these goals gets him the sack.

  16. I am still undecided but more on the positive side than the negative side ot the Arteta debate..

  17. Arteta is the best, arsenal is much better with him..next season I can see us finishing in top 4 and the future is bright

    Trophies and more to come for the club , let’s trust the process.. Mikel is the right man for arsenal.
    Arsenal’s future is bright with him and the young talent that made many arsenal fans to fall in love with the club again, after a long time of heart breaks. In everything there is ups and downs but lets not forget where arsenal was and where we are now.

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