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Poll: Pick the next Arsenal manager – Enrique, Allegri, Arteta or Vieira?

Who will make Wenger smile this summer?There have been many rumours relating to the next Arsenal manager but it looks like there are just the three front-runners for the job now, with Enrique being the hot favourite. If anyone fancies a bet on the outcome they should maybe try 12Bet, who have recently signed a new sponsorship deal with Arsenal. But who would you bet on?

When Wenger was asked about who his replacement would be, he said he would prefer an ex-Arsenal man but also praised Enrique, and I am sure he is not being left out of the loop.

Even Pep Guardiola has given his opinion of the top three contenders and thinks they are all good candidates. He had the highest praise for Enrique, when he said: “He’s a top, excellent, amazing manager,”

“He can train wherever he wants and Arsenal is one of the biggest clubs in the world.”

Pep was also gushing about Arteta. “I’m not the right guy to talk about that because my opinion of Mikel is overwhelming,” he said. “He deserves the best.

“We are so comfortable working with him, he is one of the reasons for our success this season.

“There are many names for the next Arsenal manager. I don’t know what their plans are but I know Mikel very well and he deserves all he wants.”

And Vieira? “I think Vieira’s already a top manager. With what has happened, there will be a lot of names and Arsenal will take the best decision for them. But of course, Patrick is ready.”

Enrique is generally the hot favourite at 3/1 or less, but there has been a lot of money also put on Massimo Allegri, who is now second fave at around 5/1 with Arteta about 8/1 and Vieira at 12/1. Allegri has won the last three Serie A titles and Copa Itialia’s with Juventus, and took them to two Champions League Finals, but has come under criticism lately with them fighting hard to win the title for the fourth time, and getting knocked out of this years Champions League.

Perhaps it would be a good time for him to take up a new challenge with the Gunners?

So now let us see which man JustArsenal readers would like to see in the hotseat next season. Please pick one only…

Who do you want as next Arsenal manager?

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50 thoughts on “Poll: Pick the next Arsenal manager – Enrique, Allegri, Arteta or Vieira?

  1. Counsel

    First one to vote for Arteta. Vote for Arteta vote for change.The future is bright # viva!

    1. Westlake

      As a confirmed Xenophobe, I cannot understand why Eddie Howe is not even mentioned. Your list does not have a single candidate who has managed in the EPL. Howe has managed to keep a very ordinary team in the League, while playing attractive football. I cannot understand why the rest of you Arsenal fans, who bother to comment here, are not clamouring to have howe hired. Sit and think about for a moment.


    I voted for Arteta to be our manager for the next ten years. Because of Wenger I now like to suffer.
    Viva Arsene Wenger.

    1. gotanidea

      Like your sarcasm, but Arteta could actually be Arsenal legendary manager if the fate takes our side

      Sir Alex Ferguson also failed in his first several seasons at MU, so our next manager could struggle like that as well

          1. Xxnofx

            You my friend is why we are this for arteta just tells me everything I need to know about you .

  3. Eddie Hoyte

    I voted Enrique cus i don’t believe that sh!t that he’s average.
    He’ll be out to prove he’s not just successful because Barcelona had the players. Plus I love his style of play, i’ll just be hoping Sven Keeps pulling our transfer targets cus Enrique’s list of bought players ain’t impressive.
    Allegri ?? Good but i don’t want him, just another Conte, with the amount of players he has he’s still failing Win the UCL while Seria A is more like a one man race except for this season.
    With the amount of players he has he hasn’t won the UCL, and this year’s seria A is going to Naples.
    Plus i don’t want Italian coaches, when the heat is on, they’ll switch to parking the bus. Arsenal ain’t a bus team

    1. Daniel Sutherland

      Enrique has no style of play lmao, Barca fans said his rotation killed players anyway.

  4. Durand

    We need an experienced manager who can compete for titles from day one. No thanks to Arteta, and maybe PV in a few years after he manages a bigger club in a European league.

    I would rather we get Conte than Arteta or PV honestly.

    I believe they know to get a top manager, not some inexperienced or untested guy. Why axe Wenger only to bring in a lesser manager who has accomplished little or nothing?

    Allegri first, then Enrique, Jardim, after that i don’t know. Would have loved Klopp though; attacks like Arsenal, presses better, and has them competing against top clubs.

  5. gotanidea

    My preference in order: Allegri, Enrique, Arteta, Vieira

    Coz Allegri has more experience than all of them, he likes entertaining football and he is a winner

  6. Jack

    I voted Enrique because I want a manager that would fly the flag for footballing needs and not just financial prudence. I do agree we need to be financially prudent. I also feel coming back to winning ways will increase inflow of funds which is another way of looking at being financially prudent. A manager who will be able to stand up to the board and demand what is required without going overboard.

  7. Moses Yamak

    I voted Enrique, we know how tough La Liga is, and the achievement he had with Barcelona. and how he managed and handled big players, he always demanded 100% commitment and this is what is required from Arsenal players total commitments to the club and the fans.

    1. Kenny Rolfe

      Mine as well Sue for his tactical nous, I wouldn’t mind Enrique just for the fact he may bring Iniesta with him, Arteta and sorry to say, Patrick, should not even be in the running.

  8. Alabi Gbenga

    I voted Enrique bcos he is a great man with great philosophy. He did really well with celta Vigo, that’s why he called by Bacelona, forget about their big player. Enrique has the mentality.

  9. Oswald Carbonaro ( bonaroca )

    Bonaroca:- Personally, Arsenal being Arsenal, I would prefer Allegri. First of all he has been
    manager of two of the best teams in Italy, now presently with Juventus and secondly, he is well known to calm and able to pass instructions when on the line and following the game. Secondly, he is very good and gives promising youngsters. (Arsenal have quite a few in the Academy) and gives the chance to play and train with senior players.
    That’s my choice, have seen quite a few of his matches at club & international level.

  10. ThirdManJW

    No Simeone, Jardim, or Ancelotti?

    If we go for a big name, Simeone for me. If it’s a lesser name, it has to be Howe, or Marco Silva. I think Howe has done an amazing job at Bournemouth, when you consider their budget. He plays attacking football as well, pleasing on the eye. I found Silva to be very impressive at both Hull, and Watford, until the whole Everton business.

  11. Bob-kingsley Nwuke

    Personally, I would prefer a younger personality in the mold of Arteta and Enrique. Arteta is my first choir, having played in EPL for years and having worked under one of the best coaches in the world still in EPL, based on these, I believe he understands the politics of English football and what brand Arsenal fc is made of.But, can he attract big players to Arsenal? That’s where Enrique will have an edge over him.
    Two of them are result oriented coaches, Arteta, to me , could be another Zidan on the making.

    1. Buddie

      How is Arteta result oriented? How many games has he managed in his coaching career? Zidane was coaching before he got Real Madrid senior team job, he was a football genius during his playing career. How many years has he worked under Pep to make you think he’s best for the job? Even Pep will struggle without big fund, would finish below 6th with the current Arsenal squad. Man city he inherited has lots of world class players plus his investment struggled until he was given millions of pounds.

  12. Hadnuff

    This guy Julian Negalsmanne is a Dogs bollox! Ok too young some might say but he is got a brain of Einstein. Guy is working miracles at Hoffenheim on a small budget…his coaching and tactics are outstanding. This guy will be willing to work on £50m budget and will get Ars back in top four if not higher with the right support from the board.

    1. Pius

      I will want us to get a young manager ,I voted for Enrique though and would love to have ateta but not tested so I don’t know how good He is. My real preference is Julian Negalsmanne the guy is a tactician I believe He do very well with Arsenal and grow with arsenal

  13. David

    Arteta,cos when captaining Arsenal he has been commanding the play very couragiously and Arsenal has been getting positive result

  14. tony

    all 4 r garbase.even alegri.he failed during milan time then succeded in a team made by conte.
    i have no idea why viera n arteta even in that list!!! looks like we r trying hard to make them richer.they already got enough money trust me

    1. Rashid80

      What do you mean by failed at Milan? Won the league in his first year was second in his second years.. then the board got rid of most their starting 11 zlatan silva ambrosini etc, and milan has been struggling since then it wasn’t Allegri’s fault

  15. Meja

    Simeone is that ruthless manager who doesnt entertain mediocrity in a team, jardim is a tactitian and knows how to utilise and use different talents, max alegri is full of experience and tactics.. I would go for one of the 3 so that we can see changes in our team. P.v, arteta and enrique will just us wenger’s similar tactics

  16. Amara conteh

    All of those measuring big names managers they have only shine because of the types of players and club they involves them self. As for me i prefire my former dynamic captain patric viera with a wonderful experence have he learnt with his former coach i hope he will bring loyerel in to the club my mighty Arsenal.

  17. Lexynal

    I dont know why some dont seem to know that it’s not about change of Manager. Even if I am the only voice, I will keep reiterating my points.
    Have the Club policies (transfer budgets seal, transfer negotiation strategies, player contract management etc) changed? If NOT…dont expect anything to change in terms of results on the pitch even if you hire a Pep or Mourinho…it will even get worse because AW knows how to get the best results with meager budget – PROVEN! AW worked in alignment with board yarnings and helped to get massive results. If you increase transfer budgets to get high profile players (NOT one per season), then the new Manager stands a chance (and AW would do even fantastic under same improved conditions). Let’s be realistic, objective and not be blind0dighted on the main issues (policies, policies, policiess). Guys -wake up!

    1. Rashid80

      You’re the one who should be waking up.. AW is aweful even if you gave him messi and cr7 in the same team he’d still be aweful.. we only needed a tactical change but now we also need new players because your god sold all the wingers in the team, sold our only defensive midfielder and sold our only man in defence.. AW is the one leaving this team wrecked

  18. Malaysian gunner

    After going so many years without winning the epl,Arsenal shd go for the
    proven one. I know when the fm came he had won nothing of note. However lightning doesn’t strike twice or thrice.
    With this in mind the board shd go for the guy whose track record is second to none.
    Otherwise with Arteta/Veira it could be a question of regretting later.
    Oh yes if they can guarantee they will win comewhat may,then its a cinch for them.These are long odds.

  19. tony M

    Julian Negalsman of Hoffenheim is the Number ONE choice for me hes young has a good footballing sense and would do us a lot of good WHY IS HE NOT IN THE EQUATION come on arsenal spread your thoughts wider than the obvious

  20. tony M

    Julian Negalsman of Hoffenheim is the Number ONE choice for me hes young has a good footballing sense and would do us a lot of good WHY IS HE NOT IN THE EQUATION come on arsenal spread your thoughts wider than the obvious NO I DIDNT DUPLICATE LOOK AGAIN DIPSTICK

  21. Jeremy

    Enrique n Paddy are strong characters. And will do good to get rid of those soft players.

    Do not expect miracles straight away. There are lots of cleaning up of dead wood to be done.

    I don’t think we need another Yes Man for Kroenke family as well. The new one must not bow to them like AW did.

    I thought we need a cultural change in the team and stop trying to get soft in matches.

    The new one must have strong character. Some of those candidates mentioned, may have work under normal circumstances. But we had some culture embedded for 20 odd years.

  22. inkfight!

    We all demanded a change and now we’re about to get it – and we might not like it!

    We will finally get to see the real face of the board / Kroenke and Gazidis – who have been hiding behind Wenger for a while now.

    Considering the reported transfer budget, the realistic target for the new man will be Top 6 BUT ironing out some of the tactical weaknesses of this team and instilling a stronger mentality – and winning a few trophies along the way (EFL, FA Cup & Europa).

    We will very much be competing with Spurs & Liverpool – and not City, United and Chelsea.

    1. Break-on-through

      If Wenger had bought a defender in the mold of Godin it could’ve made a huge difference, that ex Arsenal player we are always going on about, Godin is that man. Oblack is good, big dude and covers allot of the goal, but Godin makes his job easier. Not too many of those players around these days. Even Che and City are lacking, one or two over in Italy but they’re getting scarcer and scarcer.

      I’m starting to think that our board weren’t even looking for the next manager when they told Wenger to tell us that it’s his last season. I believe they knew since he signed the two year deal that he was only getting one season unless he can bring the fans back on side. He said the season before it was a mistake not signing it and letting all the unrest and rumours get to his players. Hence he signed a two year deal but doing only one, without the uncertainty, but the fans not showing up forced their hand so he had to come clean. But I thought we’d be on the lookout all season, so the Enrique and Rodgers rumours confuse me, Allegri seems the best candidate, unless they’re gonna try for someone young and hungry like Eddie Howe I think they should already know who the next man is.

  23. Nothing Changed

    Arteta???? What has he done to deserve shot at managing Arsenal? We are in a transition period and weak because we don’t have much to offer to attract new players. This is not the time to experiment. Let’s give Allegri or Enrique a chance to get us back to the top 3. Once we are there we can think to bring ex-players with a bit more experience than they have today.

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