Poll: Where will Arsenal finish? Who will win the League?

We all know that it is getting harder and harder to win the Premier League title, and the old certain Big Four of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man United is now consigned to history. All four of those have now had to endure a season below 4th place recently, and the emergence of Moneybags Man City, Tottenham’s kids and even Everton are improving and fighting for positions in the Champions League so who is best placed to win the title in this coming campaign?

This is what Arsene Wenger said: “It’s very difficult at the moment to evaluate the real forces in the Premier League,”

“Man United has bought, City has bought many players, Liverpool has bought, we have bought, Chelsea have bought, Tottenham have a young group that’s together for a long time, it’s very open and it’s very difficult for me, like certainly for you to predict exactly what will happen.”

The Boss has already predicted that Chelsea will still be up there after last years win, but Tottenham have the handicap of playing at Wembley while White Hart Lane is being rebuilt, but also have the League’s top scorer for two seasons running, Harry Kane. You can’t write them off any more….

Man City have Pep Giuardiola, who has spent fortune’s of making his own team. He will not be keen to go two season’s without a trophy and the team should be more organized this time around….

Man United are spending money like water as usual. They also have the second-season Mourinho-factor, and have brought in Romelu Lukaku to add more goals. They will be much more dangerous this season.

Everton may have lost Lukaku but they are very ambitious indeed, and have reinvested heavily. Wenger didn’t mention them, but I seem to remember our defeat to them truly derailed our title chances last season….

But don’t forget that Arsenal have also got a better squad. We have kept Alexis, Ozil and the Ox. If Lacazette can get as many goals as he does in France we can easily match the other big teams, and Kolasinac looks like a powerful beast with his forward runs. And we may still get Lemar…..

So tell us who you think will win the title in the comments below, but let’s do a poll to see how Arsenal fans honestly think we will finish at the end of the season….

Where will Arsenal finish this season?

  • Fifth or Below (42%, 509 Votes)
  • Third or Fourth (30%, 358 Votes)
  • Champions (22%, 268 Votes)
  • Runner-Up (6%, 76 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,211

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  1. wilshegz says:

    we still don’t have a reliable CM and a 3rd CB

    1. Dalinho says:

      If wenger brought in carvalho and seri then lemar I’d be very confident at getting top 4 but bcoz I know he won’t as it stands we will come 6/7th bcoz we let in more than we can score and we will get bullied in half the games aswell! This might even be the season we’re Man Utd surpass there 8-2 over us joking! But Man Utd will bully us and have better quality so it’s a recipe for an absolute beat down from mourinho but in the plus side Robbie from AFTV will make a killing from you tube views

  2. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

    The real question is what is different from last year and I don’t see alot of difference. The two additions are good but the key weaknesses are still there.

    I also see that the top 4 and It’s in 6th have been/currently are improving on their weaknesses. In that basis I would say arsenal will finish below all of they team they did plus It’s will move ahead so 6th place finish.

    1. TW14-TH14 says:

      “I also see that the top 4 and It’s in 6th have been/currently are improving on their weaknesses”

      Fans always assume that signing players equal improvement. How did Sisoko, Nkondou and Yansen improve Spurs last season? Did Pogba, Mihkitarian and Belly prevent Manchester United from finishing 6th? With Nolito, Sane, and Stones City only secured top 4 on the last day of the league. Did Xhaka really “improve” Arsenal? If Arsenal had signed Matic from Chelsea you would have said we are taking Chelsea’s reject but for Manchester United, they are “improving their weaknesses”.

      Yes clubs sign players to strengthen but I’m tired of this whole thinking that if rivals sign more new players than you then they have become better than you and are guaranteed to finish higher than you. Another is the belief that a team can’t become better by improving their training, fitness, tactics and organization. Teams can improve from additions from signings as well as from within by players improving their performance and promoting academy graduates.

      Enough of this rivals have signed XYZ number of players so we’re doomed.

      1. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

        You need a reality check. Signings make a difference to teams. Manchester United have addressed key weaknesses so they ARE now stronger. Manchester City have addressed key weaknesses so they ARE now stronger.

        Arsenal on the other hand have not. What made Arsenal bad last year will make them bad again this year. Same manager and players means same weaknesses.

        BTW signings don’t make a difference is so ridiculous it’s untrue. Manchester City and Chelsea did not grow organically to become champions. Go check your facts. It’s not a England only thing either. PSG are now considered a serious club. It isn’t because they promoted academy players.

        I would take what you said seriously if there was even a glimmer of change in AFC but for well over a decade it is the same issues and weaknesses that occur over and over again season to season. So if you think all is well then good luck to you!!!

        1. Break-on-through says:

          He never said signings don’t make a difference. Of course it’s ridiculous to infer that, but you are the one who inferred it ..not him.

          1. ZA_Gunner says:

            I thought the words “improvement” and “strengthening” equates to making a difference not? Because we sure haven’t been doing either of them and hence have made no significant progress and difference.

      2. Kays says:

        Best comment I have read in a while.

      3. andydale says:

        No one said were doomed, Were just not strong enough to win the league, Physically or mentally, I would assume doomed means relegated that is not going to happen, In my opinion to the question is i think we will finish 5th again, We will not challenge for league and expect to challenge for top 4, This is my opinion.

      4. ZA_Gunner says:

        I agree that we shouldn’t compare with other clubs but instead focus on ourselves but don’t confuse that with not signing players. Haven’t you heard the term “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”? Well if we keep playing the same players and expecting them to suddenly become good then you’re basically doing nothing. Signing players and strengthening the team may not guarantee results but it definitely is trying something different and working towards a goal, and hopefully for us that goal is to win titles.

  3. Vishaad says:

    Sadly after the hammering we got in preparation season from Chelsea as well as looking at how Man City , Liverpool and Utd have performed we look on course for another 5th place or lower finish depending on how well Everton perform . If our previous season form is anything to judge by then we havent learnt any lessons from this past season . Our defence is still weak and leaky , our midfield lacks strength ,power and creativity . Our forward line may be good as Giroud and Walcott have stepped up their game with Lacazettes arrival however Welbeck is still useless as ever . Koscielny is old and injury prone now ,we need a powerful commanding leader at the back and another two to compliment that in midfield before we can consider ourselves title contenders . Shore up the gaping holes in our defence and then get the spark / creativity in midfield to unlock the best defences then we are good to go .

  4. Towers says:

    U categorize Arsenal amongst teams that have signed players.Wenger is truly deluded and naive.

    1. neil says:

      Lacazette and Kolasinac… two signed players? yout point is what ? doesnt count unless we sign 5 or 6 players like Pep ?

      1. ZA_Gunner says:

        I think his point is that we are playing catch up while the other teams are moving ahead.

  5. Otunba007 says:

    I think Wenger can be forgiven if he doesn’t buy anymore defenders or attackers but it will be CRIMINAL if he doesn’t get a midfield enforcer this transfer window.. I hate this wenger and Kroenke (The crook) regime but what can i do? I will always support my team through thick and thin… Gunners for life !!!

  6. Nameless king says:

    You gotta be optimistic and say champions it’s part of being a fan, some people here seem to want us to fail just so they can say “told you so” come on you Gooners

    1. Rkw says:

      Yep stoke fans gave been thinking this for decades now

  7. Me says:

    I cannot see us finishing higher than fifth.
    Contracts not resolved.
    The deadwood such as Walcott and Wilshere still at the club.
    Very few signings.
    You have to ask the question what exactly are they doing?
    Nothing it would seem…
    And another two years at least of this…

    1. l says:

      You called a player who scored more than 15 goals from the wing a dead wood.
      So many fans right here are so blind with hate .

  8. Victor victory says:

    Why can’t we be optimistic for once? The season is yet to start but fans are already positioning arsenal for another Europa? What manner of fans are you? Someone talk of friendlies, that makes Liverpool epl champions and Real Madrid a mid table team next season or does the criteria changes when it comes to arsenal? As for me, I am going for the title. No one saw Leicester city coming. No one will see The Arsenal coming. Wenger must be active in the remaining days not withstanding cos I believe in hardwork before success. COYG.

  9. Waal2waal says:

    wait for the transfer window to close shut before the return to painting picture of doom and gloom – winning is a matter the team taking games as they come, one game at a time, build confidence, spirit and desire. Nobody knows exactly who going to win our domest league –

    *wind your neck in if you think you do. Truth is alls we can do is speculate. what is for sure is this year we go into the procedings with a clinical finisher.

    If he and our key players keep fit we’ve every reason to believe ours will be rewarded by trophy success.

    *we should never underate the gunners.

  10. ThirdManJW says:

    Klopp’s, Conte’s, Mourinho’s, and Pep’s second full season this year, so they’ll have more of their own stamp on the team. Poch is building a great side at Spurs (although they suffer a little playing at Wembley). I don’t think we’ve anywhere nearly enough in the transfer window so far, and will still have Wenger in charge, so I think it’s going to be very tough getting into the top five.

    Arsenal have been regressing for years, and I think it’ll continue. I think we’ll finish 6th.

    1. neil says:

      I think you will find 4ht 2nd and 5th is not regressing but inconsistent… this is the teams huge issue and comes from a weak mentality… need a couple of tough talkers in the team and changing room plus tough players on pitch… lets see if Lehmanns attitude rubs off and also Kolasinac looks like he can put himself around a bit.. a tough midfield general who shepherds the team or can lead by example is I think the missing link… but how many Roy Keanes or Patrick Viera type players are there in the world who are currently available to buy ?

  11. Ibrahim says:

    We all wont trophy, an i blive if we hard done dis signin last year tins will have end better for us. So i blive in players not wenger

  12. Yossarian says:

    We’re still lacking a replacement for Cazorla. I fear that Wenger will see Aaron Ramsey as that person, but he is too inconsistent and just good enough to fill Cazorla’s shoes. Somebody like Seri, Lemar, or another, would be great if we do more business in this transfer window.

    My prediction is:

    (1) + (2) Man City & Man Utd

    (3) Probably Chelsea. Possibly Tottenham or Arsenal

    (4) Between Tottenham and Arsenal. Outside chance Everton or Liverpool.

    (5) Probably Arsenal. Possibly Everton, or Liverpool

    (6) Between Everton and Liverpool.

  13. Fishface says:

    It’s a matter of which team clicks first this season and then maintains it.
    We have a good squad .
    When fully fit if Jack and santi and ox can cover the second midfield spot then we have a good 1st team:-
    Something like this for 1st game (L to R)

    Czech- kos,holding,chambers-kolasinac, xhaka, Jack, hector, – alexis , Lacazette,ozil

    Mustafi ox can fit in instead of any of the others

    1. waal2waal says:

      Kos (is banned), jack (seriously??)

  14. Waal2waal says:

    ..every season im expecting my team not to lose or draw or experience a form dip …i actually expect us to win every game because we hold the template of having achieved it before. #coyg

  15. Simon says:

    We can compete with our existing team if all play individually and collectively well – and consistently

    I do agree with most here our biggest area of concern is mid-Field – in the critical link between defence and attack

    In fairness Wenger has Been trying for years To solve this- but unless Xaka takes his game to much higher level – and fast

    It’s looks a concern.

    Lemar Reve or similar look essential for real title contention

  16. Nebsy says:

    I reckon we’ll fight for the fourth with spuds again.
    Something tells me this is the Mourinho’s season. He’s got some nice additions, most importantly he got Matic, who will allow Pogba to play more creatively, which will win them games for sure. Not so sure about Lukaku, as his stats are showing he scores very few crucial goals, but then again, he’s under Mourinho and he’s got a better squad around him, he might start scoring against top sides and starts scoring important goals.

  17. John Rambo says:

    Walcott has never been and will never be deadwood. 19 goals last season. Best deadwood ever?

  18. Shu says:

    Aresnal must improve the back.

  19. ak says:

    what’s Wenger doing while others are strengthening their team.

    The calibres of players in a team determines competition for silverware ,we only have decent and good players in the team while some are even mediocre,the top players there are few,with crop of players we are parading presently,they can’t take us far at the competitive level.
    Though we have sanchez ,ozil,kocieny and we also added a couple of signings to the team in lacazette and kosinac but still not enough to win us major trophy.
    It apparent we have a lot of weaknesses in the team,our defence isn’t good enough,we need solid defensive midfielder that can control the midfield,Ramsey has not being performing to what is expected of him,pearing him with xahka haven’t been effective.
    If we should add two signing it will make the strong and reliable

  20. Nothing changed says:

    I wonder if the people who vote us winning the PL vote their “wish” or their true believe and understanding of the PL.

    I too wish we would win the PL but I just can not see it happen for so many reasons.

  21. amb98 says:

    Would Xhaka (although I like him and feel he will improve) and Ramsey start for any top 6 team? No. A quality central midfielder is vital as Santi’s return date is unknown. Our strong end to the season papered over a lot of cracks, as per usual.
    We have 6 centre backs, but in this 6 we do not have 3 solid, reliable ones. Koscielny is ageing and has injury issues, Mertesacker the same and is retiring next year, Gabriel is inconsistent, Mustafi needs to up his game, Holding is quality but starting every game is a lot to ask for someone so young- he may have dips in form and Chambers looks like he may be leaving.
    I cannot see us competing for the title unless we sign a quality CB like VVD/Manolas/De Vrij and a quality CM like Danilo Pereira/Goretzka/Seri/Kovacic/Carvalho whilst also improving our defensive organisation and pressing.

  22. JustJoy says:

    Some unknown dudes won the league for liecester..

  23. Sandeep says:

    We will be champions and our front trio will be on fire this season Sanchez,Oz and laca.

  24. Sandeep says:

    I hope Cazorla recovers quickly with Cazorla we will have upper hand.

  25. kite says:

    Our problems have not been resolved. The midfield leaks as we dont have a player to prevent oppents from getting into our defenders. We also need a natural winger like thomas lemar plus central back

  26. big g says:

    Admin, why has the vote for this finished when the article was only posted today?

  27. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    1-Man City

  28. big g says:

    1 – Man City
    2 – Man Utd
    3 – Chelsea
    4 – Liverpool
    5 – Arsenal
    6 – Everton or Newcastle

  29. big g says:

    vote button not working

  30. ZA_Gunner says:

    The poll result really took me by surprise because I voted for “3rd or 4th” and was expecting this was the majority answer as well. For someone as critical and slightly pessimistic about our chances as me was sure not expecting “5th or below” as the majority answer, even less so of it to reflect in such overwhelming majority. I think it’s safe to say at least 70% of us don’t expect us to win the title with this squad and judging from how our rivals have strengthened majorly and we have not, the outcome is not surprising.

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