Poor Mourinho leaves Tottenham without winning one trophy

Finally, a bit of good news! The special one is gone!

One good news to come out of this weekend so far is that Jose Mourinho is out of a job!

Now don’t get me wrong, it is never nice for anyone to lose a job for of course, but when you are the special one, and you pipe up and give it the big “I am” because you think you are the “man” and the best thing since sliced bread, then it is about time you are shown the door.

His arrogance no doubt makes football. and the Premier League of course won’t be the same without his press conferences and his patronising talk, especially after they have lost. But needs must, and the league can do without him. Tottenham were no better with him anyway. In fact, Tottenham is the only club that Mourinho has NOT won a trophy at since he was a rookie at União de Leiria 2o years ago!

A statement from Tottenham states; “The Club can today announce that Jose Mourinho and his coaching staff Joao Sacramento, Nuno Santos, Carlos Lalin and Giovanni Cerra have been relieved of their duties.

Chairman, Daniel Levy, said: “Jose and his coaching staff have been with us through some of our most challenging times as a Club. Jose is a true professional who showed enormous resilience during the pandemic. On a personal level I have enjoyed working with him and regret that things have not worked out as we both had envisaged. He will always be welcome here and we should like to thank him and his coaching staff for their contribution.”

Ryan Mason will take First Team training today and a further update will follow in due course.

Now really, I just feel he absolutely does not want to be part of this European Super League that is why he came to an agreement to walk away 😉 But of course I guess we will never know the true reason for his departure.

All we do know is Jose Mourinho is no more, and I am so glad we beat them in a SPECIAL 2-1 win in what would be his last game against Arsenal as Tottenham manager, a fantastic North London derby!

Thank you Jose for leaving Tottenham in a worse state than when you arrived….

Shenel Osman

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  1. If he was sacked because of poor results, good luck to him. If because he doesn’t want to be part of the bogus superleague, Mr Jose just won my respect for life. But I think it’s the latter, you don’t sack your manager who won 12 of 14 finals just before a cup final.

  2. I don’t think it’s good news that he is leaving spurs, I wanted him to stay there and they carry on failing.

    1. I read that Levi sacked him because he wants Nagelman and is worried about Bayern making contact with him first.

  3. AC Milan:
    No league title since 2011.

    No league title since 2010.

    4th in Serie A.

    No league title since 2014.

    No league title since 2004.

    5th in the PL.

    Man Utd:
    No league title since 2013.


    Super League? Embarrassing.

    Just copied this ,how true some of these teams have a right cheek and that includes us

    1. Dan kit, it shows that rich clubs, badly administered and managed, aren’t successful. Rather than lifting their game, they decide to buy their own league.
      Embarrassing is right. As they say money can’t buy class.

      1. Problem is Ozzie these owners do not need the money ,they should come live In The real world Pure greed nothing more .

        The Worrying thing is the more I read about this the more it looks like it could happen ,this will be a kick in the teeth to the footballing world ,but I would imagine give it 12 months and everyone will have excepted it and all will be forgotten ,people can be fickle and I see no difference with what will happen with this league .

    2. Just added some facts Dan.
      Juventus 7 Serie A titles in a row.
      Athletico Champions league last 7 years
      Close 3rd to two of the top 3 sides in the world RM and Barca.
      Chelsea Champions league 15 times these last 17 years including one CL title and 5 League titles since 2005.
      Arsenal Champions league 20 years in a row since 1997 including 3 PL titles.
      Man City
      Champions league last 10 years including 5 PL titles.
      United equal most followed sports franchise world wide.
      Liverpool Arsenal Spurs Chelsea
      fan bases dwarf any other club in the land.
      Juventus Milan Inter huge Italian clubs with great histories.

  4. Some people saying Mourinho is an honourable man because he left because of the super league are complete idiots. Mourinho has never turned down a massive salary or a massive compensation package ever. Chelsea twice ManU Real Madrid Milan Spurs all paid him grotesque salary and severance pay.
    Poor Mr Mourinho?
    He leaves the club with a 15 million pound handshake after failing totally.
    If he was honourable he would waive his severance..not on your Nellie
    The man is an evil fraudster.
    He might not be a special coach anymore but smart enough to fool dumb clucks like Ed Woodward and Daniel Levy to part with mega millions. What sucker club will next sign the master of extorting money?

  5. He got them to a cup final and only 5 points off champion leagues spot I do respect him for not being part of this super league but a spud is a spud after all

  6. I share your sentiments Declan.Nagelsmann has been mentioned as a possible replacement, and I rate him highly.

    1. You’re right Grandad i read Levi sacked him before he could win a trophy which would have made the decision to sack harder to explain but also Levi wants Nagelman and is worried about Bayern getting there before him i have to say I’d be worried if they manage to get him!

  7. Spurs owners been cheaper than Kroenke in his cheapest days.

    They paying that price and for over paying Mourhino, they must pay him over 35M. Bravo.

    Lioris is not as good, overated, for a club pretending to CL. France playing him, shows level of keepers there.

    Beside Son and Harry Kane, they are average good players, or not for EPL as Ndombele who would do best in Italy or Spain.

    Mourihno got best out of side he was handed…Deserved of course more time to build squad but he would not have obtain players; or no sense to fire him.

    An exemple of how no sense makes Superleague; a tournament supposed to gather best team in a country.

    With such season, we do not deserve to be higher, and indeed totally unfare it would be for us to be included in a so called Superleague.

    Anyway, Spurs got rid of their coach, as Chelsea, both above us then..

    Unless we have even giving up to make it to EL though EPL, it is a a bigger disaster than last year as our average 10th /11th spot.

    Watching Leeds play last nite, they look as a team in EL race, they reached first goal to remain in EPL, can see they now targeting EL.

    They deserved the win, 3-1.

    Arteta showed again how shaky he is, lack of exoerience and sense.

    All respect due to Fulham but we should have rotate team after so mzny games played and coming up.

    Xhaka, Laca, Saka, should have been all rested as Partey.

    He loans Kolas, only LB option, now plays xhaka there!

    Why let both Niles and Willock go?

    We end up with no real DM option, have to make it up. Plays Elneny and Ceballos who is no DM.

    We almost lost all 3 players, Xhaka keep getting kicked and hurt but kept there….

    We could all see, a lack of energy, freshness,; tired players…

  8. In Wenger’s words – he got sacked so he is a real coach!! Maybe Wenger applied these words to himself first to reduce the pain and have a feel good factor after his disastrous spell. Anyway, there is hope for Jose, Sheff Utd. requires a manager.

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