Poor Ospina’s dilemma before the England game….

OOOOOO Ospina, the family man. By Charles Veritie.

First of all let me make it clear I am not writing about Ospina’s ability as a footballer and whether or not he should be at Arsenal. I know we Arsenal fans are strongly opinionated about his place at Arsenal. I am not writing about this. This means lipping your view in the ‘comments’ as to Ospina’s place at Arsenal is 100% off subject here.

If you want to publish your views on his football ability by all means do so but not here the subject of this piece is David Ospina Ramírez the person – human being, husband and father. The family man.

I am writing this after the match against Columbia but I want to go back in time to before the match when the result of course was not known.

Before the match Ospina was on the horns of a footballing dilemma that no one could wish for. Either way life was about to kick him in the guts no matter the result of the game. To rephrase Tony Adams famous line ‘win or lose we are on the booze.’ For Ospina, it is ‘Win or lose, its lose, lose, lose.’

The Ospina Dilemma.

If the result of the match proves to be England 2 Columbia 0. Ospiona loses his last chance to win a World Cup medal but may be if Arsenal say ‘Gracias y adios amigo’ he still has the possibility of a transfer to an English club, following the path of other Arsenal Goalies.

If Columbia win in normal time, then Ospina’s chance of a World Cup medal is still on but transfer to another English club – unlikely because of the reaction of the English fans. ‘He stopped England from winning.’

If the game goes to penalties and England (as happened as we now know) win, I would think Ospina will get a transfer to another English club. However he will have lost his chance of a World Cup medal. In 2014 when Columbia reached the quarter final, Ospina was the goal keeper.

However if Columbia win on penalties then Ospina over night becomes the most hated footballer in England.

As we know he is not liked by ‘Arsenal fans’ but how would you have liked to have been in his boots both before the game and now after the game.

Cech chose Arsenal because his family is settled in London, for all we know about the ‘man’ Ospina, this may be true for Ospina.

To quote Tony Adams again ‘Play for the name on the front of your shirt.’ By this he meant ‘Arsenal’ and the fans will play for the name on the back of shirt.’ Ospina always, always gives his all. There is no slacking from him. For this reason alone he deserves our full support.

Now with 3 first team goalkeepers Ospina must be concerned about his future at Arsenal. Life for him is a gut ache at the moment. He doesn’t deserve this agro that life is dumping on him.

Win or lose we support our team, and by that I mean all our players not just some and attack those we don’t like.

Would you like to have life dump you the way it has Ospina, when you have always given your best, and be kicked by those who know you when you are down? Of course you would.



  1. Neil Fitt says:

    Ospina played well! And did his best for his country. He didn’t miss any penalties and in fact saved a good one!!
    I think he should stay for a year and see what happens

  2. Innit says:

    First, i don’t think there was any dilemma. Ospina wanted Columbia to win. Im sure that was the only thing on his mind. His performance showed that.

    I think Ospina did very well. In fact when he saved that penalty I thought we would lose.

    Penalties go either way. They are very tight. All the goalkeeper can do is guess right.

    Overall, he performed well on the night.

  3. D mc says:

    Charlie Wtf was all that about?? Did ospina drop off to you before you started waffling ??

    1. Leeroysgooners says:

      Love this Comment pmsl ????

      Don’t quite understand the point of this article think you need some help Charlie

  4. GB says:

    Charlie, what dilemma? He was giving his all for his country ffs! Your hypothesis is rediculous.

  5. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Charlie, seriously is everything ok with you? Seriously concerned for your well being.

  6. Tas says:

    Another thing poor sod only earning £40k a week I’m sure he can earn more elsewhere now that he played for the mighty Arsenal

  7. stubill says:

    What a rambling load of old rubbish. I just don’t understand why you’ve bothered writing this crap to be honest.

    I wouldn’t mind being dumped on for £40k per week, “working” part time.

    1. Angus says:

      I agree regards the article but can people please stop with the “working” bs as if being a pro footballer is some easy pastime. It’s the most competitive arena one earth and it’s not up for debate the idea you just turn up is born out of lazy people who half-ass their day jobs, ear poorly and turn up for sunday league with no training and somehow think pro-football is a little a like that. To be clear if you do have a high pressure, high competitive, work your ass off job then it’s even worse for you to say that but most in that situation wouldn’t say it.

      1. Angus says:

        past-time* on* eat*

        1. Angus says:

          guy plays for his country ffs

      2. stubill says:

        I shall write what I please, compared to some of the bollox that’s written on here using “working” as an example is lame and lazy.

        As for my own career, I own three, very different, very successful businesses, ( design engineering, high net insurance broker, and have a commercial property portfolio), I employ over 120 people, and making sure I keep the all in well paid jobs, as well as myself carries far more pressure, and working hours than any professional sportsman.

        It’s 2:30am, and I’ve just finished reading through a contract, so I’m off to bed now as I have to be up in 4 hours.


        1. D mc says:

          Do you need an fx broker ?? Got great platform and system for you ?

  8. Steven says:

    A silly article. Of course Ospina was doing his best. In fact he made a good save. Furthermore it is not true that he is not liked by Arsenal fans, as proved by the cry of Ospina every time he takes a goal kick at the Emirates.

  9. Innit says:

    Ospina is a very good GK. I will be sad to see him leave like Szczeny before him. Szczeny won Golden Glove with Cech. I was really sad to lose him. But like Szczeny, Ospina will thrive elsewhere. He deserves to start and earn a higher salary

  10. ThirdManJW says:

    Most Arsenal fans like Ospina as far as I know. In fact, I thought he was badly treated by Wenger. He’s a better keeper than Cech these days, but I understand if he leaves because he’ll want first team action.

  11. Jemson says:

    Ospina did his best playing for his country of birth as any other player would do irrespective of the club he normally plays for. Any fans other than complete morons will accept this.

    Try attacking some of these pundits, one of whom called an Arsenal player a fake. They seem to forget that they had poor games when they were playing and they are being well paid for writing absolute trips. Would the younger Neville like someone to call him a fake. I doubt that he would be a pundit or the England Ladies Manager if his name was Smith. Some of the comments he has made about penalties in the World Cup have been rubbished by other punters.

  12. Ian wrights bruva says:

    Poor elite sportsman earning more in a week than the rest of us will in a year.

    Wish I had his issues to work through, I would the have to worry about what I would do the rest of the week.


  13. Mubby says:

    Pathetic article without bearing.

    Anyway, I only have issues with Ospina because of his height and ability to claim aerial balls especially in set piece moments.

  14. barryglik says:

    The writer must feel like a
    right (wrong) Charlie with all
    these negative comments 🙂
    While I agree that there is no real “pressure” on
    any person receiving 40k per week for 2 hours “work” a week
    I think Ospina was at the centre of a dramatic moment in
    English w/c football history (and Colombian of course).
    Ospina’s position in the enthralling penalty shoot out
    had wider ramifications if not for himseelf per se
    but in terms of the critical shoot out.
    Those 3 Spurs penalties going past an Arsenal GK was rather special
    may be embarrassing for Arsenal fans but highly enjoyable
    for all the other England fans.
    Keep the articles coming Charles.
    May be some of your detractors are reading their own articles.
    Some how I doubt it 🙂

  15. ger burke says:

    after reading this post i could not make head nor tail of it . so i decided to read it again , and i am none the wiser. am i missing something im
    portant here. i dont get it , maybe it is my age, i am very old , after all.;

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