Poor Spurs crying over Arsenal postponement in official statement

Tottenham Hotspur have released a statement showing their dissatisfaction over the postponement of the North London Derby with Arsenal this weekend.

The Gunners have always reiterated their intention to play to the schedule, and thus far had refused to request any postponements despite a number of positive Covid results previously, but they finally gave in this week.

Their noisy neighbours have not taken the Premier League’s decision to accept the postponement well however, claiming that absences alone should not interfere with the schedule, but only Coronavirus sufferers should be taken into account.

“We are extremely surprised that this application has been approved, a statement reads on their official website. “We ourselves were disqualified from the European Conference League after a significant number of COVID cases meant we needed to reschedule a fixture and our application to move our Leicester fixture was not approved – only for it to be subsequently postponed when Leicester applied.

“The original intention of the guidance was to deal with player availability directly affected by COVID cases, resulting in depleted squads that when taken together with injuries would result in the club being unable to field a team.

“We do not believe it was the intent to deal with player availability unrelated to COVID. We may now be seeing the unintended consequences of this rule. It is important to have clarity and consistency on the application of the rule.

“Yet again fans have seen their plans disrupted at unacceptably short notice.”

I’m not gonna lie, it felt like a small victory to get the match postponed, but it now feels like a huge win for us after reading this. I can almost taste the sweet salt as they cry about being ‘extremely surprised’. Funnily enough, Spurs have already postponed games themselves last month, but now they thought they were finally going to gain an advantage, here they are crying.

Well boo-hoo. Cry me a river. They’ll have to delay that beating they are overdue to a later date.


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    1. You numb nuts. You’ve loaned multiple players, chose to buy African Nations players & somehow getaway with your twit of a player Xhaka being suspended. Through your poor management you have 8 X 1st Teamers plus your 4 African Nations Players who your management chose to buy – an absolute joke. Well maybe I might offer my 9 COVID positive Lateral Flow tests to Spurs for when we have made bad managerial choices to get us out of jail. When our one PL game was called off we had 17 COVID cases. Gooners will always be a joke & continue receiving favours from the league. A forever & always love in
      Complete disgrace

      Hector Bellerin – Real Betis
      Lucas Torreira – Fiorentina
      Runar Alex Runarsson – Leuven
      Reiss Nelson – Feyenoord
      Konstantinos Mavropanos-Stuttgart
      Matteo Guendouzi – Marseille
      William Saliba – Marseille
      Mainland Niles – Roma (This week loaned Out ffs)

      Then also loaned 10 U23’s

      Miguez Azeez – Portsmouth
      Daniel Ballard – Millwall
      Harry Clarke – Ross County
      Jonathan Dinzeyi – Carlisle
      Dejan Illiev – Sered
      Tyreece John-Jules – Blackpool
      Nikolaj Moller – Viktoria Koln
      Jordi Osei-Tutu – Notts Forest
      Matt Smith – Doncaster
      Tom Smith – Welling United

      1. Wow, another spud. You should go to youtube and watch a re run of your sad team doing a lap of honour celebrating winning the Audi cup in a pre season friendly. Or, you could watch a re run of all the real trophies Arsenal have won . lol

      2. I can’t imagine myself stooping this low to even access any Spud fan page… What an obsession, keep crying 😭 okay… I won’t stop you because I know you still cry more.

      3. Dear Spurs fan, it is true that we have several players on loan. It is just how a big club operates. You will understand when (if ever) you will become a big club.

  1. No one said anything when we were ravaged by covid illness and injury and went 0-3 at the start of the season. Even our own fans showed little sympathy to the team and manager. How things have changed since then when Spurs were going 3-0 and winning the league under Nuno. Chelsea Liverpool and Man U were also winning the title then. Nuno has gone as has Ole while Chelsea and Liverpool have given up on the title. Since then a slew of games have been postponed. Liverpool got the first Carabao cup game postponed which we did complain about but no one listened then and our opponents told us to suck it up. Now they can suck it up like we had to. Honestly we could play the U21 kids which Leeds and WBA did but they were never going to beat us. Its true the whole issue has gotten out of control but we have suffered as badly as any one else. The issue does need to be clarified now though.
    OT. Man U drop points at Villa so having games in hand is not always an advantage. Chelsea losing at City opens up 3rd place a little.
    Beating Spurs is not essential. Getting Spurs a back log of games is the game we are playing here. For us getting a rest and beating teams we should like Burnley is key. Gonna be a canny battle right up until May. COYG.

  2. Spurs have only requested one game to be postboned [Rennes] due to covid. All the other games have been cancelled by the other teams request, not Spurs. We had players away in South America tournament plus injuries but still played our games. Arsenal have just loaned out two of their squad knowing they had players away in Africa, so shortage of players are Arsenals own fault and used as a reason so they can hold back games until they get players back. Arsenal should put a list out in public of all their players not available and the reason, then everyone can see who they have available from their 25 man squad. A few weeks ago Arsenal played a Leeds team full of young and largely unheard of players as Leeds honoured the rules and Arsenal gained the advantage and won and Leeds never complained. Arsenal get player sent off and can use that as an excuse as one reason they havent enough players? Spurs had to forfeit our European game and leave the competition, all other games we have player with injuries, suspensions and other club problems with certain players, Arsenal should do the same.

      1. Please say it very loud my fellow Gunner. I am always surprise whenever Spurs fans or players compare their team to Arsenal. A trophyless Team of the Century. Please tell them to Target Winning a trophy than targeting Winning Arsenal. They are not in Our class.

    1. It doesn’t really matter does it? The fact is that Arsenal have supplied information regarding unavailability of players to the Premier League, and this was accepted. No doubt if it was Spurs in the same position they would do the same. End of story. Hopefully when the game takes place both sides will have relatively full squads and it will be a fair game unlike at the moment when Spurs would have a clear advantage, which is what you really want of course.

      1. I’m going to point out everytime I see a contradiction
        We wanted a clear advantage against Liverpool

        1. We wanted a clear advantage but was never given, Liverpool lied about their covid cases but we on the other hand came out plain. We submitted an offer and it was granted, are you trying to tell me you know the rules better than the PL?

          Spurs can cry all they want after they’re done crying, they can wipe their eyes and wait for the rescheduled date.

    2. Hi John. Glad you came to give your two cents.

      The Euro Conference League is governed by UEFA I believe but I agree that Spurs’ treatment was harsh.

      As for this case, even in pre-covid times, teams were able to postpone games if they had enough players out. Arsenal’s squad at present is not just missing a few key players but at least 10 and likely 13 first team players. This strikes me as sufficient grounds for postponement although I’d agree that some transparency would help to legitimise the decision. I don’t think it matters whether COVID is the culprit. It’s simply not fair on competitive grounds.

      As others have mentioned, we had a postponement application rejected on the first day of the season while other teams were able to postpone for less. I think what we need is consistency and clarity concerning the rules but I would disagree that this case doesn’t merit the decision made.

      Look forward to the fixture when it happens and to pummelling your boys into the ground 😉

      All the best!

      1. Sean M. It also wasnt fair on competitive terms when Arsenal beat a injury ravaged Leeds team when other teams may have to play against a full Leeds team. The point is, Spurs also have key players out at the moment, so we wouldnt be at full strength either. Arsenal still have the team, minus Xhaka that played Liverpool, which is still a strong team.. Injuries are part of the game and games shouldnt be called of for such as all prem clubs have under 21 and 23 players they can use to cover injuries.. Covid is different, but all clubs should prove and name the players affected . We shall see if your return leg against Liverpool goes ahead and what players you have available. Maybe you can recall those you just so happened to have loaned out knowing some first teamers were going to be missing, eh?

    3. Leeds didn’t complaint and neither should Spurs. Big clubs are granted privileges over small ones. Get used to it.

    1. Well if Arsenal wernt such cowards and turned up to face us, then we’ll never know if they were capable of giving us a beating tomorrow. I feel your relief and gut wrenching fear you must have been feeling, but as you know the old saying, lucky Arsenal.

      1. Well! well!! well!!
        John or whatever you call yourself, we are cowards and thank you for teaching us at least this one thing we learnt from Spurs

  3. Well deserved postponement, great to hear we got it! If Liverpool can get one with a bunch of false Covid positives then we should get one too.

    We’ll be back later to the toilet bowl at shitehart lane when we’re good and ready, don’t worry little Spuddicles!!!

  4. I wonder how many hypocrites on here slagged Liverpool off for doing the same thing, are now saying the opposite.

    1. No team has suffered as much as Arsenal has from Covid. No one cared when we were ravaged by illness for the first 3 games yes repeat 3 games. Not one but 3 games of the season.. It was only later teams were allowed to request a potponement. We then showed incredible courage to recover and reach the top 4. If we can come back from such a terrible set back others can too. Having a week to prepare for Liverpool is only fair as they had a game postponed before the first leg. Its just right. Whether we win or not is not the issue its about fairness and us not being able to request a postponement in the first three games was not fair. Now we are catching up. Simple. I remember Spurs fans were gloating when they lead the league after 3 games while we suffered. What goes round comes around. Sure means it’s gonna be a spicy ocassion when the NLD is finally played.

      1. Look at what i wrote! Im on about double standards. Many people on here rightly or wrongly slagged Liverpool off, are those same people going to keep the same principles?
        Im not judging right or wrongs of teams, im judging peoples right or wrongs. If we are right to cancel then Liverpool were as well but that wasnt the case for some.

        1. Fair comment Reggie
          However, I am disappointed like so many others that the basis for postponement is muddied. Liverpool and the false positives is a case in point and we can point to the lack of sympathy for us at the beginning of the season.
          My standpoint has been that the games should be played regardless but that went out the window before Christmas

        2. Point I’m making mate
          Sad that fans can’t see what they are writing contradicts their own stance from a week ago

          1. Dan, some people spout for the sake of spouting and have no scrupples or principles. Opinion is one thing, making it suit you rant, is another and means nothing to me.

          2. Sad your working as Liverpool PR team to get a leg up. What is your opinion on the Suarez 1 pound curiously? East answer for a journalist, horrible question for a Liverpool PR man.

  5. What a sour bunch the Spuds are. Bitter and twisted. No wonder they can’t win anything. Conte will bail out from that envious lot.

      1. False postives which as journalist you should be screaming but are not why? never mind an arsenal fan?

  6. Did I hear anyone says that Spurs are not Winning trophies? Pls Spurs have won a trophy as the Trophyless team of the Century. Hahahahahaha Spurous Spurs

  7. Don’t critizise Spurs. It is only natural they think they have half a chance, if we are forced to play half a team.

  8. Let’s not forget who started this postponement shit shall we. The spud who said they didn’t apply for any postponements is and absolute tool. Spurs put an application to cancel the Brighton fixture a full week before it was played. When they had 8 staff infected and 4 players at that time. During that period the infection went up, not just a few more players (nowhere near the 13 first team players we have missing) and staff, but the bird who sells the hotdogs on mezzanine included in the figures. A full week before a fixture and your club couldn’t control the situation your a joke.

    I’m sorry Spurs started the postponement debacle and set a president for other clubs to take the piss (20 postponements before us). Now it’s Arsenals turn to have a break its disgusting and not allowed. As my fellow gooners said above it not just about COVID, the league asses the risk to players through over playing them too.

    Because of COVID, AFCON and the fact the Premier league does not have winter breaks they are accepting applications for postponements. Which I think is a pain for us fans the pundits and so on. But fair on the players who have to look after their own mental and physical well being. The lads at our clubs don’t get 2 weeks off at Christmas they have to crack on to entertain us whilst we stuff our faces and drink loads of beer.

    Spurs just saw a “guaranteed” 3 pts because we were so weakened and they crying about it because they have to face us at full strength. Like we had to face them at full strength coming off the back of those 3 games that we were unable to get postponement on, look what happened then.

    Such it up buttercups you lot started this live with it

  9. Now Wolves of all teams is weighing in lmfao , with their managers saying you have to find solutions. What like boxing day Bruno, didnt see wolves finding any solutions then. The Premier league is a hypocrisy at its finest only certain team are allowed certain allowances and decisions on and off the field. Ever since the Shieks took over City the league has become shady and disgusting.

  10. I agree with you @Reggie. How many Arsenal supporters slagged Liverpool off for postponing their game against us? And now we are being slagged off for postponing our match against Tottenham Hotspur. All I can say, it is what it is. A bit of bantering to and fro won’t kill us,, as long as you can back it up with what your throwing out there. Very strange that some Spurs fans come on to this Just Arsenal site to have a go. I hate to see any football match get postponed, even through inclement weather. It’s all very well for some people to say load the team with Academy Players,, but how many would be capable of playing in a fierce North London Derby, especially if they have just played? Some form of common sense has to prevail, and obviously it has. Player welfare has to be put first. I don’t think for one moment that Mikel Arteta would have taken this lightly. He was wanting to play this match. This Covid has so so many twists and turns to it. Even governments are making things up as they go along. Try living here in Australia. Our laws are changing daily. Each state here have different laws and regulations and restrictions. Enough of that shit. Back to Arsenal. The moment I heard that Arsenal players were training at the Emirates Stadium instead of London Colney, it started to cross my mind that something may be up. As far as I know the place may well be shut down for Deep Cleansing due to Covid. It happens here on a regular basis. But then I may be wrong. Anyway Gooners, it is what it is. We can’t change it now. Happy bantering with the Peeled Potatoes 🥔 (SPUDS)

  11. If ever you TRULY want to know how one eyed and own club biased almost all football fans are, then this thread is the perfect illustration of exactly that.
    I will as ever be completely honest and say this: I am as one eyed as anyone when it comes to getting one over Spurs and I would be lying if I said otherwise.

    I posted only hours before the decision to postpone was made that I hoped and believed it would be postponed. However In my heart, I do not think it was a fair decision but one that our club, having seen many others bend the rules, then decided to copy. In THAT sense only, it can be said to be fair.

    If I were a Spud, I would rightly feel cheated and in two ways.

    Firstly, because I’d argue the postponement was unfair. BUT FAR MORE IMPORTANTLY, I’d feel cheated in the battle of life, for having been brought up as a Spud and having to suffer that fate for life with no escape and nomeaningful trophies since Dinosaur times , instead of having been brought up a Gooner and revelling in our class, history and glory.

    Life is so unfairif you are a Spud. Hurray!!!
    PS: I f you become a football fan, of any club, esp big clubs, you know from the outset that you are going to be in a bearpit of biased fans and you will almost inevitably become one yourself.

    If you cannot stand that, then no one is preventing you taking up embroidery or model railways pottery etc etc instead! Just saying!!

  12. We have made a lot of unfathomable decisions, we have been worried for a long time about the AFCON situation, and letting AMN go at this time when we have no DMs, is strange. Maybe it is all about Arteta wanting to push through his agenda and having only players there who have a good attitude. Mind you, playing the spuds without Son would’ve been interesting…

  13. I’m going to point out everytime I see a contradiction
    We wanted a clear advantage against Liverpool

    1. DAN IF you are truly going to spend your time pointing out the double standards of fan on JA ,as also with ALL other big clubs, then you had better give up all the othertime consuming things in your life, such as sleep, whatever your career is and all other time consuming matters.

      I take the complete double standards (aka hypocrisy) of fans, myself included, for granted and don’t waste my time calling for change on what is a clear losing battle.

      DAN, YOU WOULD BE WISE TO TAKE MY ADVICE AND STOP WASTING YOUR TIME, even though your quest is a valiant one and your point a valid one!

      1. Well Jon, regarding your MULTIPLE posts about grammar, YOU WOULD BE WISE TO TAKE MY ADVICE AND STOP WASTING YOUR TIME, even though your quest is a valiant one and your point a valid one!

        1. MEOW Pat! And my post, that you removed, about Dans 21 minute video, not my very occasional grammar posts, lie behind your post, as we BOTH know!

          1. Actually it’s about Dan, Patrick and shenel, who you continually attack.
            I know you enjoy being JAs Grumpy Old Git, but sometimes you go too far…

            1. NoT GRUMPY ABOUT THOSE THREE. Just rightful comments about two who have little idea about elite football, and one(DAN), who has odd views and who moves the goalposts when you try to debate him.

            2. Pat I finally saw that you had indeed replied and then you proceeded to lie about my views. I very often praise articles by various writer and have often done with DANS. I also regularly praise intelligent and thoughtful posts from all sorts of people , whether or not I agree or disagree with their post. I do in fact praise posts in general, far more than do most regulars on here.

              Its hardly worth discussing further with you, as you persist in traducing what I say. You have done it for years, on and off. It seems you cannot stomach plain truth and wish to cendor whatever you do not approve. Either that, or at least a warning is given.

              Other than hate, racial and vile speech, Pat you really should TRY TRUE freedom of speech. It is humankinds great ally, if you but realised it!

              1. You know Jon, more then most, how tolerant I am.
                I am against all ism’s and you know it.
                I refer my honourable gentleman to my previous reply

      2. How am I wasting your time ?
        Simply don’t read or watch my stuff if you don’t like it
        If I didn’t like someones articles or videos I wouldn’t spend time responding to them, hence giving me the traction that admin wants for the site .
        Makes zero sense

        1. In fact, today’s video from Dan has more than 500 views in first 4 hours, so MAYBE not everyone agrees with yo My Lord Jon….

          1. Which is about 500 more views then your own videos Jon ?
            I’m sure if you recorded a video ( which takes bravery due to the cruel nature of people ) I too could find something about your appearence , voice , etc to insult ?

            1. DAN, It sems you are still nursing the self inflicted wound that hurt you when it was pointed out to you, that by you specifically listing ONLY black players, in”black player of the month/ year/ whatever, but with BLACK being the critical determiner, this was no different than mentioning someones weight, which I was forced to do in order to make you realise that ALL physical differences being mentioned by others are hurtful and discriminatory.

              But even since then, you have STILL wilfully refused to see the point I make and have given further BLACK only lists, which hurts and wounds MANY people DAN.

              I thought long and hard before publicly mentioning your weight – which I would never normally even dream of doing – but concluded that the only way to show you how much it hurts, was to give you the same “medicine” you so blithely hand out to black players.

              You need to stop doing this and stop it right now. It is discriminatory!

              Hence your wound was self inflicted, in effect. Stop with the black only lists and I wilL stop mentioning your weight! Agreed??

              1. Jon you are out of order again. How is it “medicine” in celebrating Black people in a worldwide “Black People Month”
                What about you stop being judgemental and I will stop replying. Agreed???

                1. PAT, Dan was not celebrating Black people at all but specifically excluding all people who are not black from those lists, thus discriminating people.

                  How about giving lists but just of people, whether black, brown,white, yellow purple orange green or any other irrelevant perceived skin difference!

                  I’ll offer you this deal; DAN, OR ANYONE ELSE, CEASES RIGHT NOW PUBLISHING LISTS WHICH DISCRIMINATE, and I will will tone down my truthful posts. It is worth it , in order to stop vile and hateful, unwarranted and hurtful discrimination. HAVE WE A DEAL??

                  1. Pat
                    Please leave that up so people can see Jon for what he is .
                    From this point.on this will the last I respond to him but I think I have the right …….
                    For a long time I felt this but didn’t want to be harsh
                    This is a football site ….not a place for a lonely old man to put others down for attention
                    No one cares about my appearence , they come to read about football
                    Some agree so don’t
                    What this isn’t is a platform for you to take out your unhappiness.
                    That’s what your friend and family is for.
                    Picking a stranger on a website to bully is sad
                    I pity you
                    But like most bullies , I push back

                    JustArsenal have given me chances to meet my heroes , attend events , be invited on YouTube
                    What will you be remembered for Jon Fox ……being a bully ?
                    I look forward to seeing your video .

                    1. The you will be disappointed DAN. I do not indulge myself in 21 minute long videos saying the same thing over and over again. And desperately slowly too! I write instead.

                      My posts, even when long, take only a minute or so to read and digest. This may be more difficult for non English first language speakers but I cannot help that matter, though I have sympathy with those who may struggle with our rich language.

                      What you consider being a bully DAN , is just you not wishing to be called out for discriminatory articles. That is me being determined to stand up for what is morally right and proper. What your black only lists do, is to bully. Think on that, old chap!

              1. Please no Admin Pat and Daniel Smith. Please don’t encourage Jon fox to do a video. He will bring on his sidekick (his cat) and tell us he’s the only realist in the world. But then again, he tells us all that his cat can play football better than Xhaka. That I gotta see. Or maybe the cat used as a football🤣🤣 Which ever way 😳😳

                1. pjennings You are a comedian worthy of the London Palladium. NOT!!

                  My cat cannot only play better than Xhaka, he can write more sense than you too.

    2. How was their fake positives they clearly made up unless they accidently won the lottery 10 times over a clear advantage?

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