Is this Arsenal target really worth £33m?

Only Arsene Wenger and perhaps those closest to our manager behind closed doors at Arsenal know what the Frenchman is planning for the summer transfer window. We can only really guess at which positions the boss will be looking to strengthen, never mind which particular players.

But even though the Gunners are, as usual, pretty well covered when it comes to creative players and attacking midfielders, you can never rule out Wenger having his transfer radar targeted on another one. So the recent rumour connecting us with the Algerian international Yacine Brahimi of Portuguese club Porto is certainly worth a look.

The 25-year old who can also play as a winger has really found his top form since moving from La Liga’s Granada last summer, especially when it comes to scoring goals. He was voted the best African player in Spain last season but has already trebled the three goals he scored last year and is currently the top scoring midfielder in the Champions League.

So you can see why Porto rate him highly and with four years left to run on his contract, they will not sell him on the cheap, but the £33 million transfer fee that Metro are reporting must surely be a joke. When you consider that they paid Granada around £5 million a year ago, you have to admire their cheek.

But is Brahimi the sort of transfer we need this summer, for the right price of course? Has anyone seen anything to think he is worth a price like that?

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  1. Never really followed him, but damn Porto sure know how to make a profit. I doubt Wenger is gonna take a chance on him with that price tag though

  2. An unheard of 25 year old for £33m?
    Alexis Sanchez was 25 when we signed him, for £35.
    Özil was 25 when we signed him, for £42.5m.

    For that kind of money at that age, you have to be special.

    1. Porto always seems to place a premium on players… Considering City’s willingness to pay those premiums why would you stop?

      1. That is Porto’s business plan. Get a young player, get him a Euro passport, sell him for big money. Bam! get another.

  3. Wenger has only paid north of £30 million for two players. He will only spend that kind of money on very special players

    His stats don’t look very impressive well not seem proportionate to his price tag.

    Also, do we really need another attacking midfielder?

    But the price tag is definitely a barrier

  4. I think it’s all very dependent on who else we buy…
    Cazorla has been simply outstanding in midfield, but if you replace Coquelin’s name with Arteta or Flamini it’s suddenly not as convincing. Having a defence first minded midfielder with the skillset to back it up has really opened up our game to play with a lot more attacking freedoms while feeling a lot less vulnerable to counter attacks.
    Arteta signed a new contract this season while injured so I, personally, highly doubt he is heading anywhere and if he is to play a reduced role he seems to be a really good player to have in the squad considering the young age of the majority of our midfielders. This being said the most glaring weakness we have in my eyes is the reliance on Coquelin. He needs someone to compete with for his place to push him further and rotate with over the many games we play.
    If this issue is sorted and we have substantial funds left over then I personally think we have the capabilities to aim a lot higher if we are to strengthen the attack. Schalke and Dortmund are both looking to be out of the CL next season after somewhat disappointing seasons. It’s never been a secret that Wenger’s a great admirer of both Drax and Reus. I personally think if there’s ever a time to pull the trigger on either player next window’s the perfect opportunity.

  5. Pay them what they want and sign him up hes world classs……players like Willian, Falcao, Martinez Etc….are big name players from there…

    1. Hafiz.. Fair enough you have high aspirations for the team. I sort of see that, despite the fact that you blatantly disregard the production of players already in the squad and seem to think that price-tag and fifa rating equates to quality (Falcao, Balotelli, Cavani (wasted on the wing.. I know! but still not producing in a much weaker league))
      But the names you constantly drop are quite simply downgrades on a lot of the players we currently have in the squad production wise. Falcao has cost united 20million dollars for 4 goals so far. Giroud has 4 goals in his last three matches…
      haha actually he has 50 odd goals with 30-35 assists in the last 3 seasons for probably around 10ish mil more investment. Not only that but Welbz, the player he seemingly replaced, has scored 8 goals for us, three in the CL.
      Mind Boggling!

  6. PSG, Real, Man Utd, etc are all interested in Stirling…hes spoilt for choice…

    Wengeer better act fast and pay them what they wants and sign him up…..

    1. Hafiz;
      your name telling me you are Malaysian or Indonesian, which I have respect for both countries.
      I have been giving thumbs up for some of your comments, but recently you have gone crazy!!! Falcao?? is an upgrade? do you ever follow the EPL to see he is a flop in MU, and yet cost them 20 M ? Please be realistic. I am one one of those who critisized Wenger’s transfer policy and still do, but I know for sure he would be that crazy to waste money like what you have said. Look at the production rate of Jackson Martinez, Cavani, and others you keep mentioning, Jackson was Sub at 70 plus minute!!. So, do your homework first buddy.

  7. No we don’t. If anything, we will probably buy replacements to upgrade. A new GK (if Shez leaves), a new DM (Replacing Flamini but not sure since Wenger bought a 17year old in the Winter Window. He may give him chance), a new striker ( If Welbeck continue in the wing).

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