Portsmouth 0-2 Arsenal – Sokratis and Eddie Nketiah goals hand Arsenal the win

Arsenal progress to the FA Cup quarter-finals with a comfortable win over Portsmouth.

This was a typical FA Cup tie between a lower league team and one of the big boys. The crowd were very vocal and the atmosphere was passionate and vibrant.

For a little while in the first half, Portsmouth did look like they may cause an upset, they were more determined and did shake Arsenal but in all fairness to the Arsenal lads, they were not being overwhelmed like they were against Leeds United and it did feel like it was just a matter of them finding their rhythm.

Arsenal grabbed the lead just before half time through the unlikely source of Sokratis. It was a lovely volley from the Greek defender courtesy of a whipped in Reiss Nelson cross.

Portsmouth may feel a little aggrieved at being one down at the interval, they certainly had more chances but this is how it is when you play against the elite, they take their chances, something Portsmouth failed to do.

The big downside for Arsenal in the first half was the injury to Lucas Torreira and we will have to await an update to see how serious it is.

The second half was all Arsenal really, they were far more confident, passed the ball around comfortably and it was only a matter of time before a second goal was registered.

That came from Eddie Nketiah and it has to said that the Portsmouth defending made it easy for the young Englishman.

From that point onwards the game was done, Portsmouth never really looked like getting back into the match and it became a bit of a training exercise for Arsenal.

Apart from the odd moment in the first half this was a fairly comfortable victory and Arsenal are now into the FA Cup quarter-finals.


  1. Arsenal struggled a little in the first half, when Portsmouth pressed them with long balls and rough challenges. Then Portsmouth gave Arsenal a lot of space after they ran out of gas and Arsenal took control afterwards

    Just disappointed with Willock’s first touches, ball control, passes and movements. I don’t think he would ever be a consistent no 10, but at least he didn’t hesitate to fight in duels and chase the ball around

    I hope Nelson could increase his pace at the next game and hopefully Arteta keeps him in the starting line-up, because Pepe is still not steady. Pepe could come in the second half as a super sub

    1. gotanidea,

      Would rather have Pepe in my team instead. Don’t wanna be harsh but Nelson has not shown any outstanding quality since he’s been here imo, I don’t think he is Arsenal material.

      Willock definitely has no future here if we want to achieve great things.

      1. The day I knew Gotanidea has issues with Pepe was the day Pepe scored and assisted twice. Only for Gotanidea to say that “Apart from Pepe’s goals and two assists, he didn’t offer anything much”

        You see that’s what hating a player does to you, I can say this from experience

      2. What a ridiculous comment, he doesn’t hate Pepé he just gave his opinion. I really like Pepé but Nelson inclusion tonight was justified by his assists for both goals. Anyway, it’s called rotation and “horses for courses”, six players under 20 years old tonight did the job. The kids beat Pompey and no doubt the others will play in our next game .

      3. Gooner boy and gotanidea, Nelson 2 assists in this game, showed pace; what game were you watching?

        1. Being good against League 1 opposition means nothing. Nothing. I mean except that you’re at least League 1 quality, possibly Championship level (which Nelson and Willock are).

          Nelson and Willock have both shown they’re not Premier League standard yet. Not even close.
          But they ARE young so there is a chance (though my gut instinct says only Martinelli, Saka, and Smith Rowe will make it on the EPL level.

          Oh, and Gotanidea should stop commenting on football if he thinks Nelson should play in the league instead of Pepe.
          That is just an embarrassing thing to say.

          You are, however, right about Nelson’s pace. It’s insufficient to be a top level winger unless your dribbling and ball control are like Bernardo Silva.

  2. What a difficult game that was, so much physicality, weldone to the lads!

    It is becoming so difficult for teams to score us from open play these days, although we need to get tighter on set pieces….#happygooner!

  3. Happy we won at the end of the day.
    Weldone to our young guns – no thanks to the ref.

    Whole game played out on slow motion, but why should I complain when we won.

    On to the next game.

  4. Can i just say and i know its pretty obvious but what a dick head Mike Dean is, total pompous T**t. Books ,Gouendouzi for putting the ball down and lets blatent deliberate fouls from Pompey, including one on Ceballos right under his nose that was an awful blatent no going for the ball foul and lets the player off. He should be sacked for his decision making tonight, got to be the worse referee sin e Graham Poll. Oh well done Tonight to all the kids and the oldies that helped.

    1. 👍👍 he’ll never be sacked!! He struts round the pitch like he’s God’s bleedin’ gift…. years back wasn’t he involved in some sort of betting scandal??
      Can’t stand the bloke.

        1. Well Reggie, we agree on something at last11111

          I know SUE and I have long held the view you are expressing and we have been trolled about it.

          Why this referee and his boss Riley are never held to account by the media, the premier league and the fa, is a scandal in itself.

          Well done to the lads, beating twelve men deserves a home draw in the quarter finals!!!

          1. Ken, couldn’t express it better myself; Riley and his minions are a disgrace to the EPL. When you can’t gain one officiating position at a World Cup from a major league like the EPL says it all.

            1. Sigh, The English referee team for the world cup was withdrawn because Mark Clattenburg quit to take up the head of referring in Saudi Arabia and no other reason. English refs are regarded as some of the best in the world, maybe not by you and the conspiracists at Untold Arsenal but by almost everyone else.

          2. Yes Admin Martin no conspiracies, and Qatar won the right to the next World Cup on merit!

  5. Secretly wishing for a drubbing…4-0 or something like that. To help deal with the blues of last Thursday.

    A 2-0 win and a place in the quarter finals of the FA Cup will have to do.

  6. Impressed with Nelson tonight. I do feel that Martinelli should have dropped deeper more in the first half to assist the attack. Willock will get better, just needs to make the right decisions. Mari looks solid, thank you Papa, Ceballos as calm as ever, into the next round. We sleeping good tonight!!!

  7. We will have to live with an injury to Torreira, and no card to at least punish the offending thug. Thanks to the despicable ref.

  8. Another reason why Nketiah should start over Laca and why he should be sold to raise funds.

    Nketiah is always a threat and someone who should be getting more minutes.

    Nelson looked good today. Hopefully he kicks on.

    Willock needs time, he’s still so young. I see him more as a B2B but he will improve in both roles

  9. Willock and Nelson are two over hyped kids without football brains..
    Killed the attacking play almost each time they got the ball.. Willock especially.
    Good win in the end
    On to d next round

    1. I agree with your assessment about over hyped. But Nelson I think did good today, he played with out fear n every time he got the ball he tried to take on the defence, Nelson of old was very useless passing back all the time and scared to run at defenders. So credit where it is due. I still think apart from Saka, ESR and Nkeitiah are only three academy players with potential to succeed on the big stage probably Saka to go on and become a really good player if he keeps his head down n keeps working hard…rest I am afraid won’t make it, for our and their benefit we should face the truth as early as possible.

        1. But he IS right.
          Almost none of our youngsters will make it just like almost none of youngsters of other top 6 clubs make it. Hard reality.
          If Saka, Martinelli, and Smith Rowe make it – that’s 3 in one generation and is much better than expected. Barcelona’s academy has in the last 10 years yielded 0 top players.

  10. Guendouzi is ill disciplined and needs taking to one side by Arteta and told to stop being so petulant. He deserved his booking in my opinion. Good to see Luiz get man of the match.

  11. The boys did great.It was not the best of performances but we got the job done.
    The referee was biased but i think the guendouzi’s booking is correct.The way he reacted will surely get him a yellow.
    First half we were nervy and sloppy.
    Second half was good actually.

    Mari is good, his defending and distribution.
    Luiz did well but he is not good in defending,his positioning is terrible.
    Martinelli was a bit silent today,i mean he worked hard but i expect so much more from him.

    1. I think for now, our best CB pairing would be Mustafi and Mari.
      Luiz positioning is poor most times.
      Overhits his long passes aimlessly at times.

  12. Keep in mind, cup games are meant for winning not the performance. Overall, the boys did well and happy they overcome the bad loss.

  13. I feel for Torreira. I hope he is ok.

    I wish they make toilets big enough to flush Mike Dean down. Would be nice actually…

  14. A good win for the Gunners inspite of the best efforts of the ref. The Hammers next. Up the Gunners!

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