POSITIVE Arsenal injury news on early Wilshere return

Knowing the way things have been going on the injury front for Arsenal since the start of the current Premier League season, we probably have more bizarre and unlucky incidents like the Mathieu Debuchy shoulder injury to come, but this week there is at least some positive news on one of the current crop of crocked Gunners.

This rare positive news is the latest on our England international star Jack Wilshere. The central midfielder, who turned 23 on new years day, was expected to be out of action for at least three months following the unpunished studs up challenge by Man United youngster Paddy McNair at the end of November.

But according to a report by The Independent we could see him back in the Arsenal team around four weeks sooner than first thought as he has responded well to surgery and is already out of the protective boot. He even posted a video of him taking a penalty while coaching his young team, with no holding back and no apparent ill effects.

So while Jack will not be ready for Man City on Sunday or Brighton in the FA cup the following weekend, he may well be hoping to feature in the north London derby with Tottenham on February 7th. If not, at least it is looking very good for Wilshere to be ready to help Arsenal take on Monaco in the Champions League knockout stage and the FA cup 5th round, assuming that we get there.

How big an impact can Wilshere’s comeback have on Arsenal for the rest of the season?

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  1. Obviously he can have a big impact, the talent is there, the passion is there and the drive to lead arsenal is there(he wants to be captain one day). He will bring toughness, vision and skills to the table. That being said there’s 2 things that’s bothering me. 1st the fact that it is one more campaign where he gets injured for nothing but a short period and that he’s a concern for consistency, shifting gears and getting to higher level game after game and season after season which we know he can but needs to play (hopefully no injury for him in 2015). The 2nd thing his progression, talent is only talent until used on a consistent basis at the highest level possible and against the best: we can take Sanchez as an example. Hopefully the second half of the season will give him that but with Cazorla in the form of his life and maybe a hungry Ozïl if showing consistency with his skills and talent it might prove difficult for him to be a starter.

      1. You’d think Jack played for Spurs the way you lot carry on give the lad a break he’s been injured a lot but on he’s day he’s excellent are we forgetting the city game. Didn’t you fickle fans learn anything from the Aaron Ramsey saga.. I hope Jack gets back to his best, so everyone can say they always stood behind him lol

        1. The fact that you can remember the 2 games when Wack played well really sums it up.
          He simply isn’t good enough for Arsenal.
          He can’t dribble, can’t assist, can’t score, can’t stay on his feet, has ankles like me nan (RIP).

          Enough is enough, clear him out with Diaby and the rest of the deadwood.

  2. Just read that our losing rate is 33% whenever Wilshere is starting.. He needs to change his style of play, not just because of Arsenal but also for himself. Every time he holds on to the ball way too long, he will get hurt.

    1. and there it is, we lose more games when he plays, simple fact.
      Wenger will fook up the team just to let Wiltshire on the pitch.
      4-1-4-1 Wenger, seriously? That disastrous formation was used simply to let Wiltshire play when really he shouldn’t be.
      How many top 6 teams could Wiltshire start for? Believe me not many unless teams are playing a ‘run at defenders and fall over’ style of football.

  3. jack will have grass pitches all over england paralysed with fear.

    he is the he-man of fallin over…i have the powerrrr….to fall over and grab my ankle

    1. that’s funny stuff. i’d proffer that his falling over power is attributable to she-ra. but you came up with the analogy first. so you win. well played. #bythepowerofgreyskull

  4. Positive news for whom???
    We obviously play better without him…!!
    That is just a fact (Wenger likes stats, may be he should look at them and clearly see that even last season we had a great run when he was not around).

    Rosicky and Cazorla are just a different class compare to Wilshere…

    He is just a squad player favoured (obviously) by Wenger (Why? Nothing there to admire).
    When looking at all the midfielder we have, he might amongst the worse in the club…!!

    1. Agreed. He has the talent but he thinks he’s already made it.

      IMO Cazorla, Ozil, Ramsey, Rosicky and even Ox when played CM are currently better than him.

    2. I agree as well, maybe if we had a proper DM that might help wilshere but then again going forward he doesnt score to many goals. He needs to look at gerrard and see how he plays his game or even xabi alonso, they control the midfield but not by holding on the ball forever and trying to win every challenge, wilshere looked good in englands last couple of games just picking that ball up and pinging it around the pitch

      1. agreed. his injury, as per usual, came at a bad time as his form was on the upswing. maybe 2015 will see him get a run of games without injury for once and allow him to display all that talent. even rvp had an injury free season. it can happen.

        1. Upswing?
          What upswing?
          How many assists and goals did he score during this ‘upswing’ period you speak of?
          Did we win more or less game when he played/didn’t play during this ‘upswing’ period?
          Wise up.

          1. i’m speaking about his international duty. that’s where we saw an upswing. wise up to what? i don’t disagree that he has yet to reach his potential. hence the need for an injury free run of games. but maybe he doesn’t have it. i’m ready to accept that.

  5. Let the Wilshere bashing begin.. Wilshere is the reason behind Arsenal’s troubles this season blah blah…

    Giroud must be thanking his lucky charms for Wilshere, at least now he is not the only reason for Arsenals troubles..


    1. i never bash wilshere.

      i lightly remind him why thinking ur ronaldinho before kissing grass every 2 mins is not a good look.

      giroud took pelters cos he didnt take his opportunity seriously,

      1. I think every footballer whos in-form has this image of Ronaldinho in the mind when they want to try take on 5 players lol, I recently watched an interview of Suarez and how hes been at Barca and they asked him who would you like to immulate as a someone to look up to and he said”I think Ronaldinho, I cant say messi because we are around the same age so it would be strange so Ronaldinho the way he could dribble past players assist and score” Lol i dont really blame anyone wanting to copy that guy. Wilshere should know his limits thought the actual challenge from MC NAir was a bad challenge wislhere knocked the ball to far and should of known he over run the ball to far ahead of him but no he done the same as he always does and dives in trying to reach the ball with his tiny legs, he just needs todo a Coquelin, Do your job!

  6. These news would be great if we were going to loan him out like we’ve been doing with our other player’s this window.

  7. He’s not good enough for Arsenal. Is he better than Rambo? Chambo? Cazorla? you see where I’m going with this. Let’s be really honest here, the only reason he’s still in the team is that he’s English, I’m tired of people talking about his potential, i care about results and he hasn’t delivered. Moreover, he’s very injury prone and is out for very long periods of time.

  8. Just sell wack Jack already, waste of wages.
    Bet someone will pay a lot for this overhyped English piece of rubbish.

  9. Wilshere is a waste of space on the pitch with his Benny Hill runs. Send him out on loan…or stick him in the reserves

    1. Lol, I’m not going to able to watch Wilshere again without hearing the Benny Hill music, seeing his midget legs going 15 to the dozen.

      The fact of the matter is he holds the ball far too long, pushes it out of his stride and then has to stretch or dive into a tackle to try and retrieve the situation, ending in either another injury, a free kick to the opposition or both.

      I’m not Wilshere basher, I believe the fella has a real talent, but he needs to adjust the way he plays drastically to fulfil his potential, if he doesn’t I can’t see a starting place for him at Arsenal.

  10. I hear arsene wenger is starting a music career this month.
    Apperntly this will be his first single released…

    “Just Looking”

    there’s things i want
    there’s things i think i want
    there’s things i’ve had
    there’s things i wanna have
    do i want the dreams
    the ones we’re forced to see
    do i want the perfect wife
    the word perfect ain’t quite right
    shopping every day
    take it back the next break
    they say the more you fly the more you
    risk your life
    i’m just looking i’m not buying
    i’m just looking keeps me smiling
    a house i seen another coulda’ been
    you drenched my head and said what i said
    you said that life is what you make of it
    yet most of us just fake
    i’m just looking, i’m not buying
    i’m just looking, keeps me smiling.

  11. The best thing we can get from Wilshere is the money we will receive if he is sold.
    In the presence of a “proper” coach (not the clown we have right now), Wilshere will have no chance in the club and would be sold to bring someone better.

    Which potential?
    He has no power, no speed, no football brain (or very little), and he, if you ask him, thinks he already made it (thanks to the “deluded one” who manages him).
    The fact and the truth is Wilshere has (or had) that “local” thing going for him, but if we had to sell players (in order to improve, of course), his name would be the first on the list.
    He is, may be, one of the worse midfielder we got.
    Thomas Rosicky is 34 and a different class to “eternal” hope of English football.

    He won’t improve anymore because he does not have the drive nor the guidance to do so (Wenger named Bendtner as an asset last season… How ridicule is that? not to buy quality was and still is the politic)

    We brought Sanchez (thanks for that… I wonder where we would be without him… May be in the “soft belly” of the league table) and he must wonder what the f*ck am I doing here when I was “dealing” with greatness before??
    But again, Arsenal has doubled his wages, so he will be happy to play here for few more years before a “top club” comes knocking… And we know he will not hesitate (like many like him did before in order to win trophies… Yes, even our great Henry realised that he will NEVER win the CL at Arsenal, so he went to the blaugrana to play with Messi and the all crew).

    1. LoCkAy

      So true mate.. But what can we do..? What can we do??

      I agree, wilshere at 16 was arguably a star in the making, a garza like figure with the ability to go all the way..
      What happened… Arsene wenger is what happened..
      Tight board tight manager no ambition – players leave and he doesn’t learn from all the great players around him..
      There’s no way on earth he should get his place back at the moment.. The team against Stoke should be the team against City – only way we stand a chance (sake bfg)
      Yes. I’ve said it in the past and if Arsene and the board don’t show any ambition soon- I’m afraid someone else will come knocking and he will be off..!
      Off topic: man city sign wilfried bony after winning the prem last season and are only 2 points off top.. Look at their team… If we did that last season at the top for so long- what might we have achieved..?
      We meanwhile are in the market for a £3.5 m midfielder..
      What does that say about the situation..
      One team is ambitious.. And you can make your own mind up about the other…

    2. You know what Alexis will do? I didn’t realise how close you were to him.

      As great as Henry was/is, it was he who had the chance to win the Champions League final in 2006 with the shot that he planted straight at the keeper when 1-on-1. So you can’t blame “the clown” for that (you disrepectful ingrate).

      I’m sure it won’t be for lack of looking though.

  12. People on here slating jack and other players ability ! Like they actually no what there on about. Mainly the fickle ones do this tho to be fair . Hilarious

  13. Yeah, Jack is hella stupid when it comes to his dribbling skills. But I like the passion he shows against the bigger clubs.

    Should he consistently be in the Starting XI? No. Should he be sold though? No. But he’s gotta learn how to avoid these challenges. My opinion though.

  14. Sometimes I wonder if fans of other clubs insult their players as much as we do ours (just a thought)

    1. Oh hell yeah, they do. Why do you think Cesc left Barca? How do you think Balo is doing at Liverpool?

  15. spending means ambition。。。juz spend and sign everyones fav players and we are ready for the title…

    1. @Asif

      Your comments are often bordering on ridiculous..

      But at times I get your drift…you are right.. Just spend ffs..!!!

      So what if we don’t win the title.. We at least will show ambition.. It will give the supporters a ‘feel good’ factor.. We may actually win the premier or challenge and look like we could win it instead of being out of the running after October!!!
      The sad fact about our seasons of late is that too often we seem to only be focused on the race for 4th as we lack ambition with an owner content with balancing the books.. Sad really..

      Come on asif.. Role those comments… 🙂

  16. Sell wilshire buy gundogen is what the experts on here say ! After successfully scouting the Dortmund midfielder in there arm chair during the champions league home and away matches against us!! Good god almighty

  17. I’d love to see Wilshere regain form. However every player should prove his quality on the pitch.

    Wenger should not start him as he has not earned his right to start like say Sanchez or Cazorla or Koscielny through good performances

    Wenger should also start Coquelin over Flamini
    Ospina over Szczesny

    Also, even though Ozil is better quality than Cazorla, Wenger should start Cazorla over Ozil unless he wants both to play.

    By not starting them and putting them on the bench, Wenger will make Wilshere, Ozil, Flamini, Szczesny work hard to EARN there place.

    Competition and depth is great for a team.
    Perhaps Wenger should make Mertsacker compete against Chambers or sign a Top CB.

  18. My opinion on Jack is the he is a deep lying playmaker, he dictates tempo, has the passing range and has enough skill to be a man or two to pick a pass. He has also at no point in his career been a prolific scorer. I think what roy hodgson is doing with his is the perfect way to use Jack, now we wait for Wenger to catch on..

    1. Also the reason for his constant injuries is that he holds on to the ball for too long when played in advanced positions then ends up getting clattered, in the deep role this is not the case and I honestly dont know how wenger hasnt seen that

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