Positive team news update from Arsenal ahead of Brighton clash

Arsenal will go into the weekend’s match with Brighton with just one player missing from the playing squad, with Granit Xhaka expected to miss the coming months.

The Gunners went into the matchup with Tottenham with the entire playing staff available, in a drastic turn of events from our earlier matches, with a number of players having suffered with fitness issues and positive Coronavirus tests already.

Things are finally improving on the pitch also, which should be no surprise with an upturn in fortunes for our personnel, but one of the players who was thoroughly impressive against Spurs is now expected to suffer an extended period on the sidelines.

Xhaka suffered a knee injury in the North London Derby on Sunday, and upon further assessment, a further injury to his medial knee ligament was spotted also, but while the medical staff do not believe surgery is required, the midfielder is expected to be missing for the next three months of action.

Brighton are not in their best position in regards to injuries either however, but manager Graham Potts admitted that he is hopeful that key midfielder Yves Bissouma will return in time to play us come Saturday.

Potter said(via SussexLive): “Bissouma is making decent progress, this game [Crystal Palace] came a little bit soon for him. We are hopeful he can be available against Arsenal but we will have to see at the back end of the week.

“Steven [Alzate] looked like he had quite a bad one [injury]. He rolled his ankle but somebody also landed on it. We will see how it goes over the next 24-48 hours but not a fantastic first diagnosis.

“Danny [Welbeck] felt his hamstring a little bit and again we will see over the next 48 hours how that is.”

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  1. Speaking of Xhaka(not vaccinated),the PL after a recent report that shows that 13 clubs out of 20 have less than 50%of their players vaccinated,have sent letters to the club’s offering incentives for those with the most vaccinated players.

    1. siamois, My view is that it is incredibly foolish AND selfish for any eligible person to refuse the vaccine. It seems that more Prem players than not are refusing the vaccine, including Xhaka – which is totally predictable in HIS case.

      I do NOT think it should be government law to have the jab, BUT I do think that individual companies and organisations of all types should be free to insist their employees are vaccinated, if they wish to stay employed.

      I also see the difficulty all clubs have when contracted and vitally needed footballers wilfully refuse jabs. It is not practical or easy to persuade those who refuse, through foolishness and because they believe conspiracy theories, to be persuaded to get the jab.

      This further confirms my long held view that a large number of footballers are selfish and not very bright.

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