Positivity is good but Arsenal are in BIG trouble

There is no doubt that the situation of Arsenal and us fans has improved recently, but I am not sure that all this positivity is going to do us much good and it could all soon evaporate sooner than a keg of beer on a hot summer day if the players do not push on from the West Ham win with another three points at Crystal Palace.

Arsene Wenger himself said this week that confidence and momentun was slow to build and quick to disappear. The Gunners are still very much in the rebuilding phase and we all hope that it carries on, but some of the recent noises from the likes of Walcott and Bellerin, not to metion the boss, have struck me as a bit premature after one win and a good second half against West Ham.

The simple fact is, however, that Arsenal have not been much good of late and we have to win because Manchester United won and so did all of the clubs above us. The fact that Tottenham are the only team putting up a challenge to Chelsea does not help, as we can rightly wonder why it is not Arsenal.

Sorry to be negative Gooners, and I hope that the players prove me wrong, but we are not even close to being out of the woods yet.



  1. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Whatever disease it is that’s affecting Arsenal ,must be Autoimmune
    Cuz it just won’t go away easily

    Me think a major overhaul(& that includes Mr.Potato Head) will go a Long way in eradicating obscurity… The +ve outcome/impact may not be immediate, but it is mandatory in the Long run

  2. Kieron says:

    Our sqaud need to watch a video of napoli against lazio, beautiful football played as we used to.
    Isigne, martens, calleon and hamsik yes please to any of them!

  3. Ronny says:

    Kelly smiths comments told a story the whole camp is tense due to wengers contract guesswork.

  4. Walter Clunk. says:

    The bare bones of the season.
    Signed. Xhaka Mustafi Perez.

    Premier League.
    Out of the title race after the
    opening day loss to Liverpool.
    Home win over Chelsea.
    Away draw v Utd.
    Away loss to Chelsea Everton Liverpool City Watford WBA.
    Home loss to Liverpool home draw with Spurs.
    2 draws with PSG. Top qualifier of group.
    Eliminated by Bayern M at the first ECL knock out phase 10-2.

    FA Cup.
    Away win over Southhampton
    Making the semi final.
    Expected wins over Preston Sutton Lincoln.

    League Cup
    Regulation wins over Forest and Reading.
    Eliminated by Southampton at home in third game.

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    Your’e not being negative, you’re just speaking the truth, and reflecting the feelings of most fans. The win over West Ham fills me with zero confidence, because it was against West Ham. An average team at best, in a shocking run of form.

    Wenger needs to be judged against over top teams, not against the likes of West Ham or Sutton, but against the likes of Bayern or Chelsea, and this is where he fails miserably! It’s not just this season either, Wenger has been woeful against top teams for years. It was nice to win a game of football against a team that isn’t more than 100 places, or more, below us in English football. But I am sure the likes of City, Spurs, and Utd, will give Wenger, and some of our fans, yet ANOTHER reality check, when we play them soon.

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