Possible ‘fairer’ League proposal drops Arsenal to 12th if league ends now

Arsenal could be in line for a finish as low as twelfth in the Premier League if a so-called ‘fairer’ end of season proposal is put in place.

There is much talk about how the current Premier League campaign could be concluded, with many doubters not believing that the season could possibly be completed before August at present.

The Bundesliga is the first division who have tried to put in place a return to action, with a start date scheduled inside the coming fortnight, but Angela Merkel is yet to sign off to allow such an event.

The Premier League is also keen to get back into action, despite the large cloud of doubt over how to do this is a safe manner.

With top European divisions Holland and France having followed Belgium in scrapping their divisions already, further doubt is creeping in, and should the PL follow into ending the campaign earlier, decisions will need to be made on the final placings, and whether promotions and relegations will be followed through.

France have made the decision to use the current table as final, crowning Paris Saint-Germain as champions whilst relegating Amiens and Toulouse, but a proposed ‘fairer’ alternative was put forward.

This alternative would see Arsenal plummet down to twelfth in the division, equalling our worst ever Premier League season.

The idea is that all remaining fixtures would use the reverse result from the first-half of the campaign, which would basically allow Unai Emery’s reign to undo all the hardwork in which Arteta has done.

Of course the Premier League has reiterated the desire to complete the campaign, but this would no doubt come as a blow if the powers that be decided that it would be the fairest outcome.

Does this seem fairer all-round?



  1. The fairest is giving each team 1 point for the remaining games they have for the rest of the campaign

  2. The only outcome is to make the Premier League null and void. there is no fair way whatever the powers that be try to contrive. Our game is now so crooked because of the obscene amount of money involved that anything is possible. We all know The Premier League’s two favourite clubs are Manchester United and Liverpool. They’re so desperate to give Liverpool the title and United a Champions League position that their now trying to figure out how they can push United into the top four without anybody noticing LOL Chelsea won’ stand for it but if they can demote Arsenal to 12th all I can say is look out Leicester

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