Would Arsenal fans swap Morata for Giroud?

Arsenal have been linked with a move to sign Alvaro Morata from Juventus this summer, while the Italians are credited with an interest in Olivier Giroud.

The Spanish striker has emerged as one of the most coveted strikers in Europe since leaving Real Madrid in 2014, and has already equalled legend Alessandro Del Piero’s record of scoring in five consecutive Champions League matches for Juventus.

Morata has now talked up a possible exit from the Italian champions, citing Germany or England as likely destinations in the future.

“I don’t know if I’ll be at Juve next season. I’m happy there, but we’ll see,” he told Spanish newspaper Marca.

“England or Germany are countries where I could improve, but I’m happy in Italy. Juventus is a great club and I feel at home.

“I like the characteristics of the Premier League and because it is more attractive for a striker and not as tactical as Italy. I like it.

“The clause is talked about every time I score a goal. When I wasn’t scoring, no one was talking about it.

“It’s been a very strange year for me. Every time I’ve had to talk about this one thing.

“In the end what I have to do is stay focused on my game, but of course I think about what will happen in the future and the possibility [of returning to Madrid] is real. It’s there.”

With Giroud claimed to be of interest to the Old Lady, the chance to land the highly-rated Spanish international striker could be a realistic one.

Juve are overwhelmed with attacking talent at present, with Mario Mandzukic, Simone Zaza and Paulo Dybala all vying for starting positions, and the chance to land Morata could not be better.

Mandzukic and Dybala have been chosen to start in more matches than the 23 year-old, and we would no doubt be able to offer him a first-team role for the new season.

I think it would be stupid to ask IF you would take Morata, but can we afford to let Giroud go as part of the deal?

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  1. Yep no doubt I would take Morate,he has the pace to get in behind and also hold up play,he troubled the Bayern defence all night and Juventus struggled after he was subbed off because Mandzukic came on who’s similar to Giroud as both have no pace

  2. Nope.
    Why?? Look dont get me wrong i want giroud gone as soon as possible but I dont want morata either.
    That guy is no better than theo tbf.
    He is not the answer that we want.
    Like theo he is also lightweight and is also no better than him at scoring.
    It is only a matter of time before we start slating him too.
    We need a player in the mould of hernandez who knows how to take chances

    1. The guy scored in the CL final! He dismantled Bayerns defence! At the biggest stage! Do you ever see Giroud running past 5 Bayern players like that? Morata is young and his history is Real Madrid and Juventus. Enough said! If he wants to come, we should be taking him right away!

  3. If the only option is to swap Giroud for Morata, I would do that in a heart beat. This swap would improve our squad. Would Morata be my preferred choice? No. I would prefer Lukaku and of course if we were a big club, Aubameyang or Lewendowski.

    Girouds strength is our weakness. He is good at holding up the ball for other player to arrive. The problem is that this gives defenses time to set up and our “other” players don’t score.

    A striker with pace allows us to become a threat with quick transitions and counter attacks, something that plays into the strengths of the likes of Ozil and Sanchez.

    With Giroud holding up the ball we have to try to pass the ball into the net.

    1. He is still a good alternative to have. Defenders will have little time to adjust properly for Girouds game whenever brought on late, the change in play might easily lead to mistakes. Also Girouds presence can be a factor, both in defence and up top. Id like to keep him, but if there is no other way other than to sell or do a swap, well then we’d have to try it, because whilst Giroud is good, he is just not good enough.

  4. Morata? No thanks. There are far more promising/clinical strikers around for a lot less than him.

  5. Agree that Moratta is lightweight, so too are Goetze and Hernandez. Typical Wenger signings,I’m afraid. We need pace and power upfront. Have done for a long time. Would you trust Wenger with an open chequebook?

  6. Except we are getting another good CF in addition, I wouldn’t swap.

    A good CF -that is what Giroud is. You just do not throw a good CF away except you are replacing him with an excellent CF -which Morata hasn’t proven to be yet.

    The most ideal thing to do would be to add Morata to our strike force. Alternatively we can just replace Giroud with an Ibrahimovich, Lewandowski, Aguero, or a Lukaku. Even Harry Kane is a more proven CF, regardless of the fact he is a no go zone.

      1. If people believe we can sign either of Lewendowski or Aguero they are only fooling themselves. And even if another Lewendowski or Aguero popped up out of blue, we would only have a chance of signing them before they proved to be of this class. Seriously people, be honest with yourself, do you see Arsenal spending 70 80 mil on one of these players, because that is what Bayern Real Barca Manc Manu and Che can and probably would offer. There will be no bidding wars, ironically, by Arsenal.

  7. What impressed me most about Morata was his work rate. I watched him in a CL game and the amount of shear running was unbelievable, he really impressed me with his intent and desire. However, I was very disappointed then to read a story only yesterday, when Morata began complaining about how Italy is not the best place for strikers, due to the running and how technical the league is. He said strikers aren’t supposed to be running for 14 kil because this is numbers for a midfielder. I think it’s the same article as here when he said it.

  8. We need a LUKAKU type of player..power,pace,clinical!!can we get him?(LUKAKU),coz they are not many LUKAKU types of player….

    1. The same thing was said about Benteke, and Benteke had that thirty goal season. Does anyone think there might be good reason Che let him go, Drogba was finished, they sold a great little poacher in Sturridge, but yet took a tidy profit on a young, quick, and strong prospect even though they didn’t need the money? Could it be Benteke all over?.

        1. There are similarities between Benteke and Lukaku, both of them are strikers, both of them were/are wanted by Gooners,. Both men are tall strong powerful players with pace. Both of them failed to shine when giving they’re shot in a top side. Both of them performed remarkably well when playing for a tier lower down.

          What on earth has Pogba got to do with anything, he is a midfielder who was sold before he got a crack at the first team, no-one knew anything about him until he developed. Pogba is more akin to what we done with Bellerin.

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