Potential future Arsenal manager has three attributes they like

Mikel Arteta has come under pressure for the poor form of his team recently, and there have been talks about Arsenal firing him.

After beating Chelsea in their last league game, his job looks safer for now, but a manager’s job is only as safe as his last result in football.

One manager who Arsenal has thought about making their next manager before now is Thomas Tuchel.

The German has just been fired by PSG after winning consecutive league titles and reaching the final of the Champions League last season.

Express Sports has now recalled when he was close to becoming the manager of Arsenal too after they had fired Unai Emery.

The report says that at the time, there were three things that the Gunners liked about the former Borussia Dortmund manager.

A quote from the article reads: “They liked his modern approach to the game, felt his side played football with creative ideas and also liked Tuchel for the fact he’s multilingual.”

The win over Chelsea has bought Arteta some time, but the Spaniard knows that he would need more than that to survive the chop.

He will hope that his players do well and get a win in their next game against Brighton.

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  1. There is no chance whatsoever of our club being interested in Tuchel and virtually zero chance of him accepting that (theoretical only offer) under Kroenke.


    Top established managers cannot afford to lose their reputation for consistent success, which would be likely under Kroenke.

    A little proper thought makes it easy to dismiss this as yet another false rumour on this site. There is no vacancy, nor will there be one anytime soon.

    1. yr such a arteta fan boy , yr triggered coz it would mean sacking arteta to get tuchel. If arteta is sacked it is totally conceivable that tuchel would apply

  2. Is he really multi-lingual?
    – let’s not forget Emery’s biggest challenge was lack of ability to communicate effectively with the squad and press.

    Does he know enough about the league and our squad to make an immediate impact?
    – ability to manage in a relegation fight

    Experience in developing young players?
    – role at PSG involved expensive superstars

    Ability to manage upward to the board?
    – a big say in recruitment
    – a big say in new player budget for the future
    – a big say in how we recruit/manage players

    Of course we need to speak to him if he is available, but I am not convinced he is the right candidate at this time.

  3. The football landscape has changed dramatically since the oil shiks bought MC. They have won 4 epl trophies with massive injection of millions if nott billions.
    Arsenal have labored and spent only a fraction
    and expect to be competitive. Even if Guardiola
    were available he would demand 500 million gbp which the board wont agree.
    So Arsenal will continue to plod along and soon will fade into oblivion.

  4. First, Arteta is going nowhere, but if he was, surely Allegri would be a better choice. He has won 7 Italian championships, and taken his team to two UCL Finals.
    Just a thought

  5. If Arteta can’t turn things around in a timely fashion, I would really enjoy seeing Tuchel employing his Gegenpressing tactics at the Emirates…Tuchel is an incredibly adaptive manager who isn’t afraid to make the necessary adjustments whenever it’s required and he’s a huge proponent of utilizing the transfer market to address specifically identified NEEDS…he’s had successful tenures with a wide range of differing teams, so he’s adept at both coaching up prospects and getting the best out of his superstar players…if that’s not enough he’s also known for not taking too kindly to complacent and/or meddling management-types…he has a clear vision and anyone who gets in the way will suffer his wrath, including those within ownership…of course this isn’t mean to be an indictment on Arteta, but to be frank, when it became obvious that Wenger was leaving I wanted Arsenal to pursue Tuchel vigorously, especially after we missed out on both Klopp in 2015 and Pep in 2016

  6. I hope MA succeeds and there will be no need to look out for another manager. The point though is, MA should stop being stubborn, start using the youth on a regular basis and be adaptive to change. Also I feel MA should start playing Balogun more regularly in the PL matches. The kid has got real potential.

    1. I agree with everything you wrote even though I have been critical of MA at times I would love nothing more than to see him succeed at Arsenal!

  7. The availability of Tuchel is a golden opportunity, this guy is in the mould of Klopp if not better, check his record at Mainze and Dortmund this guy love playing high press high energy attacking football while keeping it tight at the back and he is renowned for youth development and being a man manager. So if we should sack Arteta he is a very good candidate definately an upgrade, he earned his stripes

  8. In case you are not aware Tuchel has been very critical of Arsenal by that I mean of the way the club is run and we’ve just nicked one important member of his medical staff after he was sacked by PSG.

    1. Tuchel is critical regardless if he feels the board/owner is not doing their job, he will make his feelings known, this is no yes man and this is the big negative of hiring him from the owners/board point of view, however this guy has been a football success wherever he went.

  9. If we claim to be a big club this would be the only right choice.. to give everything to bring Tuchel as our manager and sack arteta instead of waiting for arteta to turn it around.. because even if arteta succeeds its highly improbable that he will be a better manager than tuchel as there arent really a lot of better managers than tuchel..

  10. Yes Tuchel is a great manager. Anyone who steps into Kloop’s shoes at Dortmund and succeeded is really good. I think he would succeed here, if he comes, Dortmund is like Arsenal, they don’t spent that much to buy really great players. Remember Haaland? And they still put on a really good show.

  11. Tuchel could be our best chance of truly understanding how our club operates behind the scenes…of course I never wanted to see Arteta fail as a manager, but if he continues to struggle both as a man-manager and tactically, it will be increasingly difficult for this club to get consistent results, which will ultimately lead to his dismissal…remember being a Pep assistant means nothing in the grand scheme of things, as his coaching tree includes Arteta and Torrent, who has never lasted more than a year in both of his managerial appointments…Tuchel, on the other hand, has one true protege and that’s Naglesmann, who is another manager I have incredible respect for and would love to see at the Emirates at some juncture

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