Potential Unai Emery replacements – Brendan Rodgers: The pros and cons

Is Brendan Rodgers the right fit for Arsenal?

Despite Arsenal backing Unai Emery to turn things around, it seems only a matter of time before he is sacked. With that in mind, several managers have been linked with the Gunners. In this article, I look at Brendan Rodgers.


Brendan Rodgers is probably one of the most underrated British managers at the moment. The former Liverpool manager took the Reds to the brink of winning the Premier League in the 2013/2014 season.

He left Liverpool and managed Celtic for three years, winning consecutive league and Scottish Cup crowns.

Rodgers is a manager that brings about quick success, he has turned teams like Liverpool, Celtic and Leicester City around quickly and could turn Arsenal into top-four contenders almost immediately.

He also has a reputation for developing players having played key roles in the development of the likes of Raheem Sterling and Kieran Tierney. Arsenal young players would benefit greatly from his management.

Rodgers is also one of the best man-managers in the world. He could be the best person to calm the current storm at Arsenal.


Rodgers can be flaky, his Liverpool side bottled it when it really mattered.

Rodgers also hasn’t had the best of times when it comes to managing egos. He has done well with some big-name players. But he fell out with the likes of Moussa Dembele at Celtic and Daniel Agger at Liverpool.

The 46-year-old is probably a good fit for Arsenal but the Gunners may yet struggle to get him out Leicester City.

He has very little pedigree in Europe in terms of success.

This is the third in a series of articles that I will be doing and all words are my own perception and opinion.


      1. Spot On. Why would he come to us exactly sort from everyone’s Achilles Heel ££££?

        He has a strong team , good staff and a board that is innit to win it.

      2. There is no replacement, didn’t you hear Kroenke from the board?

        For this season, it won’t be any changes or it would be happening ages ago and now after 2 lucky wins in 10 games!

        Unless, you reffer for next year, Rodgers is happy in a club with ambition, he has a contract and ambicious, why bother debating on something twice impossible?

        What debate should be is to ask how can we stop Kroenke and impose him to reconsider?

        Not attend stadium!

  1. The grass is not always greener on the other side and change managers every time something goe’s wrong we will finish up like Man Utd

  2. Would he want to come here? We are a step up club, but we are a step down player wise. We are so poor would he believe he can lift us? This year is already over for us. Emery has lost the dressing room/players. He rambles in some sort of quasi English but nobody knows what he is talking about. I don’t think the players understand him because he himself is so confused. What I know through my life experience is if you have an illness treat it quickly, if you want to get well. Untreated it’s a dangerous downward spiral. It’s time for Arsenal to be more like Chelsea or we will wallow in munchkin land for the next decade. It’s time for Emery to go….a year and a half and we going backwards.

    1. You are absolutely wrong here, we are not step down players wise. Why do some fans think our players are inferior to most of the other epl teams. Aside Mancity I don’t think other clubs have far better team than ours. Some will say Liverpool but that is still arguable. What pool has is a far superior coach

  3. I dont think changing the coach now would be a great help for the club.Emery is not bad and he does come up with good formations and tactics and he needs time to work that out.Our players should give a good performance, at the moment i dont see them taking risks that shows that emery is a bit conservative but i do trust that he will be braver in the coming weeks.To do that our DMs and defenders should show that they can be trusted.

  4. Will suit Arsenal very well. Given his attack minded state. Furthermore, will make Arsenal play more quickly

  5. Why do u keep coming with same topic? Board said it clear, we in progress with perfect coach they support! That is for all season. Maybe bring this topic back in May!

      1. NY Gunner, I don’t get your remark. Unless I did not come clear enough;

        My question was : why bother debating on a replacement if club announced clearly that they very happy with coach for great progress we make?

        They justified why they keep him, so Emery does, he said it ;”we did better than last year when lost 3-0!”

        The only way to stop Kroenke killing is to not make him money, don’t go to Emirates! We just feel terrible at every game anyhow, let him feel it too!

        Not sure you got me right and hope you do now. Kroenke don’t consider us but money we bring; last shares he bought are indeed fans’, but we still have all power by not giving him more money! Let’s use it for the love of our club and football in general!

        They have the money but we have the power to not give him any!

        1. I think you need to read the club statement again as the board are far from happy and there is a veiled threat in it which will see Emery sacked if things don’t improve, have you not heard of the dreaded vote of confidence?
          By the way, why do you keep bring Kroenke into the argument when he has nothing to do with running the club..?
          And, I’ve got two season tickets, bought and paid for and whilst I want Emery gone and the dire football we see to improve drastically I will not stop supporting my TEAM and will be at every game I can get too. Whilst a half empty stadium doesn’t look good it doesn’t affect income so Kroenke will hardly give stuff if I don’t go.

        2. Are you just ignorant or not well informed. Kroenke can not take money from Arsenal his loan agreement with the banks will not allow him to do so. The only way Kroenke makes money from Arsenal, on paper, is its increase in value (debatable at the present time) or to sell the club. Be careful what you wish for.

      2. It is alarming and major concern to see all what is happening in this club, wrong coach brought by Kroenke, a mess by Kroenke among team & coach which all starts by Ozil he couldn’t sell! Had him isolated, off the team completely. Xhaka captain instead, then Auba now under radar and Criticism; exposed!

        Ozil should not be treated this way, nor Xhaka used and abused in this process. Fans signs” forced them to tell Emery to bring Ozil” back, just as we was instructed to not play him in order to have him leave. Gave him Ceballos to have Ozil forgotten!

        What I’m poining is that we have the power to be considered; oblige them to back off and reverse their decision. Affect the money Kroenke is only after, is ho we protect our club!

    1. I have sent a message out to the heavies. They will no longer twist your arm and force you to read these articles. I sincerely apologise for forcing you to read these pieces against your own free will.

      1. Keep up with the insights into “possible” managers AdMart, it gives us hope.
        There was an interesting discussion about our problems on Talksport yesterday (first time I’ve tuned in for a couple of years) and the general consensus of opinions was that if practically an other Premier League manager was in place of Emery we would be do8ng a lot better and playing better football than at present.

        1. That may well be right but it could also see Arsenal go further down the Man Utd route. Those pundits have no more idea whether another manager would be a success than me or you.

        2. Declan, I like Chris Wilder of Sheffield. No easy task coming up to EPL not sure where they stand now but he seems to be on an even keel.

  6. Nah, he will not consider Arsenal the way it stands. He is doing great at Leicester. Arsenal would be a step down for him.

  7. I advocated for Rodgers to replace Wenger when his departure was imminent only to be slagged off by Arsenal fans on the basis that ” a monkey could manage Celtic and win the Scottish League”.well the “monkey” is doing very well at Leicester, who unlike our Club have won the EPL recently.Arsenal and for that matter Celtic are bigger Clubs than Leicester but are inferior in terms of qua!ity on the pitch which is where it really matters.Why therefor would Rogers leave a very good team for a mediocre side which is saddled with a number of aging overpaid prima donnas?

  8. I really like Rodgers, always have done but why would leave a team that will be in the Champions League next season for a team unlikely to even be in the Europa League?

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