Potential Unai Emery replacements – Carlo Ancelotti: The pros and cons

Highly qualified Carlo Ancelotti may not be the best fit for Arsenal.

Carlo Ancelotti is probably the most successful manager on most peoples list of targets. However, his recent managerial roles haven’t been the most appealing.


Carlo Ancelotti has won the league in at least three countries and has won the Champions League with Real Madrid and AC Milan. He would come with a winning edge and experience that could transform Arsenal’s season.

Ancelotti has also managed some of the best stars in the game. These include Cristiano Ronaldo and Robert Lewandoski so he is probably well placed to fix the current dressing room at Arsenal.

Ancelotti also has experience of winning in England having won the Premier League, FA Cup and Comunity Shield at Chelsea.


Carlo Ancelotti is one of the best managers around and probably an ideal candidate for Arsenal, but his recent struggles as manager of Napoli may just mean that he no longer has the Midas touch he once had.

He also struggled at the end of his management stint at Bayern Munich. His current situation at Napoli is similar to the dressing room unrest that seems to be boiling at Arsenal.

The 60-year-old may have come to a stage where he is struggling to evolve with the modern game.

It is highly unlikely that he would be someone that would remain at Arsenal on a long term basis.

This is the thirteenth in a series of articles that I will be doing and all words are my own perception and opinion.


  1. gotanidea says:

    Highly decorated and he clings to his past glory like Mourinho:

    – Too pragmatic, never left any good system for the club to continue on

    – His rivals in EPL seem to have known all his tricks

    Prefer Tuchel instead, because he is still in his prime and he worked well with youngsters in Germany. He also maximized the abilities of Aubameyang, Dembele and Pulisic

    1. Allanball08 says:

      Morning all
      This guy would have been top of my list when the position came available
      There were lots of noises about him taking over at the time but nothing came of it.
      A proven winner
      Hard on the outside but soft enough for players to respect
      In my opinon he would have made the best manager in the short term role (2/3 seasons)
      But we are where we are and it will be interesting times in the next few months to see if the board have what it takes to get UE to turn it around or give him the sack
      Either way it cant drag on much longer as we are all getting fed up of the situation and our position in playing good football credabily is diminishing plus our top 4 league is slipping away

  2. Innit says:

    He won:
    Champions League 3 TIMES. I repeat 3 TIMES!!!
    Premier League trophy
    Serie A trophy
    Bundesliga trophy
    Ligue 1 trophy
    Plus many other trophies

    He managed some of the best clubs in the world:
    Real Madrid
    Bayern Munich
    AC Milan

    He is a CHAMPION

    He would do much much better than Emery or Tuchel

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      why not claudio Ranieri?

      he won the title on a budget

      knows the league and the country well

      or is he not big name enough for the fans?

  3. SAGooner says:

    We just got rid of a 70-year old that did not change with the game. Let’s not go back to someone that’s nearly there. We need to modernise with youth and vigour.

  4. Tony says:

    Thanks bro!
    I’d say it again, I prefer RANIERI or CONTE.. They are fantastic.

  5. Tony says:

    You might have a point with the age ish. But CONTE is on point. Despite the Saga between He and Costa(Diego). To me his a preferred choice. I wouldn’t go for foreign coaches for I’d also rather go for Steven G”, Freddie”, Arteta”, Benitez”, etc.
    For they understand Premier League. Even Klopp and Guadiola all started from somewhere they understood and coached their country club before going foreign.
    All am saying is… Giving the Young and Upcoming coaches bred in the league ain’t bad. We should let them foreign known coaches be.! IMO.

  6. Skills1000 says:

    I never thought Ancelloti’s name would pop up. IMO, we should go for either Mou or Arteta. Some People feel irritated when Mourinho’s name is mentioned. We should go for someone who is available. A winner. A coach with a winning mentality. That he failed at Man United does not mean he would fail at Arsenal. Tuchel, Ancelloti, Rodgers are not available. Would be difficult to get them at this stage. Emphasis should be on putting pressure on the board to sack Emery now. No need to wait till January. It will be difficult to fix. Offer Mou a short contract with Ljumberg as his assistant. We need a manager who will bring that mentality back. Someone the players will respect. A great individual. He is more matured now. All I care about is winning trophies. I don’t care whoever wins us the trophies. Mou is available. Football is short term. It has evolved. What can you win now? No need mentioning managers who are not available.

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