Potential Unai Emery replacements – Chris Wilder: The pros and cons

Chris Wilder would be an unconventional choice and maybe that is what Arsenal need.

As crazy has it sounds Chris Wilder is one of the most successful English manager currently managing in the top flight having taken Sheffield United from the English third tier up to the Premier League.

He is not the most fashionable manager and, understandably, most fans won’t be excited about him, but could he be the manager that takes Arsenal to the next level?


Wilder knows how to build an effective team. He isn’t flashy and his style is not very appealing but making Wilder the next Arsenal manager would most likely guarantee a team full of passion and fire.

Having taken Sheffield United from the brink of leaving the football league into the Premier League and sitting inside the top six, Wilder can transform Arsenal with his organisational and tactical know-how. I mean, look at what he is doing with the Blades defence. Arsenal would love to have that right now.

Having Wilder at Arsenal would also help the club promote more local talent as he has done with Sheffield United.


Wilder is still inexperienced in terms of winning trophies as well as managing at the highest level.

The 52-year-old also lacks continental experience and no one can tell if he would thrive in a position where he has to compete for local and international trophies.

The former journeyman footballer is a good manager, but he is probably not fashionable enough for Arsenal and would most likely struggle to attract high profile signings.

It is also quite a leap from managing fairly unknown players to players with international fame and massive egos.

This is the eleventh in a series of articles that I will be doing and all words are my own perception and opinion.


  1. Again the cons outweigh

    Lacks winning experience
    Lacks Continental experience

    He’s also English which doesn’t help as I can’t remember the last English manager to win the Premier League

    I will need to research that. Probably before I was born

    1. Just found out.

      Howard Wilkinson won the 1st division a year BEFORE the premier league was created

      So no English manager has ever won the Premier League. That’s a Shame

  2. I don’t understand the point of writing articles on random speculation of virtually every and any current manager as a replacement for UE. Is there a point to it or are you just filling airtime?
    It’s only a matter of time before you do an article on the pro and cons of Jeremy Corbyn taking over… whoever writes these needs to get a proper job…

    1. Another waterboarding victim that has been forced to read these series of articles. I do so apologise for you being forced against your will to click, read and then inexcusably forced to comment.

    2. Ah , Jeremy Corbyn as manager eh? Pros: A Gooner. Cons: An anti-Semite,rabid Marxist, natural protester against any mainstream thing that is good, financially illiterate, terrorist supporting, British hater and lacking in any semblance of brain cells whatever. I don’t think so somehow!

        1. Le Coq, Have you EVER known me sit on the fence! What would be the point of posting a waffley, say nothing much, half truth on a fan opinions site? WHOOPS, for Martins sake, I meant a news site(he added, with fingers crossed!)

  3. Hi!

    I think you need to watch a fair bit more of United & you may appreciate the playing style is anything but unappealing. For three years we’ve been great to watch – win, lose or draw.
    Although (understandably) we’ve been a bit more conservative since promotion, our campaigns in league One & the Championship were characterised by outright attacking football – we actually lost some games where we should have got a draw, simply because we always went all out for a win!
    In one game last season (Brentford) we went down to ten men after thirty minutes, when we were winning one nil. After 50 mins we took a midfielder & brought on a forward & won 2-0 – hardly a defensive mindset!

    Also the comment above “lacks winning experience” – only Klopp & Guardiola have a better winning percentage (Klopp only over took him this season) – overall he’s lost 31% of games as a manager, including being at Halifax, Oxford & Northampton when each club went bust.
    Admittedly he’s not been strong on foreign recruits (we’ve got one frenchman) but presumably you’ve got a decent scouting system at Arsenal 🙂

    1. Thanks for a thoughtful reply.

      What some of our resident bozos think is they feel Arsenal needs a manager who has won a top competition in the last few years, but as far as I know the only available candidates fulfilling this right now are Luis Enrique and Allegri.

      Luis Enrique has literally said a few days ago that he’s not interested right now.
      Allegri doesn’t even speak English, needs better players to win the EPL and even then not really now with 2 massively better managers in the Prem. Also, unattractive football, no development of young players, and would based on his past definitely rather wait for the United job.

      What Arsenal actually needs right now is a manager who would:
      1. Develop young players we have
      2. Improve some of the other players
      3. Impose his own at least somewhat watchable style
      4. Improve us enough to reach top 4 regularly (say 2 out of 3 years)

      Anything more than that are pipe dreams.

      Unfortunately even for this, mid-season we’re looking at gambles as most qualified candidates are unavailable.

  4. Wilder has done a remarkable job with Sheffield, indeed if he manages to keep them in the top six, which is unlikely,he should be awarded the Manager of the Year trophy if such a thing exists.He is not a defensive Manager and his team play more attractive football than Arsenal.Unfortunately, despite his sound credentials, he will probably never figure in any short leet for the Arsenal job because he is not perceived to fit the image required at the Emirates .Under him I hope Sheffield go on to become a permanent feature in the PL.They can become another Bournemouth,who are also well managed unlike us.

    1. Afternoon Grandad. Would he want to leave Sheffield I wonder? If it were in my power, I would hire him this minute. No rationale no regrets no hesitation . BTW when they put the ball in that was pretty damn exciting.

    2. I’m actually quite fond of Arsenal – particularly since 93 when they beat SWFC twice at Wembley :-)- & I had the good fortune to meet Wenger away from football. I found him to be exceptionally charming & a gentleman.
      Sadly you seem to be suffering from the same issues as beset Man Utd after Busby & then Ferguson. When a manager has become part of the fabric of the club after so long in post, it is extremely difficult for anyone to follow them and make an impact, however high profile the character.
      History suggests it could be some time before the ghost is laid to rest, although I hope this isn’t the case for the Gunners. Looking forward to our visit to the Emirates this season!

      1. wakefield blade, Then you should feel at home on here, where ALL of us Gooners are “actually quite fond of Arsenal” too. Most or all might take issue with “quite” fond! “Besotted with” is more accurate. Neither description describes our opinion of our manager( for the time being) though!

  5. Well, maybe Frank Lampard, the current Chelsea gaffer will be the first English manager that will win the Premier League title if he continues managing Chelsea the way he’s been managing them this season despite the player transfer ban that has been slammed on the club for 2 windows by Fifa. And if he continues to improved on his team managing capacity at the club, Chelsea who are serial winners that have won vitually every title that is named domestically and externally but save, the Club World Cup should win the Premier League title again under Frank Lampard watch sooner than they are expected to win it.

    This is in contrast to our own dear Arsenal FC who has been floundering around of late to miss out on title wins even when the Gunners were opportuned to play in 2 recent finals. One against Man City for a Carabao Cup win at Wembley. And two, against Chelsea for a Europa League Cup win at Olympic Stadium in Baku just last season. But the Gunners still managed to lost both Cup wins to Man City in the Carabao by a heavy defeat to Arsenal. And lost to a former Europa League Cup Champions Chelsea, albeit through a heavy defeat too.

    Just what is the problem with our own dear Arsenal who seems can’t win titles anymore in recent seasons or get the regular seasonal Premier League top-four place they’ve been getting to play regularly in the Champions League? Managerial problem? Or managerial combined with low transfer kitty problem? I think I’ll go for the last one for the club to execute it faithfully and honestly next January window.

    But what does Arsenal decisively need to improved on the club title wins quest and ambition that have been at the low level ebb for quite some seasons now but make their quest and ambition a reality that will come to fruition? Get hold of £200m transfer kitty for next January window business to sign some top top quality young players between the ages of 22 – 25 years old at the point of signing them? Yes! But how will the club raise this colossal amount of money? Because certainly, Josh Kroenke may not be able to convince and impress his father Stan Kroenke, the club owner to approve this kind of huge amount of money from the club’s account to sign new players next January window.

    Therefore, should Arsenal sell the 30 and the over 30 year old players at the club who still have some good resale value on their heads to raise the £200m that is required to do a wise incoming transfers business next January window to safeguard the club’s strides to get a top-four place table finish and a win of the Europa League Cup this season? I should think so.

    But how much money will the selling of Aubameyang, Ozil, Sokratis including Xhaka that should leave the club next January window fetch for Arsenal in the transfer market next January? Aubameyang alone if sold to a rich Chinese Super League club side next January could fetch up to £100m for Arsenal. And if Ozil is transferred to an MLS club side next January also, his transfer should be able to command at least £50m for Arsenal. And if Sokratis is transferred out too, his transferring out should fetch a minimum of £30m on the average for Arsenal. And of course, Xhaka transferring out from the Emirates Stadium next January should give the club at least a conservative transfer fee of £40-50m. So, the £200m transfer kitty can convinetly be raised through old player sales who still have a very good resale values on them. But if Ozil in particular pulls harewire to not leave the club on transfer next January, the club should make him to sign a bidding agreement with them to lead the club to a top-four place finish and a Europa League Cup win this season. But failing to lead the club to achieve these 2 objectives, his contract at the club should be terminated at the end of the season with no financial payment and competition paid to him.

    1. I reckon you should be at least Shadow Chancellor for Labour Samuel. Your idea of economics is away with the fairies. Just plant another magic money tree and pluck the £50 million you believe OZIL would fetch. And in that bonkers parallel universe that LABOUR politicians inhabit, there will be a queue of clubs waiting to buy Sokratis for the bargain he will be at a mere £30 million. Perhaps you could organise our tea lady’s sale for about a billion pounds. She is far more valuable than Sokratis. Still your post gave me a good laugh on this rainy cold day!

  6. Samuel you are being somewhat optimistic with regard to the sales of the players you mention.Because of his huge salary, Ozil is not sellable, not even for ten pounds.Socratis to fetch 30m? more like 3m at best.Good job your not Chancellor of the Exchequer.

  7. I do not understand guys on here saying Wilder plays unattractive football it is obvious you have not watched many of their games if any at all.At times they have six players as forwards and play three at the back he never takes off a forward for a defender if that is playing a negative style of football then i am a china man.The guy plays his own style always has done and all the fans at each club he has been love it.He has NEVER been sacked and he is a WINNER.He is plain speaking and hates big egos so maybe he will ruffle a few feathers having said that the players will run through a brick wall for him they love him.He is adored by 100% of Blades fans and they would be devastated if he left .The only thing against him is he has a british name so he will be no good for you lot.

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