Potential Unai Emery replacements – Eddie Howe: The pros and cons

Should Arsenal make Eddie Howe their next manager.

Eddie Howe is one of the most promising managers in English football at the moment. What he has done with Bournemouth from the time the club was in the third tier of English football is truly remarkable.

However, is he the man to rebuild Arsenal?


Howe took Bournemouth from the third tier of English football up to the Premier League and over the years he has made them an example of a stable club.

He has also built his team around an attacking brand of football that is both tenacious and exciting, this brand of football is what is missing at Arsenal at the moment.

The former Burnley manager has also shown that he is a manager that knows how to man-manage players as well as develop talent.

Bournemouth has been turned into a team that is feared, especially on their own turf. A feat he has achieved almost singe handily.


Howe may have achieved success as manager of Bournemouth but he has struggled to prove himself elsewhere, his brief stint as manager of Burnley shows that he may not be able to enjoy success at any other club.

The 41-year-old also lacks any kind of continental experience. The likes of Sean Dyche have impressed with small teams enough to earn a place in the Europa League, but Howe has never quite managed to qualify for Europe.

Howe may have some exciting ideas about coaching and may have impressed at Bournemouth, but it is very different implementing those ideas at a huge club in comparison to a much smaller club.

This is the sixth in a series of articles that I will be doing and all words are my own perception and opinion.


  1. His contract will expire in the summer, but we don’t need a mid-table manager

    And if I’m not mistaken, Wenger never lost against Howe. Better get a manager that always beats Arsenal

  2. I’m having a laugh with this one.

    Maybe after Wenger left but right now we cant take another foolish gamble. Lets get someone tried and tested. The caliber of players we have in the squad require someone they will respect immediately and want to learn from someone from a mid table team who is yet to win a thing in this game.

    All due respect to him, his been doing well at his level and his next destination should be a team like Everton.

    1. Chris Wilder of Sheffield United. Bought the club up from championship, above us on the table ,highly experienced. Do a google search and have a look. Truly surprised his not being mentioned before.

  3. People should look at Bournemouth’s defensive record under Howe.. his sides also have no consistency.. last season they beat Chelsea 3-0 away and two games later lost 4-1 to Huddersfield! We’d basically be hiring an English Emery

  4. I have a great respect for Wilder and for what he has achieved with very limited resources.However how would he cope with the egos of some of our highest earners such as Ozil, Auba and Lacazette?.He might surprise us and win them over with his ethics which are based on every player pulling his weight for the entire 90 mins.Those who are not enthused with him will point to his lack of European experience and perhaps a difficulty in attracting quality players to Arsenal.Well recruitment is no longer in the hands of the team Coach at Arsenal and could be possibly do any worse than those who were instrumental in bringing in Mustafi, Socratis, Luis, Kolasinac and Xhaka? I think not.Like I said of Brendan Rodgers when Wenger was leaving he is worthy of serious consideration.Let’s face the facts guys, Arsenal FC is no longer considered to be an elite club in European circles.This is hard to accept but it is reality.

  5. If you are looking at Howe, you have to look at Dyche. Dyche has transformed Burnley in every way shape and form. Neither will pacify the beying hoards so not an option.

  6. You can’t employ a manager who has less credentials than the players, regardless of their age. Frank is an exception but there are literally hundreds of examples that prove my point. The manager has to be the boss. Eddie Howe or the fella from Sheffield United are doing great with their clubs but they don’t have to manage Auba, Lacazette etc… these boys have massive egos and won’t take orders from someone who hasn’t even won a raffle….Mourinho in..

  7. Only a Manager who has won a Top league (PL, Bundesligue, La Liga or Serie A) AND made it to at least the finals of Champions League in the last 5 years is acceptable now.

    None of this Howe, Arteta, Rogers experimental rubbish

    Someone who can beat Klopp and Guardiola

  8. Eddie Howe really, are we that bad? Why don’t you add David Wagner to that list while you at it,hek maybe David Moyes, stop insulting our club and our intelligence. Think that’s enough with possible replacements for Emery, or are you gonna run through all the coaches in Europe??

    1. Calm down and yes, there are 15 more lined up. Here is a little bit of advice, tell those twisting your arm forcing you to read these articles to back off.

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