Potential Unai Emery replacements – Gareth Southgate: The pros and cons

Could Gareth Southgate be the man to revive Arsenal?

Gareth Southgate has thrived so much as the manager of the England team that some may have forgotten he got relegated with Middlesborough.

However, he has bounced back very successfully as the current England manager.

In this article, we look at why he might or might not be the best candidate to lead Arsenal.


Gareth Southgate went back to the drawing board after leaving Middlesborough and rebuilt his career with the England youth teams. He has now taken his expertise to the senior level and led them to the 2018 World Cup semi-final.

Southgate has shown that he is an innovative manager that isn’t afraid to stick to his style. He is not averse to making hard choices. This is probably what Arsenal needs right now considering the state of the club.

Southgate also has a good eye for talent. He has shown with England that he can expertly integrate younger players into the team’s setup.

He has also made great progress in terms of transitioning youngsters into his teams and that makes him just the perfect manager for an Arsenal team.


Southgate’s lack of trophies as a manager may be a reason a club would not want to name him as a manager.

Some critics may also point to the fact that just because one succeeds at international level does not mean he will at club level.

It cannot be ignored that he failed with Middlesbrough with an appalling win record of just 29.8%.

Southgate may not see Arsenal as big as an attraction as remaining the England manager.

This is the fourteenth in a series of articles that I will be doing and all words are my own perception and opinion.


  1. Truth says:

    Let’s get serious. Koeman would be a much better national team manager for us. He knows the PL, continues to develop as a manager, and speaks good English.

    Only problem is that he might go to Barca next season after the Euro’s.

  2. Reggie says:

    I am sure, looking at England and the way they play, especially against better teams, southgate wont sort our defence out, surprisingly.

  3. jon fox says:

    I would take Southgate as our manager in a heartbeat because not only does he play pacy and attractive football; he is also a man manager par excellence. He would be a superb appointment but sadly there is zero chance of him managing us now or in the foreseeable future. He has totally transformed English international style of play and we are now hugely watchable. I disregard totally his Middlesbro’ stay as he was still an “apprentice” way back then.

  4. Le Coq Monster says:

    You know that saying……” You cant see the wood for the trees” or when you cant see something even though it`s right in front of you, well Admart, Southgate is that !………..never thought about him and he was there all the time, great choice imo………….well done for seeing something I didn`t see !
    I think our talented youngsters would thrive under him .

  5. Grandad says:

    Southgate and Roberto Martinez are doing well on the International stage and either of them would be acceptable as a replacement for Emery.However , in practical terms I cannot see either of them jumping ship to take over a team which is in need of serious surgery.

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