Potential Unai Emery replacements – Jose Mourinho: The pros and cons

Is Jose Mourinho the saviour that Arsenal needs?

Arsenal’s season has largely been a disastrous one and we all know that the manager pays the ultimate price when the team underperforms.

While the club seems to still have some faith in Unai Emery, the vast majority of the fans want him gone. Therefore, it makes sense to start looking at some of his potential replacements starting with Jose Mourinho.


If you want a manager with a proven track record of success then Mourinho is right up there. Even under his disastrous spell at Man Utd he won trophies, got them into the Champions League and finished the season in second place.

I have been watching him as a pundit on Sky Sports and he does appear to have mellowed his attitude somewhat and even if he lasts just his usual three seasons before having his customary meltdown he would most likely get us back into Europe’s elite competition.

He would shore up the defence, yes, he did badly with the defence at United and spent a fortune but again, he won trophies and put United back into the top-four.

A lot of high profile players would love to play under him and he has the ability to get the best out of players. Something Arsenal clearly needs. He has worked with Mesut Ozil previously, maybe, just maybe he is the man that is best placed to utilise the Germans talents.


The fans will be divided, there are some that simply hate the man to their core. That could easily continue the toxic atmosphere around the club, especially when most of that hatred comes from some of the most high profile Arsenal fans channel on youtube.

Almost every team he has left he has left in a mess. He loses dressing rooms on a regular basis, his football can be very negative, he alienates fans and his comments, on occasions lack class and Arsenal is a classy club.

Arsenal need a manager for both the players and fans, Mourinho has yet to show he capable of that. Well, not in recent years. There is a feeling that he is yesterday’s man and that football has moved on.

This is the first in a series of articles that I will be doing and all words are my own perception and opinion.


  1. The board have backed Emery according to sky sports football. Time for the banners and the boos in my opinion. Emery cannot get us top 4 this season and we will end up wasting this season and next if we don’t appoint a new coach till the summer.

  2. The fact that the board has come out and made the statement means talking of replacing Emery until at least after the next game is all futile. My take on it is Emerys card is marked he has had his verbal warning, if things dont improve its obvious he wont last long from now if he can’t improve results. We can all say we do or dont agree with this but the lines have been set and been set in public. If improvement isn’t forth coming he will be gone by xmas. If they do, the board were right. Right or wrong this is it.

    1. The problem with Emery is his team selection. Two games in a row, he started Ozil, but decided to bench Pepe. I still don’t understand the logic behind that.

        1. The problem is no one can really defend at Arsenal and UE’s setting up to defend is killing the team. Then Attack till you or the opponents drop dead.

  3. I think he is the safe option for now. Maybe the team needs to learn from him. His win at all cost mentality. That he failed at Man United does not necessarily mean he would fail at Arsenal. And talking about failing at Man United, he won them the Europa, cmmickey mouse cup and Second place. We need a manager who would teach the team how to defend. I just want Emery out ASAP. Emery cannot turn things around. And Ljumberg is not yet ready

  4. Mourinho is not at all a coach for Arsenal, defensive football as Emery and doubt board will take his personality, to even consider is so disrespectfull towards this club from Kroenke and his puppets! Young players won’t be played too! This sounds like a fake news!

    Good news would be that words spreading are true; Arsenal is targeting Luis Enrique which will be indeed a dream, but leaving Spain team to be next to his his Lil girl/ dautgther he lost; I doubt he would be considering a job today.

    If this need is accurate from “Metro”, for Arsenal to approach him means they aware that he is ready to consider to be back at work, or extremely rude to even approach him in such a time. To change city, home, country, culture would indeed be great for him, when ready! Rip to his baby girl!

      1. You can spot them from a mile off can’t you?
        They never seem to want to organise anything outside the ground, where anyone can turn up, just the season ticket holders.

        1. Ken, probably don’t have any financial investment like a season ticket holder, let alone give their time or put the self at risk by demonstrating outside the ground.

  5. Hmm, article to keep just arsenal commentators busy. Arsenal board is 100% behind Emery. We are not in a panicking mode yet to warrant the sacking of our coach.

  6. Arsenal isn’t suited to playing his kind of football. I should’ve realised beforehand that Emery’s football wasn’t going to get the best out of our players. We need a coach who plays free flowing football and loves to us young players because as I’ve been saying that the club is at a time where it has top youngsters coming true. If we play pur cards wrongly on the next appointment we are going to be losing a lot of them in the near future. I personally want Ljungberg or an outsider like Eddie Howe to be given the job

    1. This is why Naglesman is the best option. Has done well playing exciting football and loves developing youth.

      Also if Xhaka leaves we should use the funds to buy Thomas partey or another midfield boss of similar standard who plays the Ndidi role.

  7. I very much doubt if any Manager, experienced or otherwise,could turn our season around given the glaring weaknesses in our squad.Without firm assurances from our Board as far as a meaningful budget is concerned,I very much doubt if Mourinho or any established Manager would take on what has become a poisoned chalice.As far as this season is concerned,we can write it off and use the next 6 months to try and unload the players who are simply not good enough for our Club.

  8. Get Mourinho and we will end up with boring chants not football. 1-0 to the arsenal every weekend is fine by me.

  9. I hope after the international break we can transform and get our season back on track. I think Chelsea is who we can hope to dislodge from the top 4..assuming Man U and Spurs don’t complicate issues.

    1. Would only get more difficult to dislodge anyone out of the top 4, the longer Emery stays. Chelsea keeps picking up points, while we keep dropping them. We’re playing S’oton and Norwich next, and I can’t even say confidently that we’ll pick more than 2 points from those two games. It’s just sad, really

  10. Football has moved on. Lampard has turned Chelsea around so why not give Freddie a go he cannot do any worse than we are doing right now

  11. The end of last season we needed 6 points from our last 5 games to get into the top 4. Palace, Wolves, Leicester, Brighton & Burnley. We ended up with a measly 4 points. No motivation then and none now from our manager and team. How the board continues to give him their 100% backing is ridiculous but predictable. Kick the can down the road, you never know a miracle might happen to get us off the hook.

    This tells me, neither the manager nor the board have a plan B. Mourinho, in my opinion, is not the answer and will only prolong the agony. Maybe we should be looking for a young dynamic coach like Julian Nagelsmann of RB Leipzig who would probably jump at the chance of coaching in the EPL.

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