Potential Unai Emery replacements – Mikel Arteta: The pros and cons

Is it the time for Arsenal to trust a former Gunner like Mikel Arteta?

Clubs have been trusting their former players to lead their teams in recent times and one of the most impressive examples is Chelsea’s Frank Lampard who has led Chelsea into the top four.

Mikel Arteta could replicate that, however, does he have enough experience that Arsenal needs right now?


Arteta was one of the most respected members of the dressing room when he was at Arsenal and may have the kind of control in the dressing room that Unai Emery lacks.

The fans never turned on him and he would almost certainly be very welcomed and given a honeymoon period.

Arteta also has been a member of a coaching staff that has broken all sorts of records in England. As the assistant manager of Manchester City sat beside Pep Guardiola they have dominated the English game. Could he bring that sort of winning mentality to Arsenal?

He understands the Arsenal culture and what the fans want.


Although Arteta has been at Manchester City for the past two seasons, he has been the assistant manager and it remains a gamble for whichever club takes him on as manager.

While Frank Lampard and Steven Gerard are enjoying spells as head coaches, it is a lot different being an assistant. In better words, being an assistant of a successful manager is no guarantee of success.

Arteta could turn out to be a successful manager like Lampard or a struggling one like Thierry Henry. Can Arsenal afford to take that sort of risk while the club is in crisis?

Risks aside, would Arteta really be the best Arsenal can get? Surely there are better options available. That is no disrespect to the Spaniard, but he is no Allegri.

This is the fifth in a series of articles that I will be doing and all words are my own perception and opinion.


  1. at this point and level that we are now,we do not to experiment things again,we need who deliver on arrival.

    1. Mourinho gets at least one major trophy for each club he manages, but he never left any good system and foundation for the next manager to continue on

      We need managers like Sarri, Klopp and Guardiola who can pass their knowledge and experience to the club staffs

  2. He is no Allegri, but I’ll rather give him or Freddie the chance since we seem to be ignoring the fact that tactically Allegro ain’t different from Emery. Both pragmatic, reactive and hardly play good football at the least.

  3. I personally think Arteta is the riskiest replacement we could find. He may have had the respect of the dressing room, winning mentality and served under Pep but there is no way he would consider coming in as an interim or without some assurances.

    Compare him to Freddie who also had the respect of the dressing room, has the Invincible winning mentality and instead of learning under Pep, has APPARENTLY modeled himself on what he learnt under Wenger instead and had our youths playing some nice football. Not to mention his familiarity with our current players.
    On the flip side he also has no senior team management experience either, making him a riskier prospect than a known manager, but it’s minimised by the fact we can easily make it on a performance based interim basis – he gets us firing again and he gets given more time and backing to progress, if not no shame in stepping back to assistant role and getting some more experience before he tries again (here or elsewhere)

  4. that’s we dnt need experiment again,wat we need is to get result,so we need experience manager like poch,allegri or luis

  5. Arteta has worked for three different managers with different results in EPL, so he knows at least three systems. He saw what made Wenger fail and what made Guardiola successful

    He might want a two year contract and no probationary period though, because he has a stable job at Man City

    Ljungberg, on the other hand, might be okay to work as a caretaker first. He knows Arsenal’s current problem and might try to replicate the Invincibles’ system

    1. @Got an Idea-for Freddie to implicate the Invincible Team he will need to field a team of Leaman Lauran Toure Campbell Cole Viera Silva Bergkamp Henry and Pires as well as himself because not a single player in our current squad would get a look into that side.

      1. How about these Gunners in Invincibles’ 4-4-1-1?

        ………….. Leno
        Bellerin . Luiz . Holding . Tierney
        Nelson . Niles . Chambers . Martinelli
        ………….. Ceballos
        ………….. Aubameyang

        Maitland-Niles might not be as dominant as Vieira, but he is faster. Chambers is not the Invisible Wall Gilberto, but his work rate is commendable

        Ceballos is not as dominant as Bergkamp aerially, but he works hard in the field. Whereas Aubameyang is like Henry 2.0

        1. Apart from the difference in player quality @gotanidea, there is one person missing from your “invincible team”, the man who made it possible and made it happen, Wenger!!

    2. gotanidea, what you failed so miserably to mention, as usual, was that he saw what made Arsene Wenger succeed, without the oil money that Guardiola has…that is the difference that might just make Arteta a success, because as sure as eggs are eggs, he won’t be getting a blank cheque book to buy success will he?

  6. The appointment of any Manager, experienced or otherwise, is a gamble as far as modern day football is concerned.To be successful a Manager needs to have the playing resources in place and/or the financial resources to bring in quality players to fill areas where there are obvious weaknesses.This is no different to business management where you recruit to improve your market share and profitability.In the case of Arteta, Wenger is on record as endorsing his suitability for Management something he did not do often during his lengthy career at Arsenal.He spoke of “his intelligence” something he has in common with Lampard,and of his leadership qualities,which is sadly lacking in our Club at present.With Ljumberg having an in depth knowledge of all the players at Arsenal I would have thought these two relatively young men would be an ideal duo to take over at a Club which has fallen on troubled times.The merry go round of football Managers during the past twenty years of so has always troubled me in that fans are faced with the same faces, many of whom have been abject failures on the basis that they are a “safe pair of hands”.In most cases the experienced Manager’s are unsuccessful yet younger, aspiring guys like Howe at Bournemouth are rarely considered for positions at the so called “big” Clubs.It’s time this outdated practise stopped and I for one would be happy to have an Arteta/Ljumberg combo at the Emirates.If not them then Naglesman .

  7. It is too early to call Lampard a success. Remember Unai Emery and the 12(or so) match winning streak?

  8. I would like to see Arteta get a chancce, there are good players and great kids at Arsenal, but when it comes to serious competitions it always seems to be a lack of coaching that leads to our poor performances.
    So if someone young like Arteta took over it would be worth allowing this season to becoma an experiment.
    I hate the policy of get Mourinho approach, it has no long term benefists and rarely ends well, for me he’s a bit of a narcsicist and really only enjoys his job when he’s winning ugly or tlking about his success

  9. I like the idea of Captain Black (aka Arteta)as manager as he will be able to call on the Mysterons as his asssistants.

  10. What price confidence?
    Xhaka will go, why would he stay? Torreira wants to go, last season he was played a lot? Aubameyang will go if he does not get champion’s league, will Lacazette go as well? Probably! Pepe is struggling, so when form is poor what is the best way to regain it? To keep playing as much as possible! Who is to blame for all this? The players? The coach? The management? The board? The owners? The fans? I suspect it is all of them!!!!
    The only people who can turn the season around are the players. They need confidence! They need a leader! I mean a true leader who can instil confidence and set by example! Where do they get this leader from? It won’t be the owners. It can’t be the board. It won’t be the management. Therefore you are left with the players and the coach. There is no natural leader amongst the players so it has to be the coach. If the players don’t understand the coach (or don’t like him – they will never admit to this) and the coach continually plays the players out of their natural positions, this does not bode well for confidence. The team fares poorly and there is a downward spiral. If the coach cannot instil confidence in the players, then the fault lies with the management, the board and ultimately the owners. What price confidence!

  11. Arteta, i believe, didn’t get on with quite a few in the squad when he was here. His personality doesn’t strike me as great. I didn’t like him as an arsenal player and i think if he is any good or has any potential, city wont be letting him go.

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