POW! Arsenal fans discover we JUST missed out on MESSI

I have had to put up with a lot since that first game at Highbury made me a red and white Gooner to the core, but this one hurts more than most. Hey, I am not saying that being an Arsenal fan is all bad, because we have had some fantastic times and amazing teams and players and about 99 percent of football clubs in the world would kill for our success and status. But the last decade has been pretty frustrating.

And when you see the report in the Daily Mail that reveals how Arsenal were close to signing not just Cesc Fabregas from the Barcelona academy back in 2003, but the magician and goal machine that is Lionel Messi, you cannot help but wonder what might have been.

The report claims that the Argentina international was keen on the move but numerous complications involving his work permit and other details meant that it never happened. I am not kidding myself that we would have been able to keep Messi any more than we could stop the likes of Ashley Cole, Robin van Persie and Fabregas himself from leaving, but you cannot help wondering whether the Gunners would have their name on a few more trophies, including the elusive Champions League, if Wenger had been able to play Messi for a few years.

So that is Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovich and Lionel Messi that we nearly had. Oh well, at least we had the Best Striker in the World, Lord Bendtner, for a while.

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  1. almostawinner says:


    1. Nawras says:

      How come you blame Wenger? Did you even read the whole thing?
      “numerous complications involving his work permit and other details meant that it never happened.”

      Go blame someone else. Smh

  2. ebemka says:

    How on earth does this affect us…
    and why are we being told about it now?

    1. sleekwhale says:

      I absolutely wonder. Got me thinking about my first poem that never got published

    2. Goonsquad8 says:

      POW! I could care less…..

  3. cheeterspotter says:

    Yeh,and if my auntie had a willy she’d be my uncle.

  4. Greg says:

    Is this a delayed “april fools” joke?

  5. dilla says:

    Rubbish report from the Daily Mail—Wenger said it himself that every top club is after the same players. Which means that every top club would say they missed out on messi, ronaldo, bale, ibra, etc. It just so happens that we have a LONG list of targets we missed out on because of a stubborn manager.

    1. jermaineBryan says:

      Double standards from our fans we complain we didn’t get xyz when they are now established but when wenger wanted them use all ridicule him for buying the unknown. Recent Eg when Rvp left wenger top target was bony and Diego Costa . Many people weren’t impressed bony was the top scoring cf in Europe although not in the best leauge. Diego Costa was a cf/am highbrid without a goal scoring record .

  6. REiGN says:

    Don’t forget yaya toure. We missed out on him as well. But I’m happy with the team we have now as well as in the past.

    1. jackieboy says:

      Same with Ronaldinho as well.

  7. CraigZWE says:


  8. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    I had a dream we won 4-1.

  9. Popeye786Sailor says:

    In every field there will ifs & buts. This is part of life. Its best not giving importance to what we never had but could have had. What hurts me more that we did nothing to stop the stars of our team leaving time & again & not replacing them adequately. This has made Arsenal an average team from what used to be ‘The Invincibles’

  10. arsenaly says:

    arsenal linked to every star,mesi,ronaldo,drogba costa and the list s endles,who cares f they are nt in white and red

  11. DANDY GUNNER says:

    What a load of old XXXXX. This is like saying I was unlucky i nearly won the lotto the guy next door to me won it. Wenger is always leaking crap like this I personally don’t believe a word of it.
    Nearly never won the race.

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