Pre-season proving last season was NOT Arsenal’s last title chance?

I mentioned a few times during last season that I thought it was a bit unfair and unduly harsh of all the football commentators and experts to give Arsenal such a hard time for failing to win the Premier League. We still managed to be the best of the usual suspects expected to challenge for the title but this was not enough.

We had blown our best and possibly only chance they said, because the likes of Man City, Chelsea and Man United would not be as bad again. While this conveniently failed to take into account the bad luck we had with injuries and with some referee decisions (I’m looking at you Mike Dean) I could see the point and agree with it to some extent.

But hold on just one cotton picking minute Arsenal fans. Is the theory really that sound? What about the old adage of it taking time for a new manager to make his mark on a team? And what about the often seen time it takes for new players to settle, especially those coming from different leagues as a lot of the big clubs’ new signings have?

Chelsea, Man City and Man United all have new managers and are all looking to alter the squads quite a bit, so perhaps they will also take a while to really get going and perhaps the Gunners, with our stability, will be the team ideally placed to take advantage.

All three of our main rivals have suffered defeats in pre-season so far, with a baffled looking Jose Mourinho and his United side’s 4-1 pasting at the hands of Borussia Dortmund possible the most entertaining and least expected. So should we stop worrying about whether Arsenal wasted the chance to be crowned champions last season and get behind the lads as they go again this year?


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  1. sorry to say………….Another pointless Article


    C’mon Bob u can do better than this meh!

    1. Oh sorry Soopa. Can you please send me a list of the articles YOU want to see and we’ll get on it straightaway sir

      1. lol.

        if i write an article an it had the usual whimsy and unicorns that my comments do would it get posted?

        1. As long as it was interesting, well-written, and of course has a point to make about Arsenal, then of course it would.
          If Soopa wrote one it would just be one long moan!

  2. manure we’re very under strength much like us vs lens and dortmund were already into there pres season.
    we battered benfica with sanogos 4 goal masterclass then we lost to villa on opening day so pre season is meh…

    btw dortmund have done excellently this transfer window. some fantastic signings none of which broke the bank, so disappointing

  3. Last season was a golden opportunity for us to win the PL. We bottled it, ten points adrift is nowhere near.

    Our of our problems last season was not scoring the critical goal to win the game. We have done nothing to address the striker issue and will be weaker at the start of the season due to many of our best players not being back due to the euros.

    As for new managers and new players bedding in. All of us on this site want the problem of bedding in new players and many want the problem of bedding in a new manager.

  4. I find it ludicrous that Wenger has risen from the undergrowth to ask for patience and remind us that the window is open until last day of August. Does he know yet that the season starts on 14th and all the big moves have already either been done or are well down the pipeline. Wenger will surprise a lot people if we make any significant signings We’ve all heard it all before,you see!

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