Predict the Arsenal Score and win a copy of Arsenal FC – The Game We Love

Justarsenal have been asked by Titan Comics to review their latest Graphic Novel – Arsenal FC – The Game We Love

It’s currently available from Amazon priced at a reduced price of 11.99  and also from other online retailers.

As usual though I look after my Gooner Brothers and Sisters

We have been given two hard copies. One that I have spent the weekend reading, the other I will give away to whomever is closest to answering some basic questions.

Written and Illustrated by Belgian Phillipe Glogowski, he’s spent the past 3 years putting together this 64 page masterpiece.
Not that it took much research as Mr Glogowski  (with over 30 books published) is a huge fan of the Premiership.
Through exceptional drawings, this is a truly unique way of chronicling the last 20 years of the red side of North London.
As we all know that means there are a range of emotions to revisit. Highs and lows,  Delight and Heartbreak,  Smiles and Tears, Light and Darkness …… this is a must have for those who lived it, or youngsters who want to learn more about our proud history. Either way, this is a keepsake.
Highbury, the Emirates, That Night in Paris, The Invincibles, Cup Finals, Arsene Wenger’s farewell, etc, it’s all covered here. Not to mention some of the greatest players to ever live are drawn to perfection.
The narrative is potent as well. Given recent events regarding the Super League, reading this is a timely reminder that Football is all about the fans; how it can bring families together and be passed on through generations.
Maybe I should send my spare copy to Stan Kroenke?
The story is of an avid Gooner named Andrew who is desperate to win over his stepson Nathan.
This is their first ever day out and Andrew is convinced he has planned the perfect outing to break the ice with his stepson.
He relies on what has always been his comfort and escape …… The Arsenal!
As they sit on the tube, Andrew can’t quite understand why Nathan is not more excited about his first ever visit to a football ground. His confidence that this 90 minutes will make the two closer, starts to fade as Arsenal take a while to get going (we have all been there).
Andrew is suddenly thinking back to his first ever live game at Highbury. When he ‘thinks back to yesterday’ and it turns out to be 1996 suddenly I feel very old. The images are great though in showing how the matchday experience was different at Highbury to now.
Whenever I watch, listen or read anything that documents Football, it’s hard not to make it generic. By the very essence that person is watching, listening or reading, it’s a safe bet they are quite knowledgeable about their passion.
So to reference the key points in the last decades yet still tell a tale that is emotional, takes some skill.
To a youngster, a live game can be larger than life, superheroes in front of you. Yet this isn’t just about what Nathan sees, it’s about what he hears. Andrew has stories of school, college, girlfriends, family, etc who he can remember purely because he knows where he was when a certain game was happening. We can all relate to that.
Wherever Andrew lived, worked or was unemployed; in love or heartbroken, his one constant was ……. The Arsenal was always there. If you got a heartbeat ….how can you not feel that?
Highbury was Andrew’s church, the pitch, his sanctuary, his safe place. A place where greats became legends, legends became heroes, heroes became icons. Memories that last a lifetime.
He wants to pass this on to the next generation if Nathan will let him.
Given certain events this season, what a timely reminder this book gives us about the power of Football.
Equally In a world where social media allows everyone to be critical and impatient, our role as fans is reminded to us in this must-read novel.
‘They were more successful…… But a real Fan is like a friend……. always there.
This is open to all residents in  the UK. Cut off time for entry is kick off time vs C. Palace
Just predict the following in the comments,  or follow me on Twitter at @dan_destiny
I’ll ask 5 basic questions and winner gets the book ( if in uk)
Will Both Teams Score? Yes or No
Over or Under 6.5 corners 
Over under 2.5 cards 
Will Zaha have 2 or more shots on target? Yes Or No
Will Saka have a shot on target? Yes Or No 
If there is a tie it will be decided by following: What min will first goal be scored? (if not exact I will go to closest before it, not after).
If you don’t win but would like to buy ‘Arsenal FC The Game We Love’ you can get it at Amazon and Forbidden Planet.
Dan Smith
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  1. Khadii says:

    Arsenal 2- 1 Palace

    1. Dan says:

      Admin made mistake with title
      Answer the questions in the article peeps

  2. ken1945 says:


    Tie break: 14th minute

    Great article Dan and thanks for the chance to win!!!

    1. Dan Smith says:

      as things stand your going to win based on only one who has entered lol
      will share on Twitter as well

    2. Daniel Smith says:

      ken give your address to admin , i’ll send you book

  3. Highbury Hero says:

    I am ineligible but I would like to play.

    Will Both Teams Score? No
    Over or Under 6.5 corners / over
    Over under 2.5 cards /under
    Will Zaha have 2 or more shots on target? Yes
    Will Saka have a shot on target? Yes

    1. Dan Smith says:

      where you live HHH?
      as if you win predictions leauge need to get a shirt to you lol

      1. Highbury Hero says:

        If I win I will share the details with Pat. I can’t say here and give Jon Fox the satisfaction 😂😂

        1. Dan Smith says:

          was going for a country not your postocde lol

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