Predict the Arsenal v C. Palace Score and win a JustArsenal T-Shirt


I am bringing back the weekly JustArsenal Predict the Score Competition for this season, starting with Monday’s game against Patrick Vieira’s Crystal Palace.

Although Mikel Arteta won the EPL Manager Of The Month competition for September, many Arsenal fans are still not convinced, considering the quality of the opposition that we faced in our unbeaten run, and now we are back at home for our next three games, we will need to win all three to get most of the fans behind Arteta.

But the first step is to beat Patrick Vieira on Monday, and it is not going to be a pushover we used to expect every time we played Palace. In their last 5 games they have only lost up at Anfield, but in Arsenal’s favour, Palace have suffered 2 defeats and had one draw away from home, so we should be a little bit confident, no?

Anyway, this weeks competition is sponsored by Free Bets UK who tell their readers where to find all the latest up-to-date Free Bet Offers. Maybe you could sign up and have a bet on your prediction using the bookies free bets?

And here is what the lucky winner will get. An EXCLUSIVE original JustArsenal T-Shirt, featuring our famous NO SPUDS Logo.

You can see the JustArsenal Technical T-Shirt at this link at, and if you are not lucky enough to win the competition, you can buy one for yourself for just £8.46 (€9.99) + P&P.

So to win this fantastic prize, all you have to do is predict the score against Crystal Palace..

The Rules…..

Entry is limited to one per reader, which you should enter in the comments section below like so:

A. The full time result
(Then if there is more than one winner)
B. The first player to score for Arsenal
C. The timing of the first goal for either side

Please ONLY put predictions below and save your game comments for other articles.

Good Luck Gooners!

(T-Shirts only posted to readers in the UK and Europe. Winners from other countries will receive the cash equivalent via Paypal or Bank Transfer)

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  1. Oh Goody! A Just Arsenal T shirt! How thrilling! NOT!!
    I predict a win for us 1-0 but dislike T shirts that advertise ANY business, on principle!

    1. Don’t worry Jon if you win I’ve had some t.shirts made specially for you lol

      1. PAT THAT WOULD STILL BE ADVERTISING YOUR BUSINESS, so in your frustration at hearing the plain truth, you once again chose to ignore the point I SPECIFICALLY MADE!

        1. I know, but the fact is I don’t own a website called, but maybe we should create one lol. You could run it as you are the expert lol.
          But SOME PEOPLE (not you obviously) would like one of our T-Shirts to show solidarity, but don’t worry, you are not invited…

          1. I’d order 1 of those Jonisagrumpyoldgit t-shirts. yourself and Jon really sold me 😋
            Arsenal 2 palace 0
            28th min

    2. C’mon Jon you’ve commented regularly on this site for how many years? Show a little love. Have to assume you’ve never bought an Arsenal shirt either since the introduction of shirt branding. Would you seriously turn down a Henry/bergkamp/vieria etc signed shirt because of the sponsor logo?

      1. I am 70 years of age for goodness sake and have never seen fashion as anything other than a giant con, even after countless years in theatre.
        Consequently,I know better than almost anyone alive, the harm that a senseless devotion to fashion does to so many and world wide too.

        So YES, Angus , you assume rightly that I have never bought an Arsenal shirt ever and never will. And would turn down ANY offer of an Arsenal shirt from ANY source, on principle too!

        1. I did not know. I knew only potatoes or tatas.

          Just Arsenal, No Spuds. Brilliant naming really.

  2. 1. Arsenal 4 – Palace 0
    2. ESR
    3. 20-25 minutes into the game
    Can not be pinpoint accurate
    Sorry no T-shirt please
    Not many knows who the spuds are in South Africa
    Thank you

    1. Jakes, I so hope you are correct even if you don’t want the shirt.
      (Perfect for South African weather though)

        1. You what!
          This is my ORIGINAL design and no-one else has ever had a NOSPUDS logo like my PERSONAL design.

          Maybe I’m not understanding your worries? What is the problem? I have copyright…

          1. 😀😀😀….no..Sorry….no it’s not like that…..nobody around here knows about the spuds…and the rivalry between the two clubs so it confusing….an Arsenal T-shirt without the gunners logo……..😀😀…Sorry if I was in London I would wear it

    1. Thank you Sue, I have just noticed that you have recently passed 10,000 comments my dear, so If you don’t win, you know I’ll send you one anyway.
      (But not Jon LOL!)

  3. Great stuff, I won 2 of these years back and age too its toll so need another.

    Been on here since 2011 if I recall.
    wonder what happend to fat boy gooner and hafiz.

    Arsenal 1 – 0 Palace

  4. My prediction of today’s game Which was carried out on Saturday,is successful,hope to hear from you,thanks.

    1. Hmmm, I have just done a search using “Henry R.Williams” and your email address AND your IP, and the system is telling me that this one above is your first ever post on JA….

      OKay I have now checked all the above, and only M. Townsend and Mizta Arsenal predicted the score, but Townsend was the closest to the timing of first goal…

      Unless anyone can see another winner in the comments that I’ve missed?

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